Friday, April 9, 2021

YouTube Channel Updates!

                  I know this is extremely late but trying to do 100 things at once wasn't easy. Anyways today's post and last post of the week, I wanna talk about our YouTube Channel. I know I said we will be back on YouTube and we are but we need to upload a few post tonight then upload it to video so we are back logged a bit and tonight we will be working on getting the cast assessment up, Weeks 1 - 5 up then tomorrow morning we will get Week 6 up on video followed by Audio ONLY tomorrow night. Then Sunday just the Audio ONLY of the post Eviction Chat goes up on Audio ONLY. We are a bit behind and don't worry if you listened to those podcasts but be sure to listen to it on our Video or Audio here on the website. Anyways, We tried to find all the videos to upload and we couldn't so we are posting Week # 6  and on that's it and from here on out will be posting weekly or when new episodes are out. Any old episodes can be listened to via our Audio ONLY Platforms. Now Shows what will be Live, Pre Recorded and Audio ONLY here is our list:

Video (Live & Pre-Recorded) & Audio ONLY:                            Audio ONLY:

- Survivor US (Live)                                                                      - Amazing Race

- Big Brother (Live, once we figure out the tech stuff)                   - Amazing Race Canada 

- Big Brother Canada (Live, once we figure out the                      - Big Brother Canada Post          tech stuff possibly BBCAN10)                                                        Eviction                                     - Big Brother Australia (Pre-Recorded)                                         - Big Brother US Post Eviction?- Australian Survivor (Pre-Recorded)                                              - TBA

- Power Rangers Podcast                                                              - The Simpsons ? - TBA

                   There is the list of shows that we are currently covering and not all shows are listed on the website yet as of yet but we will get to that eventually and I have decided because of the number of posts we have made today on FB especially, we have decided to hold off on the Video post till today. I know we have a ton of updates today and working hard on the content but I think you guys can wait till tomorrow at noon EST. This post is still going up but we wanna save the content for tomorrow for this week at the most. Anyways have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Tuesday! 


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