Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Thoughts On The Minimum Wage Going Up Here In Canada

               To start today's blog post out by saying, I do not usually talk politics on this blog but today is an exception as this has been on my mind for the last month or so since they announced this was going to happen here in Ontario and Canada. I will try to keep it PG but not guaranteeing anything. Trust me there is a lot on my mind with this and I will definitely be making my points.

                 First point I would like is they have now raised it to $14 minimum wage and will be raising it to $15 as of early 2019. Now my question is, how in the world are the businesses going to be able to pay their employees 15 dollars per hour? What I think will happen is they keep this up they will have to lay off some of their employees which means the number of unemployed people will be up. Now I am hoping that it would of gone up not gone down, no damn clue what the hell this government is doing and why they wanna up it. Yes it is good for us the people who are working minimum wage, but it hurts the businesses in the long run too. Makes no sense raising it if it will hurt the businesses, especially the smaller businesses as well. I wondered if I was still with the bookstore, if I would still have my job still but probably I wouldn't have a job if I was still in the working world.

                     One thing is if the Progressive Conservative Party wins this years election as we are heading to the polls, they want to slowly increase the minimum wage here compare to the nut case who is the Premiere of Ontario, so it would be more then likely better, however you never know with who is in power, but change is always good. I hope the government doesn't rush minimum wage as I said above, it can hurt businesses, especially the smaller businesses, we do not want to see companies go under due to going bankrupt or not able to pay their employees which it ends up in unemployment for some.

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