Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Minecraft & The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Updates

                  I wanna start with The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, I am currently not playing the game nor have it in my library at this moment due to some issues as I got the final DLC which I have to figure what keeps making the game crash. Anyways the last known time I actually played the game, I played with Azazel and went all the way to the Devil aka Satan and actually beat the devil which was a major big feat for me and I am still to this day proud of this moment of beating Satan on the game. I have fought against him once and died but this time beat him and unlocked a ton of things but I haven't played since the game will not load and they might have to end up fixing this bug as non of the other games crashed whatsoever so I kind of find it weird to be honest with all of this.

               Speaking of weird and game crashes, the Minecraft my nephew and I were on which had a ton built, railway, villagers, Office Building etc and my nephew and I have started to rebuild our empire and the main village will be huge! I have a plan with that moving forward and my nephew already built his house next to the main village and this village will be gated so the villagers cannot go in and out of the village. I plan on making 4 different buildings within this village. Office Building, Library, Workshop and of course my main building and there will be only one door in and it will travel will be all indoors through bridges. Now the Garden Centre and the animals will be below and there will be an way to enter both, there will be stairs in total 2 one going to the caves and the other going upstairs then stairs going down to the shop and garden center and the animals obviously. The Library and Office will have built in elevators which is brick, signs and water to get up and down. I have started the front structures and got the blocks in where the other buildings are. There will be doors on the outside and have pressure plates in and out of the buildings so the villagers can go in and out no problem as the doors are made of iron this time around. If that does work for em then what I will probably do is remove the iron doors and make wooden and might just do wood all together for the doors as the villagers can exit and enter as they please. Finally there we be a way to go from building to building with a bridge and if it is raining then you do not have to get wet which is an awesome idea. It will be a mini city with 4 buildings. Yes there will be an railway at some point too I'm sure, nether portal will be back too and we will be adding up to 12 Villagers no more then that. 


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