Friday, February 16, 2018

Degrassi: Next Class Returning?

          I have been watching Degrassi since 2001 when it was still known as Degrassi: The Next Generation and here and there seen the next class but not as much. Please note I have seen Degrassi: Junior High, Degrassi: High and of course the movie Degrassi: Schools Out, so I am very familiar with the franchise, note I was only a baby when it started out in the 1980s or not yet born.

          I know I noticed that the series went mysteriously off air for a little while. I started to guess hiatus? the series could of been cancelled? That was my first thought at first but I just looked before writing and season 5 is coming out sometime in the summer but do not know when it is coming out at this moment exactly in the summer. I am guessing sometime in July at least which gives them plenty of time to tape all 10 episodes for the season as it is 10 episodes a season right now.  I knew though, that Degrassi isn't over and it would be back, I guess the writers and producers needed time to come up with ideas for the episodes, writing the script, read through then the taping of the episodes, editing the episodes then sending it to the networks it's on, so it does take time to do all of this.

           I know Degrassi has been on the air for a very long time over 10 years, 17 years it's been running since 2001, moving from the Next Generation to Next class, Linda Schuyler has done an amazing job with each and every season and trust me it kept me on edge the entire time from episode to episode. I really am excited to see what the new season brings but I do need to catch up on Season 4 so I get the jiff of what is going on. I had that feeling they needed time to figure out the story lines in the series to where it will end up in the upcoming season or seasons, Finally I can see this series lasting as long as the Next Generation did.

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