Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Which Power Ranger(s) Are My Favorite As a Kid?

           First of all, I would like to say this is not being covered in the slew of the Power Rangers Talk mini series coming out twice a year at least as much as I can get Larry to do this for, but hoping for twice a year but anyways today's blog post I wanna kind of talk about my favorite all time Power Rangers and I don't have too many favorites as I have season the first several seasons I have watched. Honestly I can only think of 2 power rangers I liked but I will put a top 5 list at least, so without further ado, here is my list: 

1) Tommy: He was the Green Ranger, which he started at the Green With Evil 5 parts episodes, then he lost his Green Ranger powers, then became the White Ranger. In Zeo the following series, he became the Red Zeo Ranger, then part of the Turbo series for at least 10 - 15 episodes. Tommy came back as the teacher and also DR. O as well. He became the Black Dino Ranger within the first 5 to 10 episodes. He is and always will clearly be my favorite Ranger and I'm sure it was everyone's favorite ranger back in the 90's those who grew up with this during the 90's

2) The second one on my list is Jason, the original Red Ranger and will forever be known as the Original Red Ranger. He was one of my favorites before Tommy was introduced but the dropped to the second favorite on my list on today's blog. Also Jason was the Gold Ranger so that is another reason, I have him high on my list.

3) Now this isn't really too easy but I know he's not an ranger or called a Ranger but was part of the Lost Galaxy but the Magna Defender has to be one of my favorite even though he was against the Rangers but in the end letting go of his hate and giving up his life to save the rangers. The Mike coming back and becoming the NEW Magna Defender.

4) Karone: She was Astronema in the previous season of Power Rangers, the Lost In Space season, but took over the pink ranger role when Kendrix died in the season and I love how she tried to get away with her still being Astronema when she was pure good once again, after the Rangers won but was able to get the Quazar Sabre back and able to get it back. 

5) Leo, used his Battlizer and blasted Trakeena destroying her for good, also took over when Mike fell into the hole. The reason he's on my list is because he was quite a strong ranger even though he messed up going on Terra Venture when he didn't get his pass to get on it, he made up for it when he became the Red Ranger.

              That is my list for my favorite power rangers of all times, hope you enjoyed reading my list as I enjoyed writing this list for you guys. If you haven't yet please do subscribe to the blog for more daily to every 2nd day blog posts and you are welcome to leave a comment if you wish as well. I should of mentioned that before but I am mentioning it right now. 


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