Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Return of The Weekly Updates on Mondays?

              To be honest I miss the weekly updates on Sundays which went to Mondays but it hasn't been a thing since I kind of disburse the team part in the last few months and there hasn't been an update since Monday, April 26th, 2021 which is like 4 months since I've done the weekly updates since all the drama went down but that is now in the past, I have moved on and happy to be on my own at this point since The CBOTW Show went under. You probably noticed lately, I have been keeping you guys up to date on things here and there but I think it is time to return this popular blog to it's old time slot Mondays at 11 am EST. It has been long coming for the return of this blog and I already updated my board so now I only need to do 3 topics and I know what about events wouldn't that be on Mondays technically? I haven't gotten that far with re-organizing things yet for the return of events. I will be sure to fix that eventually. 

             So starting next week, it will be back on the schedule and again I will have to remember to schedule around the event side of things and probably another podcast for next week perhaps but I am excited to have this back. Honestly, it has done extremely well on the website in the past and I should of kept it on the list to be quite honest. However now it is coming back and 4 months of not having weekly updates has really affected because you guys kept liking those posts and retweeting the posts so it goes to show it was a good popular post. I know it wasn't easy with 5 posts a week and one of the reasons why it went away but it seems every time I post an update you guys read what I have to say so this is why the decision to bring it back to the website. Anyways it will be returning starting next Monday at the usual time and till tomorrow's post have a great rest of your Tuesday!


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