Sunday, February 18, 2018

Getting Forgetful/Clumsy or So Much On My Plate Right Now?

            With the recent last few days being busy, my brain has seemed to wonder away from time to time as I got so much to remember to do before a due date hits, so maybe it is why I am getting to become more forgetful or clumsy with things and I will talk about this in today's blog post and what is going on with me recently why I feel like I am always forgetting something or clumsy and screwing things up on myself. Maybe the fact I have been going non stop getting ready for the 100th episode which is this week, mind you and the lack of sleep that I have been getting with all the work load that keeps on piling up on me but that could be a factor in why I haven't been able to think clearly.

             Like I said before, I haven't been sleeping, yes once again the sleep issue has become a factor in why I cannot think clearly, I am clearly tired and just cannot think or my thoughts are not coming across clearly and you can tell through my posts on social media that I sometimes make no sense or I go on a rant or lose my cool and my moods have not been good all of last week and this weekend, so the factor of no sleep has really shown lately and tonight I think I will finally sleep at last! Hopefully this is the last no sleep at night for a very long time. 

               As for the forgetful side of things, well it could be I have a lot on my plate and I just have a lot going on, prepping for off season podcasts and yes I realize I am going straight into Survivor and Big Brother Canada as of next week but I mean I am preparing for the off season for the end of May so their can be content coming out on the off season but planning one every 2nd week which I will talk about in a blog post in the month of May. But the fact of having a lot going on, does make a difference of me not able to remember everything at once, so this is why I got reminders all over the place, sticky note on my desktop, sticky notes on my desk or sticking to my stand for my 2 monitors, this does help me a lot to remember these things. 

                   Finally I wanna make a note there will be NO Blog post tomorrow, taking the day off from Chris B On The Web, blog posts resume on Tuesday for those here in Canada that are celebrating Family Day Holiday, have a safe and happy Family Day and I will be back on Tuesday, back to the grind of things!


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