Tuesday, April 6, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-06-2021]

              Another week has gone by and I hope you guys had a fantastic Easter! I know us the CBOTW Staff & Podcast Team did. We needed that well deserved 2 days off. We now back and here are the updates:

Website: As of 9 am EST the chatroom lounge re-opens to the public and it is business as usual once again. We have change the chatroom to Chat up on the menu bar. Also have added Interviews to our now named Podcasts & Interviews drop down and Interviews are now in the middle of that busy but exciting drop down. Some tabs are not currently active but hopefully will be updated soon. Finally updated the Archives and added Everything About Reality TV to the list on the Archives. 

The CBOTW Show: Now this is the biggest of updates is The CBOTW Show. As Chris stated on Twitter, views have not been good and bad with some of the podcasts more then Post Eviction chat has been the better of the views compare to the Recaps of the actual week then  the Post Eviction shows they do but Chris said and I agree with this: It has nothing to do with what show maybe it's the way it is produced. Anyways that is besides the point, the point I want to make is both Chris and Jasmine will be meeting today to discuss the change and Chris has already started working on the format and note pages etc. He really is taking this seriously and wanting to make some changes to the podcast. Both Chris & Jasmine have decided to not to merge The CBOTW Show with Everything About Reality TV Podcast as it is just too much work to re do the intros to all the podcasts and just easier and better to have a clean slate and start with this. 

Personal Update on Chris: As you already know, Chris is still banned from Facebook till Thursday morning which is 2 days to go to be exact as he's mentioned it but the point is he has been on Sabbatical/On Leave for nearly a month now and has not returned and he did announce he will be back on Monday, April 12th. However he feels like he is not ready yet. I give him credit he admits to not being ready but he has to be ready to return and it's been long enough. However he has decided to go through with returning on Monday and we're excited to have him fully back running CBOTW after 1 month off from the day to day operations. 

                 Those are the updates for the week and a lot of stuff going on with the website and Podcasts and shows and we are always trying to improve things on a regular basis. So with that have a great week, Chris will be back blogging tomorrow with gaming updates and some really cool posts he wants to do. I will talk to you all next week!

Chels, Site Admin

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