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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Noticed Some Days Are Better Then Others!

                    The las tweek or so has been tough on me with the stress and drama on my team I've found myself at times, distancing myself from the team and social media aspect of this. I shouldn't ever be doing that, I need to keep being active and tweeting minus last night which we had a power outage in studio  and that put me over the edge as I was suppose to  technically suppose to talk  to Eric which I am by this morning by the time you guys are reading this. I notice I am flying off the handle with my team and they realize this too and been super patient with my mood swings in and out. I notice when I get in my moods also, I get quite angry and I also can become very quiet or I still have a really bad habit of running my mouth which isn't good at all. I rather just go quiet when I'm in one of my moods more then anything to be quite honest. 

                    Other days I am happy and smiling and talkative and today is one of those days despite being up at 1:30 am EST this morning. Today is a bit of a better day and I am putting behind the past and going to move forward because great things are coming to the podcast, I can tell you guys that. I just gotta keep positive and yes the days I am up during the night cause I sleep early, I am not afraid to take a nap if I need to and I will for sure. I am stuck at home my sleeping habits have been off kilter then normally and I expected that to happen but I am taking it one day at a time and that is all I can really do. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How Am I Handling My Mental Health?

            Today I wanna focus on how I am dealing with it. Some days are are good where I am fully functioning and other days not so much such as Saturday into Sunday as I got devasting news with a former site admin has passed away on top of the other sad news as well, it's just overwhelming for me and we all mourn differently and one of the reasons why I sometimes am quiet. I'm not bottling it in, just the way I am dealing with all of this really. I know and I hear this from my team every single day that my mental health comes first and I know that but if I take time for myself then I fall behind schedule. I should take time at least an hour or two if I am feeling down and I did on the weekend. An unhappy Chris is a unmotivated person like I have been recently. Sometimes I just do not wanna take my medication for my Autism and that is no excuse to skip it because I am totally not myself.

            I need to stay on the medication or I will not be able to focus and get the job done. I know I have a website to go on or phone numbers to call but I just do not feel like talking to anyone about what's going on but might have to force myself to make the call or send the text out. I need to be focused to get things out at a timely fashion. Yes work is a priority and I enjoy Executive Producing and Hosting Podcasts but I have to remember I as a person comes first. It is not easy to stay positive and in the last year, been working hard to becoming a more positive person and be happier. Last week, Thursday afternoon I was happy because I was getting vaccinated and that put a smile so I am starting to smile but it's one thing and one day at a time. Anyways that is what I have to say and I promise to work on getting better and thank you from th bottom of my heart to those who have checked in on me. I will see you all in my next post tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Personal Update--- I Am Just Fine!

             I know you all are wondering how I am doing with the Corona Virus and we have a fair good amount of cases and I can ensure you guys, I am good and very healthy and I have made the decision to go out less. Minus going out to hang with Eric on a weekly basis, I have put myself into self isolation for right now. Yes I do get out once a week and I go out for walks but the most part I am hunkering here at home and honestly this is fine with me. I can get content done and today and tomorrow I gotta record stuff. I ensure you guys I am fine and actually in our Region we are in, we have only 2 cases. So I am honestly fine and trying to avoid going out as much as possible but if I really am bored then I will definitely be going out and about but for the most part I am choosing to stay home and try to avoid going out to the public unless I really necessarily have to. Now content will still remain as it is as long as I remain healthy I will keep up with content but if anything changes please check my social media as I have my phone with me at all times. Either way things are not changing but for now I chose to try and stay home and kind of want to stay clear of all of this.

            However I want to reassure you guys everything is great. I am in perfectly good health and my health has been great. Even my knees been better then usual so I am in very good spirits and sorry I haven't really said anything about the situation here in my province but I have just been so busy with content I should of known better to mention it to you guys that everything is fine but as long as you guys see posts you should all know I am fine. However Sunday I went AWAL on social and the reason was because I had Larry here in studio and we were talking a lot about future collabs with him and I am been talking about it and also we had a ton of fun around the studio playing Sims which I do have a post. Please do not panic, if you don't see me posting for an day, just feel free to private or DM message me to see if I am OK, especially if I disappear for 3 - 5 days then that is the time to send me a private message especially. Either way stay tuned for me content and just announced this evening I am giving video a shot but on Dailymotion instead of YouTube as you know my position with it. Either or, please do not worry, I am in good spirits and doing well and I will see you in tomorrow's post.


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Weight Loss Update.... [10-12-19]

           I haven't gone any better with my weight loss and now sitting at 225 pounds probably gone up as of today but by tomorrow, I am going to start working on my weight again getting it down below 220 as I need to try and get to 210 by the time I see my family doctor as that is the first initial goal is to lose 15 more pounds before the doctor and then I can take the next step to lose another 15 - 20 more pounds at a time. I know and realize the time is now ticking to me losing the weight before my doctor visit in December and I just want to make sure I lose it and Sunday I am becoming very serious about the weight loss journey. I have let it get out of control again and I shouldn't be letting it get out of control honestly. Come tomorrow I am going to really put the focus in on it and I know I can get down to 217 as I was there last December. I think now it is much more difficult to lose the weight at this number then it is when I was at 239 but either way I am working towards it this week and it would be nice to get down to 222 - 221 in the weight this week. That is a first step then I want to lose the weight slowly not fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast honestly. 

            So tomorrow starts what will be a very long haul to finally get the weight down fully to my goal as I have been doing this for nearly 2 years and it is truly time to lose the weight and I just want this weight loss to be done and over with as it has been a very tough time to lose all of this. Again I think I am just over thinking things with it and I need to watch my calorie count is the upmost important thing to watch and I haven't been and I am going to and going to make an effort too today if I can as well. Anyways that is where I am at with it and the other point I want to make is I need to stop with the snacking and I try to have a treat for a snack every week for example this week I had some popcorn and was portion size which is another point I would like to make next but I try to have a snack at least once a week and I know with Thanksgiving it will be quite difficult but I plan on having a portion size of food this time around. Either way I am so willing now to lose the weight and get my weight down and to a healthy weight again as I am just tired of being fat and it hasn't helped my knees out as recently gotten bad so the sooner I lose the better it will be on my ailing knees so I am so motivated to lose it now.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Where Have I Been Lately?

              I know, I haven't been quite as active on social media and missed out days here on the blog and the reason for it, my mom had surgery so I have been taking care of her and like I have said many times, my family comes first and I have been busy taking care of my mom while she recovers from day surgery. Let me assure you, she's doing well now being 4 days since the surgery was done and recovering quite well.

              Now I am sure you will say, but Chris what about the blog, podcast, well with this week being a very hectic week, the schedule is going to be a bit different from what it usually is but you guys read the blogs and you guys listen to the podcast even if it isn't on the schedule as it says on the website, please do not pay attention to it if I mention it here on the blog, on social or even I think I will change the scheduled time on the website this way it is always up to date and actually I can do that via my desktop calendar so it makes it easy for me to change the schedule and I did that for today's blog post. 

              If you wonder, don't think I don't do anything between helping my parents out since my mom is laid up in her recliner, I have very much been busy behind the scenes, offline working on the off season podcasts & of course working on the 100th episode notes for Everything About Reality TV which mind you now have to get tweaked a bit but that's OK with me, you have to make tweaks to make things better or to improve on it, so been working on that, made a few tweaks to the website this week as well with my mug shot at the top of the website and on the about page as well needed a better picture and think this fits it very well. Also been talking to the individuals who will be appearing or hopefully will be popping by the studio next Thursday, giving them details of the 100th episode. Just got a couple of concerns. So I have been busy behind the scenes, don't think I am not doing anything, because I am quite busy with the busy schedule ahead of me. Between helping my mom and also my dad with dinners, I am very much on a very hectic schedule but still keeping up with everything here in the studio as well, but busy is a good thing, keeps me out of trouble, LOL!

Have a great night!


Monday, February 5, 2018

Where Have I Been Since Re-Opened?

             I know the blog has been very quiet in the past 4 days and I admit and you can tell, I've been tweeting late at night that is one reason why I have been neglecting the blog lately and I do feel bad for not posting for 3 solid days which is not normal but here I am writing an update for you guys this morning and what is going on with me. 

              I have been extremely busy with the preparation of the 100th episode as that is my priority right now as the 22nd of February is coming and it's coming fast and the furious! That has been on the agenda recently along with the website now up and running as you know and it's been pretty active recently but not overly active since it's downtime for 3.5 solid weeks. I also have been dealing with no sleeping at night recently in the past several days, being up at night, my health and wellness has a priority right now as well, so I gotta balance my work load and sleep in order to stay on track and recently, this has been a factor in my performance with running Chris B On The Web recently. 

                The plan this week is to finish up the script for the 100th Episode, then test out periscope for the 100th episode which I only got 1 viewer but with the Facebook group, I got 12 or more views and my loyal Facebook group members love when I go live and I do get some interaction and the live broadcast will be on the group which can be found on on the right hand top side of the website next to my mug shot, ha-ha. Other then that I have been coming up with brand new off season podcasts, planning collab podcasts with other people, an interview coming up and I've had some people come to me about an idea, so I will be speaking to them soon as I set up the mix/minus to my mixer to take in Skype calls which will be the last step I need in order to take in Skype calls and able to record with it, especially when I get guests on the podcast. 

                  I am still around, just busy getting work done for Chris B On The Web, it is a never dull moment for me, always busy one way or the other or finding some kind of work to do with Chris B On The Web or if I got nothing scheduled to do, whether it is a blog post or podcast or any kind of written work, I spend time with the family or play some video games or watch TV/Movie on my leisure time but that is what I have been up to recently.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Personal Update For November 12th, 2017

                I have been up and down in stress in the pass week with the work load of getting podcasts out on time, blog posts are out on a daily basis or at least every two days at the most but I am slacked off bringing out blog posts on a regular basis. Not only that friendships went out the door on me this week and it has put me back into a depression for about 2 - 3 days but Thursday were a better day for me about 12 noon when I was being with friends and after I got back and got moving on the podcast which was up in no time. I think it had a lot to do with the stress of the Audio ONLY Platform issues I was having throughout the week with both Player FM & as well but that was cleared up with staff of both websites and the process time was much shorter then it was back on Monday or Tuesday night when I posted up the podcast from last week quite later then usual. I do feel bad for the lack of blog posts too, just not been motivated to write at the time or I get way to busy with other things but I do wanna write but some days I just don't feel like I want to, I lack motivation to do it, but I am writing it this morning thats for sure.

                  Sometimes I wonder why I am still doing podcasts and blog posts but I love to write and I love to talk "Reality TV" with you guys and the podcast has become ever so popular quickly out of the gate, I shouldn't give up on it whatsoever. I gotta someway, somehow motivate myself to get things back on track and I dont think blogs daily is going to work at this point so I will figure something out and put it on my list for the announcement & update for tomorrow. This is not going good as I have lost tons of followers because of the lack of updates and that puts me down but again I can't be on Twitter 24-7 that is my frustrating part of this as I got a life to live to and I cannot be tweeting but I try, that's what dragging me down is losing followers when I try to be as active as I can and I was active yesterday a tad bit but again I had my niece and nephew and couldn't tweet I was extremely busy or trying to save my data on my phone so I won't be in a wifi zone. So please understand where I'm coming from, but if you un-follow me then re-follow me constantly, may end up not following you back all together, might be changing the way things are for Twitter and following certain people but that is unsure at this moment of time. 

                      So that is what is going on with me and hope you understand the lack of tweets or Facebook updates, but I am still here and not going anywhere anytime soon and trying to keep you guys up to date as much as possible but sometimes it is hard when I am traveling from places without using my data as much as possible, so I am not ignoring you, just out of wifi zone or busy with things at the moment and I will get back to you soon as possible!

Have a fantastic Sunday!