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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Decided to Stream to Both Platforms!

         First of all I'm sorry this is up the very next day. I wasn't in a good mood and 2 the internet was being a pain in the butt here in the studio. Second of all, I've reversed the decision to stream on Facebook and YouTube with the occasional gaming stream. Depending on the weeks I have more time but right now I am swamped with work and we're trying to get the workload down. But I will stream for half hour to an hour. However weekly just chatting streams will happen regardless on both Facebook and YouTube. I may as well do both for at least one of the two streams. 

         So I think it is the best move. I know the video I did that is being released I think I will redo the video to explain further but anyways that is coming tomorrow. I just think the more platforms I stream to the better it is. Now I know I would have to subscribe on X in order to use Twitter Live and I do not know how to stream to Instagram on top of FB/YouTube so I am just going to focus on the two for now. Anyways that is the post, be on the lookout for the normal post at 11 am EST for the blog and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Monday, July 31, 2023

My Thoughts On Twitter Changes... [Voicing Frustrations]

            I have been a part of Twitter since the mid way through The Video Projects Team under TVProjectsTeam I think the original of TVPTOfficial. Then ChrisBOnTheWeb account which was under EMPOfficial when Entertainment Man Productions existed back then which was the same account "ChrisBOnTheWeb" had up to a week ago almost since leaving the platform. Reason behind that was unknown and I was going to talk about it on a stream back on Sunday last week (a week ago) but I fell ill and I ended up cancelling the stream because of it. The reason is I couldn't see Tweets as there is a limit of tweets you can see per day and same with the amount of Tweets and DM's you can send on the platform too.

           Now the logo has been replaced with X and to be honest I do not think it is fair to people who cannot afford the check mark and what not to have restrictions and I thought this was suppose to be free for everyone and it isn't even that anymore and I just couldn't be on the platform anymore. So my account is gone, deleted. I know a few of you we're not happy with my decision to leave but it is what it is that is my choice for my community but still on Facebook and Instagram, have my Discord server that is what matters to me. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post.


Monday, July 24, 2023

A lot of Changes With ChrisBOnTheWeb!

           Changes continue to be made with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I have spoken about it on stream yesterday on Facebook. As you know I have announced yesterday that I am leaving Twitter after 3 days and now it is 2 days to go and I am officially leaving as of 6 pm EDT Wednesday this week. This means you can only find me on several platforms: Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Linkedin & of course the Discord Server which I am going to be really super active on there moving forward. 

            I think it is just for the best for me and my brand to leave the platform all together, just not finding the platform to what it use to be and plus the changes on how much we can Tweet throughout the day and now sending DM's is going to have a restriction too? Nah uh, no thank you. Also for the OG's who have been following me a long time, since the beginning, you may remember I was closing in on 4k in followers but that fell apart and lost just over 1000 followers the the span of the last 7 years. The platform is just going downhill and I feel like the growth is there and Facebook and Instagram has grown a lot so I rather focus on my time and energy on that platforms that is growing. A lot of you have supported my endeavour on this change and I will talk to you tomorrow and will be talking about my trip away with my parents. 


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Will be clipping from the episodes when I get back!

               When I get back I will starting to post up clips again on YouTube and Tiktok mostly and yes I have my podcast on Tiktok now and has become a thing with my podcast now so it will be on that platform as well. I may at some point post it to Instagram from time to time but I highly doubt it actually. Social Media will be for updates mostly but making the effort to clip episodes and yes I will be trying out YouTube Shorts but I didn't like the fact I got dislikes for something that's clipped from my episodes I put out there and I always linked but at this point I don't care about the likes and dislikes really.

               So Shorts and TikTok's will be posted weekly unless I have more then one clip but in retrospective it will be a weekly basis. I noticed I got subscribers from the shorts on YouTube I know that for a fact so it did help. I wanna up my shorts and clips moving forward to improve things on there. I will let you guys know when I plan on uploading things and they will be all new posts but that is the post for today, "scheduled" posts will start going up while I'm away so I will talk to you all when I get back, enjoy the content I have set, remember the episodes of the podcast will not be going up on this website for right now. However have a great next week and a half and talk to you all soon! 


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Big Thank-You To My Team!

             A BIG thank-you to my entire team, Mark & Larry for covering for me while I was in Facebook Jail! Without them, ChrisBOnTheWeb wouldn't have ran as smooth as it did, well minus the fan page being inactive for a month but I assure you we are back up and running and only lost 1 follower on there and we kind of know who it was but that's not the point. 

             The point is we are back to normal and as of this morning posting regular content links on there. Please give us some time to acclimate back to the Facebook community and I give Mark a crash course on how to run the page and the ins and out of the fan page as he never had to deal with The Video Projects Team fan page and not even sure if we had one in 2009 and I think it wasn't till 2011 or 2012 when we actually made one for the former team we had. Anyways we just need time and on Monday, I will have to add Larry to the Moderator list on there too. However that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Monday, September 12, 2022

Recently Been Absent From The Facebook Page...

              Recently been absent from the Facebook Fan Page leaving Alexandra to run it for the weekend and that is because of stupid drama once again.... The last 2 years has been nothing but problems and it is time for some changes . Alexandra, Larry and I will not put up with the drama. I made a mistake allowing certain people back that has done me wrong and that is my own fault. I have been thinking a lot during my time away from the Facebook Community that I need to start doing things for myself and face it, ChrisBOnTheWeb is my brand, nobody else' brand. So yes CBOTW Gamers Podcast is no longer on the table for an option and yeah it could come back and I could just do it on my own. That is always an option for me in the future but for right now I have the projects that I am doing right now.

            So moving forward the changes are not really changes but I am focusing on Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast with Larry. That are the two big projects already in production right now and nothing else. Well also CBOTW Studios is on it's way back in the near future and I will talk more about it tomorrow on a post but the rumours are true it is on it's way back but that is tomorrow. Anyways that is the post for today, it isn't really a super, super long post but gives you guys where I have been lately and today I have returned and will post up more but she is there as my support system and has helped me with the emails. Anyways I will talk to you guys tomorrow on the next post.




Friday, May 13, 2022

End of The Week Updates [05-13-2022]

                 On this Friday the 13th, it is time for an end of the week updates! A lot has transpired so without further ado, here are the updates:

Website: I have put Movie Collabs back under Podcasts and Archives, now have only two things in the archives since the After Show has been pulled completely from the site for a month and a half now. I also have removed the negative posts from the blog so the amount of blog posts are lower then it was yesterday. I felt it was time to remove the negative stuff off this website to be and show more professionalism. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have prepared and scheduled the podcast for Sunday to premiere at 1 pm EST on Sunday and I will be in the room to chat with you guys whether I am in my Mod account or Entertainment Man Podcast account or both? haha. Also you probably noticed on the channel and the Facebook a Live Stream event has popped up for next Wednesday and that is the BIG 100th Episode of the podcast that I have been promising for a while and I plan to stream to both platforms and hopefully this helps grow the channel even further. 

Power Rangers Collab: Well I have been slacking on this and already am on Ep # 2 and really pushing to get this out and back on track and already cancelled the anniversary but I am sure that I will be mentioning it June 2nd as I should be done by then and already on the next 2 seasons. Hopefully by end of July we will be back on schedule. 

Social Media/YouTube: All social medias and YouTube channel has grown nicely and really impressed how well it's growing again. I know the last few years, I have been stumbling with the growth but it is truly nice to see it growing once again.  

                 That is the update for today, hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday which I promise you, I will have a proper schedule for you guys this time around as this week, I was all over the place but have a great weekend and talk on Monday and enjoy the podcast this weekend! 


Saturday, April 23, 2022

End of The Week Updates- Part 2 [04-23-2022]

                      Here we are part 2 of the end of the week updates. As promised I am to continue on and plus this gives a bit extra content for you guys in the process that needs to be mentioned with all the kafluffel with ChrisBOnTheWeb. 

Website: I updated the website and removed the following: Team Page, Partners has been removed. Schedule Page has been updated with the current schedule for the content and events for ChrisBOnTheWeb. The After Show With Amy F has been moved to Archives pending a removal from permantly removed off the website which may take a few weeks for me to decide and if you don't hear anything about it then I left it on the website all together but highly think I will be moving it. Support chat is back and a friend of mine is always in there if I am not in there whatsoever under CBOTWMod name which was still active on there regardless. 

Social Media: I have removed all post pertaining to the said podcast I said above of the hashtag and all posts have been removed and I don't care what anyone says cause that podcast is done for no apparent reason and I was going to post it regardless but they misconstruded what I said so it is what it is, I'm moving on to focus on with my content, Entertainment Man Podcast and the collab.

Power Rangers Collab: With me moving back on my own now fully next week I push into Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast more and I will have a  ton more time to work and focus on it now with one podcast down. So I am excited to work on Super Samurai and will get it done in time for late May so you guys can hear it. I also am working on this week the 4th anniversary podcast coming up with some cool ideas. 

Return To Studio: Next week starts a trial run of me seeing Larry in person and trust me you will see pictures of him and I together, will be for a lunch and see how we feel together again for the first time in just over 2 years since we have seen each other. This means our goal to him returning to studio in time for our 4th Anniversary Podcast is on track as long as cases do not rise and the mask mandate doesn't come back then we are golden for a return! 

                That is my final set of updates for the weekend, enjoy the rest of this weekend, get out for some fresh air, I know I will be and I will talk to you guys on Monday for the start of what will be another busy week for me and ChrisBOnTheWeb.


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I've A Lot of Time To Think About Things.....

                 I have had a lot of time to think about it and reflect after being banned for the 5th time, I've considered leaving Facebook all together as a whole. However since the group has been growing, I had to reconsider things as it has been amazing to sit back and watch the group grow so I am going to stay and there has been things that I wanna tweak within the group. If you are on the group you saw the post Alexandra posted but I will say this, I wasn't going to do any Moderators and I am still considering it and have a short time to decide and I think I will be still doing it as of this weekend, I will have no Mods for now. I am not going to put up with anything on the group. If I remove someone from the group then I lose a number so I have had time to re-think the strategy with the group side of things. 

               Now with the blog, when I announced the new schedule with the blog, I didn't think about it clearly... I reconfigured the blog incorrectly so starting Monday, I will be going back to the original format which is this:

Mondays: Regular Topic/Events when it starts back up again.

Tuesdays: Regular Topic

Wednesdays: Regular Topic

Thursdays: Regular Topic

Fridays: End of The Week Update (Under a new name)

                Now the Weight Loss Updates will be sporadic and have no specific day and when I feel ready for updates, then I will give em but again it is on a random schedule at this time, no big plans for updates often we will see how it goes moving forward. Anyways that is my update and I know my blogs are all over the place this week but it is what it is and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, August 27, 2021

Facebook Restricted x2!

                  Yeah I have had my share of problems with the platform recently and quite frankly not been in a good mood since last night and honestly getting more and more frustrated with the platform and starting to wonder if I still wanna be a part of this platform and to be honest it's not easy because if I left Facebook then Jim and Billy would be left but let me explain what has been going on with me:

Restricted From Streaming: Not once but twice I have been restricted from streaming on the platform and I cannot stream right from the website so that's sounding like some kind of bug but also I got locked out of my account as someone is trying to get in but I have 2 factor authentication on and other ways to login. So something is going on with the website to be quite honest. I will be trying to stream through OBS when my 30 day ban is up at the end of September. 

30 Day Ban from Posting On Facebook: Really this is the second 30 day ban this year which really puts a damper on me being able to post and I am so thankful to have Jim on board to help  and relay any updates from my Twitter and/or Instagram and Billy to keep things at bay and that it doesn't get out of control and I don't think it will with 26 - 27 members in the group and if you wanna be a part of it it is on the right hand side near the top bar where the logos are. 

                    I know a lot of you guys are wondering what happening with that situation so I had to explain what is going on. I will not go into all the details of what happened but Jim and Billy are both there if you guys need anything or have any questions. Both of the guys can communicate with me through IM since I am not blocked from sending messages to and receiving em from my Management and Moderation Team so please feel free to message em if you got any questions whatsoever with content they are there to help. I will still be on Twitter and Instagram and will answer DM's but that is today's post, have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday! 


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Has A Reddit and!

              That's right, ChrisBOnTheWeb is on Reddit now! Myself and Savannah have worked hard to getting it ready over the weekend and we have a ChrisBOnTheWeb Community by clicking that word that is hyperlinked or We are excited to have this community and effected as of this post going up the link to the right hand side that's been there a few days will be activated and I am sure there will be an announcement at 12 pm or 1 pm EST promoting the link but this is the first promotion of the link and the start of promoting the reddit. This is definitely a new beginning for ChrisBOnTheWeb and there is still more surprises both in this post and later onthat I am going to be releasing to you guys. Got a bunch of stuff to release to you guys on some additional things that is going to be coming out.

             Also I have created a with all the basic links that you guys need and that is going to be released this afternoon at 1 pm EST and will have all the links that you guys need, from the website itself, main podcast feeds to the social media, the reddit as I mentioned it will be all there and probably the pinned Tweet and post on social media for a very, very long time as I do not plan on unpinning it anytime soon so you guys can go to that if case you need to know where links are via social media prior to the blogs and podcasts post that go up on a regular basis. I will leave it at that. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Why Did I Switch From A Facebook Fan Page To A Group?

               I know this has been a question for a few weeks now why on earth I changed from a Facebook Fan Page. Well somebody or somehow I got reported to Facebook for misleading content and was unable to earn money from Facebook all together but I do not even earn a single post from Facebook. I have one source of income which I will not say so the trolls do not try and get me demonetized, doing that for my own safety. However recently I felt like the move was a dumb move as 60 likes is a heck of a lot. It probably was the biggest bonehead move I ever made but the way I think of it, I can pin a lot of announcements to the group this way compare to a fan page. Yes it's only 19 members in the group right now and that's fine and anyone can join as its visible to the Facebook Community. I will get more members I'm sure down the road, there will be a place and time for that to happen.

                 I know we had a few members on the group leave and that was cause of the drama going on in that community. Both Savannah and I had to ban 2 individuals after all the drama and this really has me wondering if I just made the wrong decision to stop having a fan page for this group. I wish I actually kept the fan page at this point but I can pin more then one thing at the top of the group so it has that plus. Anyways I am going to continue on with this group and if we lose a ton more to a point of 2 - 5 members, then yes, I'd consider closing it down but for the most part, I plan on keeping the group going and running regardless of the past few weeks, I am moving forward. Hope this explains a bit why I switched over and hopefully things improve for the better of the group. I will talk to you all tomorrow morning at 11 am EST for the usual blog post.


Friday, June 4, 2021

Content This Weekend!

                This weekend will be a busy weekend for me and especially today. I have tried to get SPD done and been working between Entertainment Man Podcast, SPD (Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast) and editing videos and editing the podcast itself it will be a busy, busy weekend. I have a bit of a schedule but would like to apologize for the amount of Social Media Posts but you guys seem to really love the daily pics and going down memory lane with me. Anyways here is the timetable for this weekend and I promise you it will not be overboard: 

Saturday- 1 pm EST: Since it is the normal video day which is on a Saturday, I will be posting up a Behind The Scenes look of the day getting prepared for the Podcast and during the podcast while we record the podcast. I will have the studio cams running during the podcast on and off during the recording.

Sunday- 11 am EST: I have a tour of the studio as I have made some changes to the studio and I am sure there is some changes  that I want to announce in the studio in the next week or so but either way ton of content on it's way in the coming weeks!

                 1 pm EST: Pictures will go up on social media throughout the day, including pictures of the actual notes. More then likely I will post em all up at once and promise to not over do the pictures as I do not want to overdo it. 

             This will conclude the anniversary and anything Collab wise, you will not hear anything for the next few weeks podcast wise as I will be preparing for the next podcast towards the end of this month. Only thing you will hear from me is when this podcast goes up and of course Entertainment Man Podcast which an update is coming on the final week before the week of recording. Anyways have a great weekend, enjoy the content and I will speak to you all on Monday! 


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We've Moved From A Fan Page To A Group!

                If you are still on the fan page you probably noticed it has become a ghost town and no new posts have gone up on there since the morning and that was because someone reported my posts as "False news" when it isn't all my posts are factual and I have not once posted something that isn't true. This also effects me being monetized but I actually do not earn anything on there or any social media whatsoever, I have other sources of income from this technically. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Back to the fan page, yes it is a ghost town and pile of you guys 19 to be exact are in a group. That's right I've invited people over to a group which by Thursday will be locked as Private but visible to the Facebook community. This means you cannot see the posts unless you are in that group. I think this is the best idea. Also I will not be promoting the group for 2 weeks until the fan page is permanently deleted from the website. You probably noticed the Facebook button has been removed from the website and this is only temporary until the 2 weeks has passed and I get to actually delete the old fan page. So right now everything is in lock and key at this moment, for those who were on my Fan Page and now on the group itself, posts will resume as normal each and everyday. Also my Management Team are Admins and Moderators which are:


Chris (me), Founder/Owner/Content Creator 

Matt, Site Admin


Billy, Senior Advisor

Tiala, Senior Advisor

Jasmine, Podcasts Senior Advisor

                  When the time comes, I will make a post promoting it but like I said everything is in lock and key for right now and when the 2 weeks are up we go entirely public with this group. Finally I wanna say what an amazing community this is. You guys go to bat for me when I wanted to make the swamp out and hopefully this group will be a permanent fixture with my social media. Anyways that is today's blog post, I will speak to you all tomorrow's post!


Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Am Back On Facebook!

                After being in the sin bin aka Facebook Jail for a month and the last 10 days of my team unable to make posts I am back on Facebook as of 415 am EDT this morning. I have done the following to update you guys on things:

1) I have made Chels an Admin of the Page incase I go back to Facebook Jail for another month along with I have made Jasmine and Editor of the page so there is at least two people that have control of the Fan Page incase I land back into FB Jail again and I hope not and I promise to behave this time around and play nice with people. 

2) Chels has access to any of the staff groups which I wanna address that as something has happened, we had someone wanting to join the group but those groups are private and used for staff and podcast hosts only.

3) We have updated the fan page to the best of our ability what has gone on since the 27th of March today.

4) I am planning a live stream later on on the FB Page around 3 pm EDT and cannot wait to chat with you guys for a bit and get caught up what has transpired on the website etc. 

                I promise you guys to behave myself or I will try to (LOL). What matters is I am back on Facebook and back in the saddle once again and happy to be back to a more new normal for myself and it is business  as usual, podcasts tomorrow and Saturday morning and Monday, I return as the Owner of the Website as you know I have been off for the past month almost and it is time to return things back to normal again. It is long overdue. To be honest I was planning to return June 1st that was my goal but I think with me back things will be even better. Not saying Chelsea didn't do a bad job, she did amazing keeping an eye on things and what not but I miss being the Owner and I am ready to come back officially. I hope to see you all on my stream on this afternoon at 3 pm EDT and I will talk to you all on here tomorrow.


Monday, March 29, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-29-2021]

                 Another week has begun and let me introduce myself, my name is Chelsea and I am currently in Nova Scotia and I am ChrisBOnTheWeb's new resident Site Admin since we had our other site admin resign. So Chris has brought me up to speed to ChrisBOnTheWeb & and I have a bunch of updates I would like to make this morning so you guys know what is going on:

Facebook: Since the departure of our website admin which has turned everything into turmoil as Chris cannot post, neither can I or any of the team at this moment when Charlotte quit she unadmin'd herself from any of the pages on Facebook leaving the fan page crippled all together. Also Moderators which are Billy, Tiala, Jasmine and Chris S, cannot post as the page as a Moderator so the only person right now that can post is Boss Man Chris at this point. We apologize for the inconvience but please check Twitter and Instagram for details and I think reason Chris cannot make an editor or Moderator is cause of Chris's currently 30 day FB Ban. 

Website: I am on the chat now and you will see the name ChelsCBOTW on the chatroom from time to time. I think for the most part we are done with the build of the website and we are happen with it but Chris will be covering that tomorrow here on the blog. 

The CBOTW Show: Chris is working on re-working intros and outros for the merged episodes that we have now gained and we will be uploading to the audio only eventually soon as al l267 episodes are up then we will re upload the other 20 something odd episodes and then we will put our focus to the website feeds that you see on here that not all of them are active and live on the website yet and that is the reason why.

                  Those are the updates for today and I am happy to be aboard to help Chris out since he had to find another site admin and we will keep you guys updated on the Facebook situation and if he is able to make me an editor on the page that would be great but that is still pending but we will keep you up to date and if you see me post then that has been fixed but we'll see. Anyways I will see you around the CBOTW Community and I will be back on the blog next Monday!


Sunday, March 14, 2021

I Don't Understand This Facebook Ban!

               As you know I am currently serving a 30 day ban and as I call it I am in Facebook Jail and I have time to think about it and I do not regret getting mouthy yet I do not get the fact how calling someone an Irrelevant B Word is bullying and to be honest its just me being mouthy and I should of not gotten a ban cause I only sent the one comment that's it but it is what it is honestly and I got 24 - 25 days left in my ban before you guys will be seeing me around the Facebook Community again. As for the 30 bans, I think is too much to be honest. My last ban was 1 week and now they jump from 1 week to 30 bans... I just don't get it, I'd thought it'd be 2 weeks then 3 weeks then a month but I guess not, now I am banned for the 30 days. Maybe a break from posting is what I need and honestly is one of the reasons from absence from the day to day operations is because of this but like I said I am still on Twitter and Instagram.

                There has been moments where I was wondering why I am still on the website and to be honest, I have considered leaving the website but that leaves what happens to the Facebook Page and this means that Charlotte would be running the Facebook Page and I wouldn't have anyway to actually keep in touch with you guys to be honest. So this is why I am going to serve my 30 days and just going to watch my P's and Q's as I said I do not understand one little screw up and I get thrown in the Sin Bin for 30 days. When I do return I will be behaving cause you guys cannot afford to lose me again because 30 days are a long time. Anyways I hope you guys this bonus blog post and was indeed a surprise for you guys and I will be back on Tuesday as our resident Site Admin will be back tomorrow with a weekly blog post.


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Weekly Updates [11-01-2020]

             It is time to make the weekly updates and not much to report really. However I made some tweaks to things. So fair warning this is a short update post as nothing to report that is major. Anyways here are the updates:

Website/Social Media: I once again updated the type of website as this is and I know I went back to my original motto but I went back to being an entertainment website which seemed to work. So what I did was change back to the original motto but instead of 2014 I put the start date when I started up as a content creator which was 2005.

Power Rangers Podcast: I really need to get the Collab done this week and today I have been working on it today and probably one of the reasons this post is now late but Larry and I have to start working on it. It is kind of one of the reasons why we are going on a hiatus once we finish up Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder is to catch up. I do have a almost set schedule in the back of my mind and I know you won't like it but I can say this, it is half way through the year but it is what it is and if we need a break to try and catch up, so be it.

                 There is my updates for the week and I told you that it isn't much as nothing much to report but me working on the entire podcast and that has been the work that I have been doing and hopefully I wanna aim to get to 30th or 35th episode today and just a final push tomorrow to get the notes finished up and done with for the day. Anyways that is the update for this week and I will see you all tomorrow for another blog post which is going to be an gaming blog post. 


Friday, October 30, 2020

I Was Wild and Crazy and Totally Messed Up At Times.....

                 You probably wondering on today's title and I will explain in a moment. Yes I missed a post the other day and I am deeply sorry about that but got busy with the collab stuff and getting close to finished. In fact I was up late last night and worked on it once I fixed the graphics for the banners for my brand but that will be explained on tomorrow's post. Anyways to today's post is about how I was wild and crazy and messed up at times. Now I will not say exactly but there was a day I said I went off my meds again and I was really out of control. I am a lot more calmer minus the times something peeves me off but that is normal. Also I was really messed up when I ended both my YouTube Career and web series The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I made some not nice things. I was bitter. I didn't realize I didn't talk to Eric and Larry for a long time after they quit. I was really ticked. One thing I noticed was the fact I had choice words I wish I could go back and not say it. I cannot delete every single thing I said but I did erase some. It would take me a long time to erase every single not so nice tweet in the past.

                   However this is now, I have matured as a person and gotten a 0 tolerance for crap from people. I have learned if I need to block I can. I just am not letting hate bother me no more is what I am trying to say. Life is too short to deal with drama and crap at this point. I am getting older and a lot more wiser for someone who is about to turn to 35 in a month almost. Do I regret some of the things I said? Yes of course I do. I am careful what I say now on Twitter and honestly bite my tongue when someone says something I do not like. I have come too far honestly. I have changed a lot and been focused and yes I know I have had my mental health issues this year and been like this for the past year on and off but I am relentless with the content no matter what, especially if I am feeling down or not, I am starting to be able to just deal with it and in a different way, even with negative feedback or comments thrown. I am making sure I watch my P's and Q's and been very well keeping positive as much as possible.


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekly Update For 10-25-2020

          Here is the weekly update for the last October and yes I cannot believe it is the end of the month already and I am only a month away till I my birthday and yeah I am excited for my birthday actually. Anyways this will be more of a quick update for you guys as there isn't much to update you guys on technically. Here are the updates:

Website/Social Media: As you know I have rebranded the website with the banner redone and also as well the Social Media as well. one thing I probably did forgot to mention that the "About" Section I re-did my entire history as a "Content Creator" and it is what I am. I'm an individual who creates content.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I will be back to recording episodes of the podcast this week despite and more then likely will be on Friday this week so I can focus on the collab this week which is a really need to focus on this collab as the end of the week getting it done when I was suppose to technically.

Power Rangers Collaboration: So an update with this collab as I said above I have had a hard time getting this finished up finally so I can start working on but today I am working on it throughout today tomorrow and hopefully finished by Thursday. I tried scheduling myself to getting a ton done and I made the wrong move. I can have a goal but in the back of my mind. I am currently at the 15th episode of the season and 1/4th of the way done.

               There is the updates for the week and this will be a definite busy week for me to getting things done and hoping by next week to actually get the next collab underway for December and catch up. I haven't been focused to actually get it done and it is my own fault. I need to refocus and that is what I am doing today. However been getting other things like the final stages of the rebrand and with that complete I can actually work on it. I will talk more about it tomorrow's post how I have felt distant from the CBOTW Brand recently and the fact I felt sped creating content for you guys but that is for tomorrow's post. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in tomorrow's post.