Thursday, July 4, 2019

Last Post For A While....

              This is my last post for a while as tomorrow I am off on my trip with my parents for 6 days and on my way to Boston for a vacation and this has been talked about for the past couple of years. I am excited to be getting away from here and last night it finally clicked that I am seriously am leaving for 6 days. You will notice on the podcast that I spoke for a good 5 minutes with instructions to what to do and (not to unsubscribe) from the Audio ONLY feeds and to hang in there and obvious talking about no live broadcast on Twitch till July 18th so I am giving you guys the instructions about the Audio ONLY for when I do return home to get caught up a lot more easily. Today besides me going to my grandma, I will be wrapping up all the small things around the studio for tomorrow as things are being shutdown for a while. Either way not much work will be done, minus maybe writing down ideas for future blog posts when I get back as I need to start planning out more posts but that is the only thing. I won't have my CBOTW Shirt or tags, this is legitimately my time off, when I said I needed a break I meant it. I sure do need a mental break from this and my brain is working a mile a minute right now so I sure do need the break and this is why I pre-written posts up a bit passed with me returning home. 

                 It will take me two day to get down to Boston but either way today I am going to work hard all day to get all posts done and get the podcast posted up as it is currently sitting on my desktop at the moment as it was recorded Live on Twitch late last night after the episode aired on TV. Either way today will be a busy day indeed  to prepare for the shutdown of CBOTW Studios for 6 days. Next live blog post that I write will not be for quite some time as I have written ton of content for you guys up to the 14th or 15th of this month if I remember correctly that is when I start writing newer posts for you guys. Finally I wanna say I will miss you guys while I am gone. I will post here and there on socials to what I am up to in the evenings and posts will automatically through twitter and is the only time I will auto tweet things is blog posts and podcasts but either then that majority of my posts are live from me Tweeting. Anyways have a great week and looking forward to catching up with you guys when I get back and getting back into the grind of things once again.


P.S. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all my American fans out there! 

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