Friday, September 3, 2021

Stages For ChrisBOnTheWeb Getting Back To A New Normal

                I know I spoke about this before but things have progressed, changed since then, especially after talking to The Video Projects Team Alum, Eric about Larry's return to the studio and me seeing him again sparked some inspiration for this podcast. I thank him for this inspiration. So as the title says there are stages for getting back to what will be a new normal after all of this but here are the stages:

Stage 1- Go to some gatherings here and there: As you guys know, I have actually gone to a soft opening of Halton County Radial Museum and we are planning to return for Streetcar rides again this fall I am sure. Also South Simcoe Railway is on the list there and Silent Lake Fall colors as well so smaller things like that is a start for getting back into a new normal.

Stage 2- Getting my Co-Host back into Studio: Stage 2 is indeed getting my Co-Host, Larry back into the studio but right now that is not the case of it happening with cases back on the rise but we are still aiming for February 2022 when him and I head into Samurai and Super Samurai early next year but I am working on preparing for that talk with him eventually. 

Stage 3- Local Events: This is the next phase is me returning to local events and there is only a few events locally I'd go to and I have mentioned it on a post before but this is the second last stage before the 4th and final stage.

Stage 4- Return of All Events: This is the final stage and it is the return of all the events but that is a long road for this to happen and I do not think I will be on Stages 2, 3 & 4 for quite some time but will be excited when I hit this phase!

                 Now the phase I am on right now is Phase 1 with the small things right now and I am not looking into Phases 2 and on right now but eventually it will happen just not right now. My ultimate goal is to get to Stage 2 by next year but cases have to go down first before Larry gets back into the studio again and like I said cases down. Anyways that is today's post, hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and I will be back Labour Day Monday for the update blog. 


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