Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy EASTER 2021!

               Surprise! I have decided to do a post ahead of time to wish you guys a very Happy Easter not only from myself from the entire team here at ChrisBOnTheWeb. I know for those who are in Ontario like myself and most of our team that we are now in a lockdown situation again but best advice I can make the best of it. I am blessed to be still with my parents as I would of been on my own for Easter this year and unable to see em. So just make the best of it, stay home, stay safe. I know the last year hasn't been the easiest for any of us with the pandemic but just hang in there. We will be all vaccinated eventually and able to go out and see our friends and family. Please do me a favor if your on your own make yourself a nice meal for Easter, make the best of the day call your family, FaceTime, Skype whatever app you use. I highly recommend FaceTime or Skype so you can all see each other's faces.

              Now going to make this blog long today but I wanted to come on for a very short post and that I'm sorry I wasn't present 2 days ago but Chels explained why I wasn't doing a post. I will be back on Wednesday as stated the posts are on a stand still till Tuesday due to holidays and me giving my staff well deserve time off which I would like to say please take time to yourself and if you are with family enjoy every moment of it this weekend and both myself and Chelsea will be posting on Tuesday and Wednesday with some really great posts that we have planned until then, once again Happy Easter, stay home and stay safe.


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