Friday, August 27, 2021

Facebook Restricted x2!

                  Yeah I have had my share of problems with the platform recently and quite frankly not been in a good mood since last night and honestly getting more and more frustrated with the platform and starting to wonder if I still wanna be a part of this platform and to be honest it's not easy because if I left Facebook then Jim and Billy would be left but let me explain what has been going on with me:

Restricted From Streaming: Not once but twice I have been restricted from streaming on the platform and I cannot stream right from the website so that's sounding like some kind of bug but also I got locked out of my account as someone is trying to get in but I have 2 factor authentication on and other ways to login. So something is going on with the website to be quite honest. I will be trying to stream through OBS when my 30 day ban is up at the end of September. 

30 Day Ban from Posting On Facebook: Really this is the second 30 day ban this year which really puts a damper on me being able to post and I am so thankful to have Jim on board to help  and relay any updates from my Twitter and/or Instagram and Billy to keep things at bay and that it doesn't get out of control and I don't think it will with 26 - 27 members in the group and if you wanna be a part of it it is on the right hand side near the top bar where the logos are. 

                    I know a lot of you guys are wondering what happening with that situation so I had to explain what is going on. I will not go into all the details of what happened but Jim and Billy are both there if you guys need anything or have any questions. Both of the guys can communicate with me through IM since I am not blocked from sending messages to and receiving em from my Management and Moderation Team so please feel free to message em if you got any questions whatsoever with content they are there to help. I will still be on Twitter and Instagram and will answer DM's but that is today's post, have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday! 


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