Monday, August 30, 2021

Things I Wanna Accomplish This Year and In The Future!

                Got some major goals for this year to complete as this year has been a really tough year not just for me but also my Co-Host Larry. We have been all over the place with recording and what not but this is what I wanna accomplish this year:            

Power Rangers Collab: The bigger goal for this year to get done is getting all all caught up with the Collaboration Podcast and back on track for the podcast as we have been all over the place with recording for the past year and we really need to try and get back on track and with the podcasts getting shorter and seasons shortened it will be a bit easier to do. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Getting the notes finished for 2022 and the plan for next year for this podcast as you guys seem to actually enjoy the episodes each and every week and something to listen every week. Anyways I am still planning to return for 2022 going into my 3rd season of this podcast despite it's only been around almost 2 years now. 

Everything About Reality TV: I know this podcast isn't around anymore but myself and Jim need to actually need to update some of the code on the website to change the font color and size so it is all the same size and color across the entire website. 

                    I wanna also talk about the things I wanna accomplish in the future and it is really only one thing on my list at this time:

Re-writing The Photocopier Story: I know I have spoken about this publicly about this and as I have said I wrote a story, 3 to be exact and I know I do not know a lot of what I said and no way for me to actually get copies of the stories so I can re-write and even improve on the stories but I plan on actually re-writing em as we head into 2022. 

                  Anyways that is the post for today and I actually am considering bringing back the weekly updates as I always seem to update you guys on things and I am going to talk about it on tomorrow's post as it was a popular post each week but will explain tomorrow on the post and what I am thinking moving forward. 


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