Friday, July 5, 2019

Schedule While I Am Away....

              I obviously pre-written for me as I am currently on my way to Boston, Massachusetts on my East Coast journey with my family for another family vacation which will help ease down my stress levels honestly with the quick and very fast transition. Anyways the purpose of this post is what is the schedule for the podcast when I am back home after the trip? Well I was looking at the scheduling and made the decision and this is what I am currently am thinking:

The Amazing Race Canada 7 (Will be on it's own, as one will be recorded and I will be able to post an episode up) It is sounding like I know the day we are leaving for our USA trip.

Big Brother US Season 21 (Will be doubling up the episode with 2 weeks worth unless I can make the time to catch up and it could be separate but I am more leaning towards making the move to double it up to play catch up and get back on the right track.)

                  So either way I will have the recaps up and do not be alarmed if the feed goes quiet while I am away as I do not have a laptop to do the podcast from on the road so I will have to take some time off from the podcast and obviously I do not have anyone to actually replace me and I id reach out but not much response in the past so now I have to play catch up with the podcast which I am sure you guys do not mind but just hope you guys will hang in there for a week and a few days so I can get organized to record and get them out to you guys. I will try to not waste time when I get back and work hard to catch up as the summer after that I will be definitely will be around for the remainder of the summer as I am not planning to be going out of town for a good amount of days so I am all yours when I return back to here in Ontario. One last point I would like to make is once I am back and settled back in, I will be working on posts about my holiday but I will be doing it with that is I will be covering Days 1 to 3 in one post, Day 4 to 7 so it will span to two days then we will be getting back to a normal on a daily basis so it will be nice but either way I am going to enjoy this break for myself.


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