Thursday, September 2, 2021

2 More Things On My Bucket List for Tobermory I'd Like To Do!

                  There are two more things I'd like to do in Tobermory are things I have not yet done with the trip and I took my time to write because I do not remember what the second but writing this part I just jogged my memory so without further ado here is my list of 2 things I'd like to do before possibly wrapping up going up there as I am running out of things to see and do but will always cherish the memories that's for sure but here is my list:

1) Fall Cruise on the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun: Hopefully if things get better soon, I'd like to do the Fall cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound when the ferry goes back to it's winter birth for the winter time while we have the white stuff on the ground and would be neat to see it in the winter but we do not live anywhere near Owen Sound. 

2) Cruise Around The Islands: There is a 2 hour cruise I'd love to take around the islands on the Great Blue Heron and that is a big big if as of right now we're still in a pandemic right now and nowhere near close to being able to do a lot of normal things right now and probably isn't the right time to be traveling or going on a vacation but it is on my bucket list and my dad's not getting younger it may not happen but least it is on my list either way.

                      There are my 2 things left and I am sure by the time this happens and if I get to do both especially the 2nd one definitely make a visit to the Norisle up there if it is still sitting in the one part of the shores of Manitoulin Island or South Baymouth. but hopefully I can do both but if I had to chose one it would be the Fall Cruise but we'll see and maybe we'll get a chance to do both but this pandemic has to end or it will not happen and my goals will be gone but who knows I have to remain positive. Until tomorrow's blog post have a good rest of your Thursday!


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