Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Excited To Have a Bus In My Area Again!

                  I am excited, I am ecstatic to have a bus back in my area and it isn't my first bus in a year as Monday, I took the bus partially home then got a ride from close in since the bus isn't running but it is what it is and I decided to try the On Demand and I am writing these posts ahead of schedule so I have em out as I am a very busy person and hard to track down with my busy, busy schedule with working on trying to catch up on a lot of work. However that is besides the point as this is all starting next week on Tuesday and I will be talking about it Wednesday next week but either way I am booked up all of next week in topics which is amazing. I haven't been on a bus in a year which is a long time and usually for those who know me extremely well, I am a bus enthusiast and rely on it for travel and I haven't travelled on it for a long time and this week was the first time on a bus heading home unless by the time you see this post, I chickened out completely but more then likely took it anyways. 

                 However since the route actually existed it will not be taking the normal route it takes as it is servicing the south end a but and my end going to the mall so it will be different in a route and will be definitely interesting to travel on and this is why next week I will be reviewing the new route. Because after the experience I had this week with the On Demand bus and getting a bus back to my own end and they weren't listening to me on the phone which didn't end well, I hung up and blocked the number. We got to our cross over to find out there is no On Demand Bus whatsoever intersecting the normal route to the On Demand back to my area which really isn't a long ride but it is stupid the way they have it. Anyways I emailed them and said show this to your supervisor or manager or whatever, that I am not pleased one bit. I will not post the screenshot as it has intersecting roads and not about to give out my location on my my own website. I will be using the main bus that is returning to service finally with the modified changes but that's OK it beats the issues I had this week with that service and I am excited to get back on that route next week!


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