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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Things Are Changing Temporarily in November/December!

               With my mom getting surgery on her knee, I am going to be at home a lot more but have come up with a schedule that would work, every 2nd week with Eric at the most unless things change every other week with Terry. Now Larry right now we see each other on a monthly basis for right now and I know it was cause I am leary of having friends here right now especially after getting sick in August and it wasn't any of my friends that got me sick, was my own stupidity but I just wanna be cautious seeing friends again. 

            What about the collab you may ask? Well Larry and I are going to try and record in studio. Even if we have to we can record via Skype if I am just not able to see him in person and have him over. Skype is always an option for us if worse comes to worse when it comes to taking care of my mom. She has the number 1 priority first before anything else. This also goes for local events both here and in Toronto, I am leaving it up in the air for right now the calendar will remain as it is right now. If I get to go, I get to go and that is all there is to it.  It is the best decision for ChrisBOnTheWeb and any announcements will be made on social media. Now I will not be covering Royal Winter Fair this year as I was a little late to the game for a Media Pass but maybe next year for sure. Anyways those are the changes, thanks for reading today's post and I will talk to you all tomorrow!




Thursday, October 15, 2020

Why Did I Pre-Record 2 Episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast?

               There is a really easy explanation and I will not talk a lot about it and maybe no second paragraph but anyways as you guys know, I have been trying to work on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and that is why back on Sunday I did a double recording session and edited within an entire fill 2 days to ensure it is ready to go for the next 2 Sundays. This also is good so I can focus on the Collaboration Podcast and I have made some progress with it and an update is coming soon as I said on my social media. I will have updates hopefully very soon. I think pre-recording is a great idea so I can finally focus on the project with Larry and I and finally get the next collaboration Podcast off the ground as it has been sitting on my inbox for weeks now and finally getting to it and it will probably take me a week and a half little more so to finish and like I said announcement is coming! 

               So that is the main reason why it will not sound as fresh as it normally does but the enthusiasm and excitement in my voice and you will see when it goes up over the next 2 weekends. I am excited for you guys to hear it and I cannot wait to record the collaboration podcast. A lot of great things are coming for me and it is all slowly coming together very slowly. I am not one to give up and I am going to remain positive and put my effort in getting caught up with the workload and work on the next project and what not. So that is the reason behind the podcast being pre-recorded ahead of time and it is really nice to get ahead of schedule a bit and be ready for the next step.


Friday, February 23, 2018

My Thoughts About The 100th Episode of Everything About Reality TV Yesterday

       I am making this blog post short today as I do not have much to say on this subject matter. However I am overwhelmed and speechless by the love and support I got on The Facebook Group, Twitter and Instagram. I definitely am finding this blog post hard to write this morning as I am still processing what went on yesterday. 

          Overall the organization was fair, I could of done better, when I said 1 pm, we were delayed till 145 - 2 pm EST, but I had to edit the podcast from the morning which is understandable editing takes time. I did however, made a mistake not publishing the website when I went back up to watch the Leafs game to relax after a very long day in the studio with Larry, which mind you it was well worth it. But not publishing the website was a mistake and a half as I am sure half of you wondered why I didn't post up, umm, I ended up passed out last night as I was really tired, sleep on and off during the night and staying up all day, I was ready to pass out quite quickly. I had the site updated, just it was saved to the point and waiting to be published but I did update it this morning when I pushed some updates to the website. I admit, that was my fault but hey I almost had a perfect day on being on schedule.

              But enough of the negative aspects of the day, I wasn't expecting this to go as smoothly as I thought as I was pressured with getting Amazing Race recorded and leaving on time to catch my bus, however I got it done as I had to watch the episode as well in the morning. The editing process is a long process, however I don't mind the editing but hey, Larry got to learn how to edit a podcast which I am sure it was really cool for him to learn it.  As for the actually, I believe this 100th episode went better then I ever expected ever and I wasn't expecting the entire podcast to be this interactive, I wasn't expecting Larry to be this interactive and actually interact with me, yes I spoke what I had to say at time but he came in when i had a question with him and he replied quite a lot with the discussions which made the podcast more fun. Overall it was a fun day before, during and after the podcast I can't thank Larry enough for coming and being a part of the special day, after all he co-founded the podcast in 2015, he needs credit, when credit is due.