Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Schedule and Blog Schedule Change For Next Week ONLY!

              I am most definitely not Chris as he needed a day away from the blog as his mental health has been bad again and that is the upmost important thing right now for him is to deal with it more then anything. I think this pandemic has affected not only him but all of us and him being away for today's post will do him some good. Plus he was unavailable for the Big Brother Canada 9 Recap so Jasmine has to fill in for him YET again.... I say that lightly, something involving seeing his brother briefly and not sure how long he will be so he had no choice to take the day off and will be back tomorrow's podcast, little heads up on that. With saying that as you know this weekend is Easter and we are locking down the chatroom for Sunday and Monday as Chris has granted all Staff both CBOTW Staff (for the website and team) & Podcast Host Team those two days off to enjoy with their families. Everything will be back to normal on Tuesday morning @ 9 am EST we will be back to a normal schedule. This means the blog will be changing a little bit next week. Here is the changes:

Monday: No Blog post whatsoever. 

Tuesday: Weekly Update from me, Chelsea

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Blog post from Chris

             After next week, we will be back to a more normal scheduled post on Monday with the Monday weekly update back on it's normal day. I consulted Chris since he is technically still on Sabbatical and he agreed that would be a great idea. He has also requested more time away from ChrisBOnTheWeb and I have granted it so I will be in charge and running operations on ChrisBOnTheWeb beyond April 12th as he has not felt like he is indeed not ready to go back so we have extended his Sabbatical or Leave of Absence longer and whenever he is ready to come back, we will be ready to welcome him back with open arms. Until Tuesday, have a very Happy Easter from all of here at ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Chelsea, Site Admin  

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