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Thursday, July 27, 2023

USA Trip, Days 5 & 6

         Days 5 and 6 consisted me travelling to Pittsburgh and was in the nicest hotel and casino there and was close to the River and also the Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium where the football team plays which is my dad's team and as you all know I'm a Packers fan, there is a picture of me with thumbs down LOL. As the crime rate is bad in the city we ate in the hotel and was worth it, had a hot ham sandwich with honey mustard, we delicious! Also got to go play at the casino and gamble a little bit and won the first time I ever gambled at a casino so was worth it. I tried a second time and went bust but oh well I won the first time around.

    The next day we took a side trip to West Virginia which was like half hour from Washington, Pennsylvania which I will get to tomorrow. Anyways we went to Oglebay where there is flower beds after flower beds. Really beautiful state. Wish we had more time down there to explore. The folks there were super friendly and anywhere in the US they've been great minus the Wendy's experience which I will talk about tomorrow. Lady that stopped to chat with us was really surprised we came so far from Canada to visit West Virginia. Anyways I got some souvenirs from there including a West Virginia Mountaineers which is their University there so nice to have that. Anyways we travelled back to PA and I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the final 2 days of the trip.




Tuesday, July 25, 2023

USA Trip Days 1 & 2 !

            With all the bad news out of the way, I want to talk about my trip with my parents. Days 1 and 2 was basically time in Niagara Falls Ontario, went mini golfing times 2. There was two courses, easy and hard to do so that was a ton of fun. We checked out all the different rides and the Ferris Wheel was really cool. Also got to see the falls all lit up but was on Day 2. 

     Also  went to the Butterfly Conservatory and saw an array of beautiful butterflies that my niece would actually really love. Was worth the money and visit. Also we took a drive up to Niagara on the lake and went to the town was nice to get out there and I tried Lavender cream rub on my knee which worked well and the pain was less then it was from all the walking I did there. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow for Days 3 & 4 and little note end of the week updates will be on Saturday this week for a change but talk to you all tomorrow. 



Monday, August 22, 2022

Tobermory 2022 Trip!

                    Well this is a trip I will never forget. I will talk more about Thursday at the other half of the day on the podcast this week as it is podcast worthy content even though it was scary. We got up there with 0 problems and it was a busy day of travelling up there. Tuesday, we went to the Grotto and we actually ended up going on the wrong path and the long way around to the Grotto to my dad getting injury # 1 of the trip, cutting the top of his hand and blood coming out. What happened was we went on the wrong trail, we were on Horse heads Trail not Georgian Trail so that was a mistake and a half. Yes these are actual trails up there but if you go up there that is lesson one to make sure you are on the correct trail. We ended up on the bumpy and tough trail to the Grotto. 

                    Wednesday, we were on the Great Blue Heron Cruise around the islands, Cove Island, Flower Pot Island, etc. Was a really nice trip and worth 50 something bucks for the entire cruise as it was an hour and a half long cruise so was definitely worth the time and money to go on and if you ever Visit Tobermory, Ontario, I recommend that cruise or even a cruise to Flower Pot to do hiking. Now Thursday was the longest of days I will talk about the first half and will be jumping over to Friday all of a sudden it's cause I am waiting to talk about it on the podcast on Thursday as it is better platform for it. So we got up at 630 am, dressed and ready, we packed up and got there. We tried to go to Craigies but was way too busy and we should of gotten there but found a bagel place that kicked me out cause of my coughing and it's not my fault and I had my mask on and covering and trying to not cough as much as possible. Anyways we ate our bagel and drinks and got on the ferry and relaxed all the way there. We made it to Grundy which I will be talking about the rest of that day on Thursday at 1 pm EST on Audio ONLY. Friday we headed home and stopped in Gravenhurst to look at the Cruise boats Segwun and Wenoah II which Wenoah II left after we finished eating Pizza at Boston Pizza which a review is coming at Wednesday. We stopped at a park before we left and headed home. Most part that is the vacation and was fun up to the end of the week when it got crazy but stay tuned for the podcast and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Friday, August 5, 2022

End of The Week Updates (Sort of!) [08-05-2022]

             It is time for another end of the week updates. Well sort of as this week has been a bit off then normal. I do have a few updates with the podcast. I know you guys are probably wondering what is the plan with it now and also an personal update on myself as you guys probably know but here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I know the podcast was postponed, then back on again but I have officially have recorded two podcasts for the next two Sundays. When I get the chance to edit and I am not going to push myself too fast with recording and editing but there will be something and to make it up to you guys I will be premiering both episodes for you guys. I will have this weekend's episode up quite quickly and next weekend's up when I get home as right now I am planning to still be going away on vacation with my dad as long as he's tested negative for the virus we are still planning to go away on holidays. 

Personal Update: As you know, I haven't been well and actually was tested positive for COVID. However with this is now Friday, I am feeling a ton better. Still a tad weak but getting better. It is a day by day thing but I do hope to be ready to go Monday on my vacation. I know I will have to do a lot of cleaning before I leave or my mom will be when I'm gone to ensure the house is germ clean after this week of being stuck at home. I still wanna go on Monday weak or not, we just take our time with going out. I plan on bringing my water shoes for the Grotto so I can walk on the slippery rocks. 

Blogs: I will have an official announcement Monday morning on my Social Media's: Facebook: Twitter and Instagram to if I am going away and if the scheduled blogs go as planned. So stay tuned for updates, I will keep you guys up to date over the next 2 - 3 days to what my schedule is and if I am away or not.

              Those are the updates for the week, hope you have a great weekend, stay safe, wear a mask, cause I plan on wearing mine more inside then outside knowing and gone through this experience and I will talk to you Monday!


Thursday, September 2, 2021

2 More Things On My Bucket List for Tobermory I'd Like To Do!

                  There are two more things I'd like to do in Tobermory are things I have not yet done with the trip and I took my time to write because I do not remember what the second but writing this part I just jogged my memory so without further ado here is my list of 2 things I'd like to do before possibly wrapping up going up there as I am running out of things to see and do but will always cherish the memories that's for sure but here is my list:

1) Fall Cruise on the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun: Hopefully if things get better soon, I'd like to do the Fall cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound when the ferry goes back to it's winter birth for the winter time while we have the white stuff on the ground and would be neat to see it in the winter but we do not live anywhere near Owen Sound. 

2) Cruise Around The Islands: There is a 2 hour cruise I'd love to take around the islands on the Great Blue Heron and that is a big big if as of right now we're still in a pandemic right now and nowhere near close to being able to do a lot of normal things right now and probably isn't the right time to be traveling or going on a vacation but it is on my bucket list and my dad's not getting younger it may not happen but least it is on my list either way.

                      There are my 2 things left and I am sure by the time this happens and if I get to do both especially the 2nd one definitely make a visit to the Norisle up there if it is still sitting in the one part of the shores of Manitoulin Island or South Baymouth. but hopefully I can do both but if I had to chose one it would be the Fall Cruise but we'll see and maybe we'll get a chance to do both but this pandemic has to end or it will not happen and my goals will be gone but who knows I have to remain positive. Until tomorrow's blog post have a good rest of your Thursday!


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Plans For Traveling This Summer?

             So this has been coming in my mind a lot lately and the question I am going to answer for you guys is am I going to go away on holidays this year? Well I hope so! I do not think we will be traveling to the U.S. this year, Minnesota especially but you know I would love to go back to visit cousins down there but again it's a money thing especially to fly down. However I do have 3 places in the back of my mind actually and I am going to mention them in this post:

1) The one place is going back to Pelee Island with my mom and dad as we would love to bring her there but could also be just my dad and I that is undetermined right now. However either way I would love to go back on more time.

2) Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, New York- Been there so many years ago, I was fairly young at the time but I just do not know if I would ever go back anytime soon it is hard to tell. Also I do not think it would be this year as I do not want to go back to back years going to the U.S. so more then likely be a trip somewhere in Ontario but again you never really know. 

3) Third and finally is Tobermory once again. There is 3 more things on my bucket list I want to do before I finish everything off with what I want to see and do. One is take the Great Blue Heron for a 2 hour cruise around the islands which we have never ever done during the daytime. Still do our trip to the Grotto and Singing Sands Beach as well if we have the time to do that. Finally spend an day on Manitoulin Island and explore the island a bit and yes see the good old Norisle that is sitting there at the shore slowly sinking. Just hope they can restore it eventually it would be nice to actually go on there and see what it is like. 

               There is my list and more then likely this year, my dad and I will be doing Tobermory and just do not the full extent of the plan but the 2 Hour Great Blue Heron Cruise and exploring Manitoulin Island but not sure if we will be able to squeeze in the Grotto and Singing Sands but we can do a full 5 days Monday to Friday with the Friday to come back home after the trip. So I think that is the plan but there is one other thing but it would be quite a travel as we have to go to the U.S. for this but see the Museum where the Edmund Fitzgerald's Bell is which they pulled up after she sank in the water. I'm not sure if I'd ever do it but it is definitely a dream to do and something I'd love to see in person. 


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Boston Trip- Days 6 & 7

             Well everyone, this is my final post talking about the trip to Boston on the final full trip and also the trip home. So basically we started out trip back throughout Massachusetts and we stopped at the fishing village which yes it was very fishy smell and we also got to see Lobster traps which I have never seen before even back when I went out to Halifax. Then we drove down the road through the little village which was quite quaint honestly like any east coast villages would look like to see. We also saw the Plymouth Rock which was huge honestly. We were told it split in half and they had to fix it and there is a crack in the middle but the age of the rock shows but very cool! From there we went to through the state of Rhode Island and yes Live PD nation as they film one of their departments out there and also yes Dumb & Dumber was filmed out there supposedly but never know, I'd have to actually look at the locations they filmed at. Anyways we through Rhode Island into Massachusetts again then right into the State of New York and was gonna stay in Albany but we went further in and stopped for the night.

                  The Hotel stunk like a musty smell for the night but it had to do for the night and the next day we continued on and got into Watertown, NY and stayed and obviously we stopped for lunch in the town at Appleby's and there is another food review that will be coming out eventually but not right now and trust me I will not be holding back how I really feel honestly. We managed by 3 pm that we actually got across the border and and headed into Kingston Ontario and on our way back home which was 2 hours from Kingston itself. So overall it was a good trip minus getting lost numerous times but such a historic city and learned a lot about Paul Revere, Fenway Park and getting to actually see the statue of Bobby Orr who was a well known hockey player and actually played in my hometown's Ontario Hockey League team so really cool to be by the TD Garden's home to the Celtics Basketball team and also home to the Boston Bruins hockey team as well. Anyways it was a fun trip and I really enjoyed myself and it is good to be back home and back to a routine again after it took me all of last week to get caught up on things. I will talk to you guys tomorrow with the next food review coming out in the morning as usual.


Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tasty's Burger Food Review In Boston

             This is one of the 2 reviews did not get a very good rating but I am going to try and make it positive. We were originally suppose to go to another burger joint, however that changed as we decided to go to tasty's. Now it is a very nice quaint place honestly and I had water with also a chocolate shake which was very yummy. Now I had a burger with no tomato yet they put a tomato on it anyways so I just said the heck with it I will remove it as not always I like to have tomatoes on my burger from time to time.  The next thing is my burger was a little over cooked as it was crunchy a bit as i normally like mine done not burnt nor rare like Mid rare is the way I like my burgers normally. The final thing that really did bother me was the fact the fries were soggy as we got the half and half half fries, half onion rings but I technically wanted to try the hush puppies for the very first time as I never tried it but apparently that wasn't an option at the time.  The onion rings were very good and tasty and yes they are normally greasy but I actually did enjoy those. I know I wasn't overly happy with the experience. I should of just done the hush puppies, I probably be giving it one more star then that I gave it but its mid right in the middle.

             With saying that, I have to give em 3 out of 5 this time and if we ever go back, I probably will not be back to a Tasty's down there but I think I am going to pass on going back if that was the case but I do give the server A as he was really good and I understand the chefs were busy but it would of been nice to have a little quality control on the food and overall wasn't the greatest experience overall for me and wish I could give em more of  better rating but unfortunate I had to do this and is one of 2 not overly great experience with the restaurant while I was out there but majority of the places we ate were very good but you will always have at least one of two bad places but that is today's food review. I wasn't too pleased but in the end it is what it is. Trust me, the last food review in the bunch I did out in the States will be a doozy and I am dreading talking about it but that is why I am leaving it for last technically but it will definitely not be a fun one to write indeed.  


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Dunkin Donuts Food Review

            On today's blog, I am going to review what I thought of the Dunkin Donuts... well donuts of course! First of all I am sorry about yesterday was primarily focused on the Podcast and trying to catch up so I would be able to go live tonight. Sometimes I need to sacrifice the blog to catch up and I know you guys will understand. Anyways I went to Dunkin Donuts somewhere in the state of New York I honestly have no bleeping clue where it was so I cannot really give you guys an answer but it was one of those stops on the side of the highway honestly. Anyways I ordered a honey dip donut. The first reaction of the donut was it was so soft, so fresh and the actual glaze wasn't a mess like any other one that I have had in the past or at anywhere. It was really good and I actually had a second donut from Dunkin Donuts later on like once I got to Boston and that was good too but gooey but still regardless sooo good!  Now I never have had Dunkin Donuts and this was my first time having it ever in my entire life! The second time I went to the Dunkin Donuts I had the exact same thing and pretty much still the same results like the first time I had Dunkin so pretty much I had nothing negative to say about it honestly.

               This trip I tried a bunch of new things that I never had before and there is nothing really wrong with that honestly. That is why I went on this trip to try some new things and this year is about me trying new things and I have definitely gone above and beyond on that and so far I think it went well minus two or three negative reviews I had and I will get into that on another post. Now for the rating of Dunkin Donuts is 5 of 5 all day long! Like I said before there is nothing remotely negative to say really. Loved it and if we go back down, I'd consider going back if I wanted a sweet treat and probably end up doing their Boston Cream which is one of my other favorite donuts and will definitely try that. Either way that was the second one I did as you know that I did Arby's first but I festered up and did this one first but it is coming probably by next week set of posts that are coming as I got a pile of food reviews which will be out every 2nd day. Either way I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of Dunkin Donuts? Leave your comment below in the comments! I will talk to you guys tomorrow with Days 3 & 4 for the Boston Trip.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Boston Trip- Days 1 & 2

              Here it is the official blog posts about the vacation. I know I did a post this morning announcing the podcast but decided to keep this post scheduled. Anyways every second day I will have a post about the trip with Food Reviews every other day till I have covered everything. So we left around 1040 am in the morning and on our way to Kingston with a stop for lunch, which I did a review on Arby's Crispy Chicken sandwich which will be coming up in the coming days, which is no particular order really as I was going to originally going to do that but either way you guys will get all the food reviews one way or another. So after lunch, we headed to the border which we had to go over the bridge which was the 1000 Islands which is beautiful. We finally arrived in the States and on our way throughout the State of New York. We actually stopped in a town called Little Falls, NY for the night. Room wasn't the greatest, the Air conditioning was loud and didn't sleep overly well that first night but it is what it is and the vacation finally started up. Not much more on the first day but traveling and being in the car all day long.

             Now onto Day 2, we were once again in the car again traveling into the state of Massachusetts an Boston which was our final destination for several days that we were staying in the State of Boston as we were there for 3 - 4 days before we headed back north of the border home. We pretty much were in the State of NY till we got to Massachusetts. Now we got to the hotel and we actually got Valet which  was the cheaper option and all we had to do really was call for the car and they would bring it around. Now the hotel, AC Hotels in Boston was a 5 star hotel and one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at honestly. I do not apparently have the images of the hotel unless it is on my phone or Instagram I'd have to check. Anyways the bathroom had a walk in shower which I have never used one in my life time and honestly the only time I probably will ever will the rest of my life so I sure got the luxury experience of a life time.  We had a heck of a time finding food but found this little Italian and Deli restaurant and I ordered a Ham sandwich which was good as that was one food review I did not do on the trip and I honestly got enough of em to cover anyways. The next trip post I do will be on Thursday here on the blog and cannot wait to continue it as tomorrow will be officially a food review from the trip.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coming Home Tomorrow!

             As you all know I pre-written posts for over my holiday so I am not leaving you guys hanging for nearly a week but tomorrow things we will be coming to a full swing as we are going to be back home from holidays and which means I will have a bunch of content to write as I will be blogging my ears off for you guys to what I have been up to for the last 6 days while on vaca from being in this studio for such a long time now.  I am however excited to be back home and getting back into the swing of things again and continue to podcast for you guys. I know I probably worrying about losing subscribers but I put a notice on the last episode that I am away but if I lose a couple of subs then it is what it is. But I know you guys are very understanding if something goes all to heck especially technically but again I cannot make a damn excuse as I got the other microphone I can use by switching seats temporarily while I try and fix it. However the tech issues now are very mimimal at this point. I am looking forward to getting back behind the microphone and recording again but it was a nice break for me but always nice to get back to normal.

              Anyways I will make sure to have a safe journey home as we drove out instead of flying and looking forward to catching up with you guys and the way the blog posts to catch up on what I was up to at the East Coast is Days 1 & 2 will be in one post, then Days 3 & 4 on another and finally Days 5 & 6, so 3 posts it will take to get covered then we will be back into normal everyday topics on the blog so it will be span 3 days that is it. It has been a fun filled trip and I have so much to talk about and excited to write the posts once I start writing again after catching up on things being back in the studio over the next couple of days. Speaking of which the next couple of days will consist of me recording podcasts and getting back on track. As for Twitch as you know I streamed on the weekend before I left and I am not sure when I will be back to it as I made the switch to do the podcast which will be explained eventually as it is only in the testing phases right now. Either way I feel energized to continue on with the podcast for the rest of the summer and excited to what is coming next for the podcast, blog and the website!


Friday, July 5, 2019

Schedule While I Am Away....

              I obviously pre-written for me as I am currently on my way to Boston, Massachusetts on my East Coast journey with my family for another family vacation which will help ease down my stress levels honestly with the quick and very fast transition. Anyways the purpose of this post is what is the schedule for the podcast when I am back home after the trip? Well I was looking at the scheduling and made the decision and this is what I am currently am thinking:

The Amazing Race Canada 7 (Will be on it's own, as one will be recorded and I will be able to post an episode up) It is sounding like I know the day we are leaving for our USA trip.

Big Brother US Season 21 (Will be doubling up the episode with 2 weeks worth unless I can make the time to catch up and it could be separate but I am more leaning towards making the move to double it up to play catch up and get back on the right track.)

                  So either way I will have the recaps up and do not be alarmed if the feed goes quiet while I am away as I do not have a laptop to do the podcast from on the road so I will have to take some time off from the podcast and obviously I do not have anyone to actually replace me and I id reach out but not much response in the past so now I have to play catch up with the podcast which I am sure you guys do not mind but just hope you guys will hang in there for a week and a few days so I can get organized to record and get them out to you guys. I will try to not waste time when I get back and work hard to catch up as the summer after that I will be definitely will be around for the remainder of the summer as I am not planning to be going out of town for a good amount of days so I am all yours when I return back to here in Ontario. One last point I would like to make is once I am back and settled back in, I will be working on posts about my holiday but I will be doing it with that is I will be covering Days 1 to 3 in one post, Day 4 to 7 so it will span to two days then we will be getting back to a normal on a daily basis so it will be nice but either way I am going to enjoy this break for myself.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Last Post For A While....

              This is my last post for a while as tomorrow I am off on my trip with my parents for 6 days and on my way to Boston for a vacation and this has been talked about for the past couple of years. I am excited to be getting away from here and last night it finally clicked that I am seriously am leaving for 6 days. You will notice on the podcast that I spoke for a good 5 minutes with instructions to what to do and (not to unsubscribe) from the Audio ONLY feeds and to hang in there and obvious talking about no live broadcast on Twitch till July 18th so I am giving you guys the instructions about the Audio ONLY for when I do return home to get caught up a lot more easily. Today besides me going to my grandma, I will be wrapping up all the small things around the studio for tomorrow as things are being shutdown for a while. Either way not much work will be done, minus maybe writing down ideas for future blog posts when I get back as I need to start planning out more posts but that is the only thing. I won't have my CBOTW Shirt or tags, this is legitimately my time off, when I said I needed a break I meant it. I sure do need a mental break from this and my brain is working a mile a minute right now so I sure do need the break and this is why I pre-written posts up a bit passed with me returning home. 

                 It will take me two day to get down to Boston but either way today I am going to work hard all day to get all posts done and get the podcast posted up as it is currently sitting on my desktop at the moment as it was recorded Live on Twitch late last night after the episode aired on TV. Either way today will be a busy day indeed  to prepare for the shutdown of CBOTW Studios for 6 days. Next live blog post that I write will not be for quite some time as I have written ton of content for you guys up to the 14th or 15th of this month if I remember correctly that is when I start writing newer posts for you guys. Finally I wanna say I will miss you guys while I am gone. I will post here and there on socials to what I am up to in the evenings and posts will automatically through twitter and is the only time I will auto tweet things is blog posts and podcasts but either then that majority of my posts are live from me Tweeting. Anyways have a great week and looking forward to catching up with you guys when I get back and getting back into the grind of things once again.


P.S. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all my American fans out there! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Vacation Booked & Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule Week of Holidays!

            Obviously I am going off on holidays next week which means Everything About Reality TV Podcast is going to be on a hiatus for a week and a half but I have to figure out if it will take me a few days to catch up or how soon to get caught up. However when I get back I am going to already have a couple of days worth of blogs to go up so you guys are all set with some content while I plan to catch up but I will be covering that when I return you will see the post I did. Now I am leaving on Friday, July 5th and back on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 from Boston. I will indeed be covering what I did in Boston and on the trip after the posts I have schedule has been posted up. Now the question is what about Friday's podcast next week what is the schedule next week? This is what next week is looking like. Any bold means things are staying the same: 

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019: The Amazing Race Canada, Season 7  RECAP, 9 pm EST  (Things Will Remain the same)

Thursday, July 4th, 2019: Big Brother 21 RECAP, 9 pm EST (Temporary Schedule Change for this week)

            There is the schedule, it was so easy to do a re-schedule next week and I am actually looking forward to going away on holidays and I was able to cater to the change of the schedule and I have already gone ahead and re-scheduled for the next week and I am taking it one day at a time. I'm sure Friday that I am back I will be officially catching up on the Reality TV Shows during the day and by the weekend recording and maybe it will be an early post up so I am up to par to start a fresh week but either way by the end of that week I should be up to par but that is for another post for after I can get back from the holidays as that will be probably the ultimate test which I could of doubled up but I am not going to. I am going to make the effort to catch up when I get back. Either way there is the timetable for next week as that is the primary focus for right now is to focus on next week then the week after and so on. Any questions about the schedule change do not hesitate to contact me on Social Media or Contact Page at 


Thursday, October 25, 2018

My Ferry Ride To Pelee Island... (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This was years and years ago since I went on the ferry to Pelee Island, I am talking about when I was still a kid at the time in the late 90's at the most. But my dad and I took a trip down to Leamington, Ontario for a vacation even though it was only a couple of days but that was OK with me and it's sort of hard to remember that far back as I was younger then and it was a long time ago, we're talking like 20 odd years ago when this all happened. Anyways we got down there and got a campsite and got setup. I remember there was a Detroit Red Wings player that is from that town actually, Darren McCarty whom grew up in Leamington. So yes I know a bit of history of Detroit even though I'm technically more of a Leaf fan then anything else during the Hockey Season. 

               Anyways, we got our ferry tickets and we were actually on 2 different ferries going there and the first ferry we got was the Pelee Islander and it was an interesting trip say to the least as my dad has his coffee on the boat on the floor and a we hit a wave to a point his coffee spilled all over the floor. So the rest of the boat ride, all you can see is coffee going from one side to another which was sort of funny in a way. However coming home we were on the bigger ferry the Jiimaan Ferry on our way back to the main land. I was fairly young and unable to do any of the wine taste testing but would now as I am now older and able to drink, I would definitely indulge in testing out different wines. We walked around the island a bit too and I know there are snakes on the island, nothing poisonous but I believe  it is the Blue Racer Snake which has been known to be a bit of a nuscience on the island. 

             However it was a fun trip, my dad almost got pulled over for speeding but the police warned us with his lights so we got away with it that time. I would definitely go back and we are planning to go back next year in the summer for a visit and maybe bring home some wine from Pelee Island in the process. Also forgot to say We even saw and Eastern Fox Snake while staying at the Wheatley Provincial Park and I got the picture off  Mind you the snake was massive and slow as a tortoise but really neat to see what it looks like in person. We all watched the snake slowly make it;s way across the road and back into the woods where it belongs. Overall it was a fun trip all together.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Minnesota Trip- Day 5 & 6

                First of all I gotta say, this has been a fun filled last 3 days talking about my trip and today's blog post, this will be my last post in this mini series of my trip but not the last blog post I ever make as I am planning to continue on blogging down the road. Anyways lets get onto the post today. On the 5th day of the trip, my dad, cousin and I went to church then we came back and had some downtime in the afternoon before we left to go for dinner with the family. We grabbed a small bite to eat at JJ's next door. I had a honey bread grilled cheese with different types of cheese mixed right in there. We then got picked up and went to Andrea's for a bit before if I remember correctly. From there we went to my cousin Marcia's for a get together and dinner and took a few pictures while I was there and it was a fun evening. 

                      The day we went home, I was sad to be leaving, but what can you do, I have to get home sometime or another. So we went to Perkins for our breakfast, I had the Eggs Benedict on an english muffin, which was soooo good! We went back to the hotel to get our suitcases and checked out of the hotel. We then traveled to the airport and went to our gate which actually not far to go but going through the security was a pain in the arse with security yelling at me when I had no clue what the hell to do as all of this is new to me and its changed so much in 26 years since I last flew so give me a damn break, like honestly! Anyways we got to our gate in plenty of time and I wondered about the area, looked at the departures, for those who follow me on Instagram there is a picture of me looking at the arrivals and departures. We finally got onto the plane and off we went and I got some pictures on the plane with both my parents and my own self. Now getting off the plane was stressful going through the customs and trying to figure out how the hell to work the machine but it wasn't easy.  I was in such a crabby mood getting off the plane and getting my baggage which my tag was taken off or fell off so it was hard to locate my bag. I started to panic but had to open the bag to check and soon as I saw my slippers I knew it was mine and it was easy to tell which one was mine anyways. Not sure whatever happened to the tag, we will never know but feel like I wasted money for nothing on a tag. Anyways I am happy to be home and back into the swing of things finally. 


Friday, October 5, 2018

Minnesota Trip 2018- Day 3 & 4

           So here is my 3rd and 4th day of my trip to Minnesota. Trust me I am just getting into the fun of the entire trip. So the morning of my cousin's wedding, we went shopping for my niece and nephew and for ourselves as well. I picked up PJ's with some dot design on it and also cartoon PJ's which I have worn every night since I got back on Monday night... lol. I saw them and I said i gotta get em. This is something I don't have in the way of PJ's and of course I am a big Spiderman, Ironman, The Hulk fan as I have seen one of the fantastic 4 movies. We then went back to the hotel to have some downtime and get showered and ready for the wedding. We went over to my cousin's for a while before we had to leave for the wedding. We got to the church for the wedding and I got to meet my Cousin Rob's girlfriend. We had a blast at the wedding and I danced so much that night I was aching a tad the next day but I hardly showed it.  They played Cotton Eyed Joe, the chicken Dance, YMCA, Land of 1000 Dances. My cousins sure kept me boogieing the night away and I didn't mind. I had my breaks between when I needed it. Also got in the photo booth with a crazy hat and glasses on which was really cool! You can tell we had a ton of fun at the wedding and I was tired when we got back to the hotel. 

             The 3rd day, I believe we went to the General Store in Minnetonka, Minnesota and looked around there. I got 2 things for later on in the year and in January which I cannot say on here what it is exactly but will revisit it at a later date in the new year! After that we went back to Andrea's for left overs from the other day, not the awesome breakfast we had but the meats and cheeses and banana, zucchini and Cranberry bread I had the cranberry and banana bread but did not get a chance to actually try the zucchini. Now we had some down time before we went to the Oktoberfest festivities and I just laid back and caught up with social media a bit with you guys. We then went to the Oktoberfest in Minneapolis and I had my first light German Beer which actually tasted good. Don't worry I only had one drink as I once had 2 beers and I felt woosey after 2 beers... LOL... I am a light weight I guess. For dinner I had a Oktoberfest sausage with sauerkraut which I tried sauerkraut for the very first time and it was really good! Also had apple strudel as well and that was really good, I was dancing once again and one of the songs I danced to was "She's Too Fat For Me" Polka which I have a throwback story for that at a later date. That is my next 2 days and tomorrow I will complete the last two days on my blog. Hope you guys enjoyed it as I enjoyed writing about my family trip.


My Minnesota Trip- Days 1 & 2

              So I realize that I have taken this long to actually write about my adventures in Minneapolis, Minnesota but been so super busy getting back to a normal routine compare to my busy schedule while down there. Now I got a ton of stuff to catch up on things since I am home now. Now I left around 130 in the afternoon, knowing we were on a strict schedule the day we had to be there for a few hours before as we couldn't miss the flight whatsoever. We got the 5:59 flight and boy let me tell you, it was stressful going through security and customs and I almost wanted to just go back home and stay on my own but don't worry you would of seen me online more often then I was during my time being away down in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So the flight in general, I was nervous at the start but once we got going, things ran very smoothly minus the occasional turbulence other then that, everything was just dandy. We got there earlier then we expected we were there around quarter to 7 central standard time. We got picked up by my cousin Andrea and got us to the hotel to get checked in. We were even surprised with a welcome basket from the family! We indulged in a snack of our treats when we got settled into the room.

          The second day, was one of the most fun I had. I got a tour of the Vikings football stadium and I thought it would be an hour tour at the most but nope it lasted an hour and 45 minutes which was so amazing and yes we got to actually go onto the field and I couldn't believe how the field felt walking on it and what not I got some pictures of the entire tour, now it wasn't much but enough for you guys to get the idea, but on the left is an image of me on the field but the uprights at the end zone which you can see the logos behind me on there. Overall it was a great tour! The rest of the afternoon we sat down and chatted with my cousin to catch up what we have been up to recently and what not, the trip into Minnesota. Mind you this was my first flight in 26 years! We went back to Bunnies by my request obviously and I had a chicken Caesar wrap which is very much healthy along with the coleslaw as a side dish. That is the first 2 days of my trip and look forward to talking about the next 2 days of my trip, Days 3 & 4!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I'm Home From Minnesota, USA!

              Hey everyone! Yes It's me back in the flesh! I am back actually writing this more closer to the actual day to it being posted. It has been a busy and whirlwind of a last 6 days out of Canada as most of you know I sort of did disappeared and I realize that I didn't post up as yesterday was a rough day and I still am feeling meh this morning. I fell asleep pretty early and slept right through till 2 - 230 this morning which I am quite tired still and it will take me a couple of days to re-cooperate but I had a good time and it was nice to be out of the country to visit family and attend my cousin's wedding. I will be talking about that over the next 3 days tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Then of course, I have been writing down ideas for the blog while I was away on vacation as that is probably the only time I get to actually go away on vacation but I am happy to be home, despite feeling a bit under the weather but I think the echinacea is actually helping me a lot. Now today, I have the missing Survivor David Vs. Goliath Podcast and tomorrow's regular Survivor RECAP which I will get to in a moment with the actual schedule for this week. But I had a few ideas of doing a EP 1 & 2 Recap together but that would be a little long for you guys and I know you rather that I separate them from the first week and this week as well. Now here is the timetable for those who do not follow me on social media here is what it will look like:

Tomorrow (Thursday):  12 PM EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 1 RECAP
                                          9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor: David Vs. Goliath EP # 2 RECAP

               There is the schedule for this week and next week, we will be getting back to normal and regular schedule for the podcast as you know, I was away on holidays and now I am back, so as the saying goes we are getting back to regular scheduled programming. Ha Ha!  Anyways in retrospective, I really enjoyed having the time off to relax and kind of de-stress after a very long summer season and trying to stay on the right track of mind, so to speak. Hopefully you guys are happy to see back in the swing of things and hope you enjoy my tails of my adventures to the state of Minnesota in the next couple of days.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sweet Shoppe (Grand Bend) Review

               While my time in Grand Bend during my vacation, I got to experience the Sweet Shoppe in the town which had two different experiences on two different days as I wasn't sure what heck I was drinking actually. What was I drinking? I had a Vanilla Shake on the Thursday and a Chocolate Shake on the Friday, the day we were coming home from Grand Bend. I will break down both of the days and what my thoughts are and trust me I have my opinions on the Sweet Shoppe but I will be nice in the nicest way as I do not want to put them down in anyway shape or form.

               So first of all, I would like to break down Thursday. Both my dad and I had the Vanilla Milk Shake but it was nothing but liquid, it was more like like Milk frothed then shake. I gotta a suspicious feeling, they did just use Milk and frothed it instead? It was gone within minutes of us walking out of the sweet shoppe so I am not sure what was going on and mind you I did send them a little message to them. I knew it was not as thick or done up like a Milkshake. I felt like it was rushed and usually take a couple of minutes to put a shake together and it seemed to not take that long for some odd reason. 

                Now to the more positive side of things, my dad and I ended up back at the sweet shoppe again to pick up Fudge for my mom as a treat for her and my dad asked if I wanted a milkshake and I right away hesitated at first to decide if it is worth another let down once again but I am all for a second chance and gave the Sweet Shoppe another chance and this time I had a chocolate milkshake this time around and it was thick and the girl filled it to the top which was awesome to actually see this time around. I give Thursday's Milkshake a 1 out of 5 as I was sort of disappointed. But Friday, however I give it a 5 out of 5 this time around as I was more satisfied with the shake this time. Would I go back there for another Shake? It is hard to decide at the moment.