Saturday, February 17, 2018

Where Have I Been Lately?

              I know, I haven't been quite as active on social media and missed out days here on the blog and the reason for it, my mom had surgery so I have been taking care of her and like I have said many times, my family comes first and I have been busy taking care of my mom while she recovers from day surgery. Let me assure you, she's doing well now being 4 days since the surgery was done and recovering quite well.

              Now I am sure you will say, but Chris what about the blog, podcast, well with this week being a very hectic week, the schedule is going to be a bit different from what it usually is but you guys read the blogs and you guys listen to the podcast even if it isn't on the schedule as it says on the website, please do not pay attention to it if I mention it here on the blog, on social or even I think I will change the scheduled time on the website this way it is always up to date and actually I can do that via my desktop calendar so it makes it easy for me to change the schedule and I did that for today's blog post. 

              If you wonder, don't think I don't do anything between helping my parents out since my mom is laid up in her recliner, I have very much been busy behind the scenes, offline working on the off season podcasts & of course working on the 100th episode notes for Everything About Reality TV which mind you now have to get tweaked a bit but that's OK with me, you have to make tweaks to make things better or to improve on it, so been working on that, made a few tweaks to the website this week as well with my mug shot at the top of the website and on the about page as well needed a better picture and think this fits it very well. Also been talking to the individuals who will be appearing or hopefully will be popping by the studio next Thursday, giving them details of the 100th episode. Just got a couple of concerns. So I have been busy behind the scenes, don't think I am not doing anything, because I am quite busy with the busy schedule ahead of me. Between helping my mom and also my dad with dinners, I am very much on a very hectic schedule but still keeping up with everything here in the studio as well, but busy is a good thing, keeps me out of trouble, LOL!

Have a great night!


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