Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Am Back On Facebook!

                After being in the sin bin aka Facebook Jail for a month and the last 10 days of my team unable to make posts I am back on Facebook as of 415 am EDT this morning. I have done the following to update you guys on things:

1) I have made Chels an Admin of the Page incase I go back to Facebook Jail for another month along with I have made Jasmine and Editor of the page so there is at least two people that have control of the Fan Page incase I land back into FB Jail again and I hope not and I promise to behave this time around and play nice with people. 

2) Chels has access to any of the staff groups which I wanna address that as something has happened, we had someone wanting to join the group but those groups are private and used for staff and podcast hosts only.

3) We have updated the fan page to the best of our ability what has gone on since the 27th of March today.

4) I am planning a live stream later on on the FB Page around 3 pm EDT and cannot wait to chat with you guys for a bit and get caught up what has transpired on the website etc. 

                I promise you guys to behave myself or I will try to (LOL). What matters is I am back on Facebook and back in the saddle once again and happy to be back to a more new normal for myself and it is business  as usual, podcasts tomorrow and Saturday morning and Monday, I return as the Owner of the Website as you know I have been off for the past month almost and it is time to return things back to normal again. It is long overdue. To be honest I was planning to return June 1st that was my goal but I think with me back things will be even better. Not saying Chelsea didn't do a bad job, she did amazing keeping an eye on things and what not but I miss being the Owner and I am ready to come back officially. I hope to see you all on my stream on this afternoon at 3 pm EDT and I will talk to you all on here tomorrow.


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