Friday, February 23, 2018

My Thoughts About The 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV Yesterday

       I am making this blog post short today as I do not have much to say on this subject matter. However I am overwhelmed and speechless by the love and support I got on The Facebook Group, Twitter and Instagram. I definitely am finding this blog post hard to write this morning as I am still processing what went on yesterday. 

          Overall the organization was fair, I could of done better, when I said 1 pm, we were delayed till 145 - 2 pm EST, but I had to edit the podcast from the morning which is understandable editing takes time. I did however, made a mistake not publishing the website when I went back up to watch the Leafs game to relax after a very long day in the studio with Larry, which mind you it was well worth it. But not publishing the website was a mistake and a half as I am sure half of you wondered why I didn't post up, umm, I ended up passed out last night as I was really tired, sleep on and off during the night and staying up all day, I was ready to pass out quite quickly. I had the site updated, just it was saved to the point and waiting to be published but I did update it this morning when I pushed some updates to the website. I admit, that was my fault but hey I almost had a perfect day on being on schedule.

              But enough of the negative aspects of the day, I wasn't expecting this to go as smoothly as I thought as I was pressured with getting Amazing Race recorded and leaving on time to catch my bus, however I got it done as I had to watch the episode as well in the morning. The editing process is a long process, however I don't mind the editing but hey, Larry got to learn how to edit a podcast which I am sure it was really cool for him to learn it.  As for the actually, I believe this 100th episode went better then I ever expected ever and I wasn't expecting the entire podcast to be this interactive, I wasn't expecting Larry to be this interactive and actually interact with me, yes I spoke what I had to say at time but he came in when i had a question with him and he replied quite a lot with the discussions which made the podcast more fun. Overall it was a fun day before, during and after the podcast I can't thank Larry enough for coming and being a part of the special day, after all he co-founded the podcast in 2015, he needs credit, when credit is due. 


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