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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cancelled Going To Events For The Remainder of 2020

            As Founder and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb, I have come to a very difficult decision late last night.  As you all know we are all dealing with COVID-19 and most of the events locally here and in Toronto have been cancelled. Which made me come to a very, very difficult decision to CANCEL any of the events that were planned into May right through to the end of the year. These are the following events that I am cancelling going to this year: 

Bowmanville Maple Festival- May 2020
Food Truck Friday, Bowmanville- June 2020
Canada Day Celebrations- July 2020
Rib Fest, Durham Ontario- August 2020
Orono Fair (Fair was cancelled itself)- September 2020
Polish/Ukrainian Festival- September 2020
Apple Festival- October 2020
The Royal Winter Fair- November 2020
Tyrone Parade of Lights- December 2020

            Now we do not know about Polish/Ukrainian Festivals, Apple Fest, The Royal Winter Fair and Tyrone Parade of Lights but as for me this year, I am planning to not attend any of these festivals as it is uncertain what the outcome of this virus will be, whether we get a second wave of the virus but HONESTLY as I said to my Staff, I do not feel comfortable going into large crowds, especially not this soon after the virus is over, just do not feel quite comfortable and it will take me some time to get use to being out and about in the public again but come 2021 we will be back at events and stronger then before. So this means any flyers, I hand out right now will be CBOTW (Including Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast) & Everything About Reality TV for promotion, nothing else. I apologize for the inconvienence but as I stated with the current events in the world, I think this is the best move for CBOTW and mainly myself as I do every single event. We look forward to 2021 Events and again we are deeply sorry as we know you enjoyed those event posts but we promise to make it up to you guys for the rest of this year.

Chris, Founder & Owner

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

2 Weeks In Self Isolation!

           It has been 2 weeks since I have been in self isolation and honestly going a little crazy and been sleeping a ton during the day and up the night time working on things so right now I am the complete opposite of what my sleep was when I was out and about and honestly. However when I was up and about what did I do? I worked on the podcast obviously and made sure it was up on time and that has obviously been an issue lately with me getting it up on time. However you guys still get the podcast one way or another but I need to get back on track. Also I have been trying to watch Power Rangers Time Force and going to be working on that today after my 15 - 20 min outing to the bank so I am able to pay my parents for rent or my butt is out the door but I know they wouldn't do that. One thing I do not really have to do is get my bus pass and I need to get in touch with the transit company here to find out where I can get it as things that aren't essential are closed right now due to the virus.  Either way I am still working on things and as I said in Sunday post, I am working on things slowly at a slower pace but I think with me not sleeping well is coming to an end and I will get a more steady sleep. 

              So with that please bare with me through this hard times and I can honestly I haven't been myself,  I have been depressed and just fed up of being at home 24-7. I know it is what we have to do right now and gotta deal with it and try and hang in there but again I have really and am struggling on a daily basis and not sure how much longer my mental health can take it honestly. However everyday I am fighting the mental health and depression and honestly it is one day at a time and I've had headaches cause I'm stressing myself out and just cannot wait till things get back to normal honestly and when is the question as I'm not doing well mentally and nothing I can do to help me cope with being home 24-7. I am going to the cemetery with my dad to take down wreaths  and don't worry I will be safe as I am going to be in the car and there will not be anyone there so I should be OK but having second thoughts going now but my parents understand why I don't wanna go but I have to decide soon what I wanna do. I can stay in the car if I wish and might just do that but again I gotta do what's best for me and my friends told me to go it'll be good for me so I am going to do that and from here on out after that I am back in Isolation and staying in my area. No more long trips.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Personal Update--- I Am Just Fine!

             I know you all are wondering how I am doing with the Corona Virus and we have a fair good amount of cases and I can ensure you guys, I am good and very healthy and I have made the decision to go out less. Minus going out to hang with Eric on a weekly basis, I have put myself into self isolation for right now. Yes I do get out once a week and I go out for walks but the most part I am hunkering here at home and honestly this is fine with me. I can get content done and today and tomorrow I gotta record stuff. I ensure you guys I am fine and actually in our Region we are in, we have only 2 cases. So I am honestly fine and trying to avoid going out as much as possible but if I really am bored then I will definitely be going out and about but for the most part I am choosing to stay home and try to avoid going out to the public unless I really necessarily have to. Now content will still remain as it is as long as I remain healthy I will keep up with content but if anything changes please check my social media as I have my phone with me at all times. Either way things are not changing but for now I chose to try and stay home and kind of want to stay clear of all of this.

            However I want to reassure you guys everything is great. I am in perfectly good health and my health has been great. Even my knees been better then usual so I am in very good spirits and sorry I haven't really said anything about the situation here in my province but I have just been so busy with content I should of known better to mention it to you guys that everything is fine but as long as you guys see posts you should all know I am fine. However Sunday I went AWAL on social and the reason was because I had Larry here in studio and we were talking a lot about future collabs with him and I am been talking about it and also we had a ton of fun around the studio playing Sims which I do have a post. Please do not panic, if you don't see me posting for an day, just feel free to private or DM message me to see if I am OK, especially if I disappear for 3 - 5 days then that is the time to send me a private message especially. Either way stay tuned for me content and just announced this evening I am giving video a shot but on Dailymotion instead of YouTube as you know my position with it. Either or, please do not worry, I am in good spirits and doing well and I will see you in tomorrow's post.