Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why is Everything About Reality TV Podcast Successful After 2 years?

              Everything About Reality TV has been successful because I have connected with other podcasters which has helped me drastically. This also has helped my podcast grow as I have had likes and retweets, however I do not get many likes or Retweets often but that's ok though, I know you guys see the posts as from to time I will glance at the analytics to the tweet itself and I can see how many people I have reached in that particular tweet.  Also the fact I constantly am reminding you guys the podcast is coming out soon does help and any special reminders I have made to scheduling changes or the podcast is delayed a day or two. I am always constantly updating you guys on the podcast and I think that has helped me quite a lot in this podcast journey! 

              Also I do hashtags, such as #EverythingAboutRealityTV, #podcast or #podcaster. So that helps the podcast get noticed out there and I use the appropriate hashtags for the content I put out there on social media that is another reason why my podcast has been successful for the past 2 years and 5 months to be exact. If you are to be a content creator, whether you are putting content on YouTube, on a podcast or a blog post, make sure to put in the hashtags, like I said that is what I do. 

              The next reason why the podcast is a success is because of the platforms my podcast is on. Yes I know it started on Mixcloud then, TuneIn, Player FM & ITunes and the list goes on. My strategy towards that was the platforms that will get the most views and honestly I believe that I made the right choice on what platforms I have put it on. & ITunes are well know platforms for podcasts, TuneIn also well known for radio stations both online and local radio stations as well. Player FM, I made the right choice going back to them after a very short stint with them late 2016, however, they have featured me on their website under Reality TV section of the website, which is so amazing and probably why my podcast has seen it's success as I connected with such amazing platforms and they have been helpful when I have had issues with it updating. These are the reasons why my podcast is successful and I hope you enjoyed this post and there will be another blog post tomorrow.


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