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Monday, February 7, 2022

Learning To Travel Again During This Pandemic

                 It was one of my worst fears after being locked down for a year and unable to see friends and what not till August 2021 of last year. Being able to travel in my region again and I have made it clear that I am not planning to travel out of the region especially right now with this pandemic new variant it is not worth trying to get sick. That isn't the point but at some point of time I will have to go back into Toronto and yes that is a very huge step for me and it almost happened last year too as my dad and I had plans to actually go to the Toronto Christmas Market but I heard some kind of rumors they shut it down cause of the rise in cases. However I am currently happy traveling in the region and the region only for now and I have really gotten around during this pandemic. I have even travelled on my own while cases been high but not too far but recently made a trip to the mall twice and the post office once which I need to make 2 more visits, one today which I am more then likely out by the time this is now out for you guys. 

                 It does take courage but not only that but it is how I am feeling and Eric has really put me out of my comfort zone but that's OK honestly. I had to start learning how to travel again, get use to being out and about. Plus not travelling the bus has changed so much as now the paper bus pass is not a thing no more. That has been abolished? I dunno if that is right word. Let's just say they took away the paper passes here and we have a system called Presto and now I got two options for a bus pass one is $45.50 and the other is $46 bucks one which I get the second one. I know I haven't travelled much during January but this month I have been on the bus a tad bit more then usual which is great to be honest and I need to go out for more bus rides and it is a very safe method of travel as I take the more less busy buses but I only go out if I really need to but I think a bus ride once a week would definitely do me some good. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Getting Use To Traveling Around Again!

                Now that I am able to travel around and get out of my area now I am getting use to being masked up for hours on end with the occasional time when I am outside I can pull it down briefly to take a breath of fresh. However with the cold we will be doing more FaceTime as it will be tough to go out in the snowy and icy weather but that will come later on. Right now enjoy my time out. I will still go out regardless when I need to go out or just for a bus ride but again that will be coming later on at a later date. I have enjoyed traveling about and I understand that winter is coming up and fast and he's not wanting to go out far and I am all for it but I am still going to go out on my own either way.

               Being able to travel has eased a lot of my feelings since being stuck inside all the time and home doing nothing whatsoever, I am able to get out and about and do something with friends now which is awesome. I do feel a bit free but in the end I have to remember that we are still in this pandemic and it isn't over quite yet and I still have to follow the social distancing rule and I do realize this and I have to deal with this still. I have been everywhere and anywhere in the region in the last few months but now with winter as I said we're not going to go far. However my sanity is a little better then it was when we were in a full fledge lockdown. That is my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Preparing For The Studio Re-Opening...

              With cases of this pandemic low here in Ontario in the 100's and 200's, it has really made me think about re-opening the studio again down the road and the goal to having the studio open to Larry especially with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, I'd love to see Larry back in the studio finally and that time is coming, I feel it. Now there we will be some things, we may not/will be needing by January/February 2022: 

- Needing masks but if we do we will wear it. I do not wanna jump too far ahead of myself but if it is required and he's able to be here again then we will for sure. 

- Sanitizing- Will be requiring to sanitize going into the studio and there is no ands if's and bouts either.

- Guests, Larry for example will have to bring their own earbuds or headphones to plug into the mixer, I am not providing headphones at this time and wanna make sure to not spread any germs whatsoever.

- The area will be sanitized at the end of the day to ensure cleanliness  in the studio. 

              This is the plan for re-opening the studio again once we are allowed to be closer to each other and how I am approaching re-opening up things and how I will keep things sanitary in the studio when things do open up. If you guys have any other ideas what I can add to this list please do comment below, anything helps and I will add em to the post as well. Either way I am excited to be welcoming back Larry and the other Alum and Staff of CBOTW soon enough and it will probably be happening soon enough I'm sure as I am feeling it but for right now we continue to record the shows through Skype/Discord at this time. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How Am I Handling My Mental Health?

            Today I wanna focus on how I am dealing with it. Some days are are good where I am fully functioning and other days not so much such as Saturday into Sunday as I got devasting news with a former site admin has passed away on top of the other sad news as well, it's just overwhelming for me and we all mourn differently and one of the reasons why I sometimes am quiet. I'm not bottling it in, just the way I am dealing with all of this really. I know and I hear this from my team every single day that my mental health comes first and I know that but if I take time for myself then I fall behind schedule. I should take time at least an hour or two if I am feeling down and I did on the weekend. An unhappy Chris is a unmotivated person like I have been recently. Sometimes I just do not wanna take my medication for my Autism and that is no excuse to skip it because I am totally not myself.

            I need to stay on the medication or I will not be able to focus and get the job done. I know I have a website to go on or phone numbers to call but I just do not feel like talking to anyone about what's going on but might have to force myself to make the call or send the text out. I need to be focused to get things out at a timely fashion. Yes work is a priority and I enjoy Executive Producing and Hosting Podcasts but I have to remember I as a person comes first. It is not easy to stay positive and in the last year, been working hard to becoming a more positive person and be happier. Last week, Thursday afternoon I was happy because I was getting vaccinated and that put a smile so I am starting to smile but it's one thing and one day at a time. Anyways that is what I have to say and I promise to work on getting better and thank you from th bottom of my heart to those who have checked in on me. I will see you all in my next post tomorrow.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Autism and How I Am Dealing With This Pandemic!

           I know the past year, well almost the past year as we are inching closer to the 1 year mark of this pandemic. I wanna make a reflection and how I have dealt with this pandemic. As most of you know by now, I have Autism and have had it since I was around 7 or 8 years of age and you guys know my story as you can simple read which is nearly 4 years ago I wrote this but it is a very good read if you guys are indeed interested in that. I have noticed my dynamics and daily routine has been off and there are night like last night for example, where I was up quite late then usual. Somedays I eat normal, others I eat a little bit more some days not as much. I hardly go out for walks much especially now with the colder weather here but I try. My work habits sometimes are good and some days not as much, but one way or another I seem to get the job and the recent days I proved to show that I can get the job done. When there are days I don't wanna work or work not as much then I know that is when I can play video games or card games with my parents and I have done that in the past and I know when my body had enough and last night was definitely a show of my will power that I wanna get things done and done in a timely fashion.

           In this point of being in the pandemic I kind of go by how I am feeling. I know it is tough for all of us and there has been points of my mental health has flared up but the most part I have shown patience most of the time but like I said I have my moments and that's honestly ok to have those moments. I just try and think about the positive things I can look forward to after this is all done and honestly cases have gone down here in Ontario, it helps me knowing it's gone down a bit. I know my parents and friends and team are giving me that distraction during this, especially Eric, Larry, Jasmine, my neighbor who I've spoken to over Skype, Discord or even FaceTime. Also talking to my neighbors outside from a distance and even talking to my Grandma every couple of days when I get a moment. I have my strategies and it seems to help me out and I gotta remember to use those strategies. I also wanna point out I have started to watch seasons of Survivor I haven't seen yet, watching Home Improvement again, Monk, Supergirl, seasons 4 and 5 which I gotta do a review for soon. Either way I find something to do regardless during this pandemic.


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Events and Studio Closure Updates for 2021!

               The last almost year has been really rough for all of us, not just physically but mentally and we've watched Chris's Mental Health gotten bad from him losing weight to gaining weight during this pandemic. Today I want to talk to you guys about the updates on the CBOTW Studios closure and also him going to events each and every year. I want to start with the events and unfortunate bad news is Chris has cancelled all events for 2021 as we are in stages of the vaccine coming out there are no plans to go to events even locally there are absolutely no plans moving forward. I don't blame him whatsoever for doing this and he has to do what's best for him and his health especially. I can be honest, I do not think there will be events this year and I realize it is just January and got plenty of time but he's doing what he thinks will keep him safe this year and I am honestly proud of him for making this decision early. 

               To the CBOTW Studios being closed, it will continue to remain closed for the entire year unless we have a major turn around with the cases in Ontario but he has decided to wait till January 2022 to make the decision whether the studio opens this year or not and he has made the decision to keep the studio shut for the remainder of this year with hopes to actually open the studio in 2022. One problem he has mentioned only way for guests like Larry for an example well there is no bus to get to the house and to the studio so that is one of the major issues moving forward and Larry has no way here till they reinstate the route that Chris takes within his area. When things start getting back to normal he will assess the situation and the plan moving forward but right now we continue to keep the studio in complete lockdown as we did 10 months ago.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Monday, December 28, 2020

Plans After This Pandemic?

              The plans moving forward after this pandemic well I am not planning too far ahead as right now, we are in currently in lockdown and I am not even thinking about this and this has been requested yet this is why I am making my post. I'm sorry, I just cannot think clearly right now, processing things right now and I know I sound annoyed and I assure you I am not, just frustrated with the fact that I am stuck in this damn lockdown in the house not able to go far minus the corner store here and there and this pandemic has really taken a toll on me mentally especially sleep wise. Anyways I am off topic right now the one big thing I look forward is seeing my friends and family again and able to see them physically in person again and this is why I have started to show my frustration on here and I just cannot bottle it in and I know it isn't easy to write this post. Anyways, off topic once again, the next thing I am looking forward to is being able to record with Larry and my alum in this studio again as it has been awful quiet around here not being able to have them in the studio to actually record and maybe it's one of the reasons for the Collaboration Podcast going on hiatus? Yes I put a question mark as I am not sure really but I am trying to be optimistic to having him back in studio physically soon but we will see how things go with this vaccine this upcoming year.


                So really I have 2 big plans to see friends and have my Co-Host over but again like I have been rambling on in this posts I am not thinking too far ahead right now till we are out of  this lockdown and down to Red or even the yellow level once again but that will come in time right now I am focusing on now and what is happening but I plan on not rushing myself after this pandemic is over because we do not know how much longer this pandemic will be lasting and we do not know know how long it will take for the vaccine to be distributed.  So I just do not wanna promise or make plans because soon as things hopefully get back to normal, first thing I have to figure out is my bus situation as right now, I got no regular bus service but more about that in the New Year as that is a post alone itself but I am planning on actually taking my time with going out once this is over.


Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! (Christmas 2020)

             I just wanted to write a short message to wish you all an Merry Christmas and hope you all make the best of this holiday, despite the circumstances this year with the pandemic. Please do stay home, stay safe, follow all the restrictions that you are under. Breaking the rules just to see family is definitely not worth it honestly, there is a thing called Zoom Call or Skype or Discord or even Facebook Video call or even better yet, FaceTime which I use quite often during this pandemic with friends as I am staying in touch. Even a phone call you can also do, there are tons of ways you can talk to your love ones during this pandemic. Anyways I am rambling on right now and I wanna say is stay safe, stay home, wash your hands thoroughly and just enjoy Christmas with the family in the immediate household and there will be a time you will your loved ones just have to be patient as we are just coming out with the vaccine for this entire thing. I am still having dinner with my parents since I still live with them and thankful to be with them still and taking care of them and helping. Either way please do enjoy your Christmas, make the best of it and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow and apologies for a very short and sweet post but I promise you guys it will be longer down the road as I am trying to do this in a few short hours so you guys got some kind of post coming out.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

What Are My Plans For Christmas?

             What are my plans for Christmas this year? Nothing, my parents and I for right now, really cannot do anything this year since the rule of Quarantine is 5 people and if I had my aunt, uncle and Grandma here that breaks that rule technically. This goes for my brother, sister in law and niece and nephew so we may have to have a driveway visit to exchange or just leave gifts on their porch or something really but this year there is absolutely no plans for us at this point as we are currently in the Red stage of this pandemic and could be seeing the grey level and a potential lockdown.  However we are making the best of this entire pandemic and what is most important for us to do what we need to do to remain safe and home. As you know by the time you are reading this I am enjoying my spare time before continuing on with some new content for you guys.

               This will not be a very long post today as I am pre written a ton of the posts that I made over the weekend so I can make sure to get posts out to you guys on a timely manner and I am sure I am doing a fine job getting the content out to you guys even during the holidays and while the studio remains dark for the few days I am away from recording or working on content. So it will be a quiet Christmas and honestly that is OK to have it even though I really wanted to be with the family at this time of year and nothing we can do, if we are in a lockdown then it is what it is what it is and just have to keep following the rules. Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I Admit I Haven't Been Myself Lately....

              I do admit it, I haven't been myself and stress and handling so much at once doesn't really help either which is definitely not a good thing. I think I am just taking on too much and letting the drama get to me and that obviously rowels me up and I end up not sleeping at night or I just end up back in a slump again. I think a few things that is probably bothering me is not just the workload for ChrisBOnTheWeb but also since Ruth Ann and Kevin passed, I have struggled with it recently and I am not using this for views I am just being open and honest and I have been keeping it very quiet to today's post and only post I will make. I know it will take some time to heal and I am glad I continued to work on ChrisBOnTheWeb and keep myself busy and probably the best thing to keep busy and my mind off the pain.  

               The next thing is the stuff going on behind the scenes here and it has been completely crazy drama recently and I am trying to steer clear of it happening but it's been almost a week since it happened and things have slowly quieted down for us and we're doing everything that we can to make sure there is no more problems. Anyways let's move on to my mental health has not been the best lately with this pandemic recently and it's actually started to drag me down where I have been stuck in the house a lot more then usual and just not use to being at home all the time, I am use to going out, being with friends, going to Staples and I know I have to hang in there and there will be a day and time when I will be able to do that all again hopefully soon but for the most I have to get my parents to drive me and pick me up which is fine with me. I will bounced back and I already have, I have been smiling in the last 12 + hours and it is definitely a start. I am just taking it one day at a time and the fact I have started being up during the night again doesn't help but I am going to lie down and sleep when my body tells me to. I think it has to do with the fact I do not really go anywhere and that I am home majority of the time so my body is a bit thrown off but again I am taking one day at a time and honestly that is what I need to do.