Saturday, July 6, 2019

Minecraft Catastrophe 2 Weeks Ago!

          About 2 weeks ago, I was fiddling around with my old Minecraft world and honestly things were going fine up to the point of the game crashing constantly and I never had the mods on as that was what was always crashing the game. I got rid of the mod very quickly but then it still crashed and it crashed over and over again so I said the heck with it, I deleted the file but do not worry I still got it with the house, barn and Garden Center still in tact. I did all that work on the under ground barn and garden center in the water. However like I said the only reason why I raged quit was cause of the game crashing. Yes I could of back up the file technically and I should of honestly which was a huge mistake but at least the old world is staying as it is and there is no change to it. I kind of regret putting the map mod up on there which I think it is the entire culprit of the issue that I had and the reason why the game suddenly decided to just start crashing non stop on me so it became apparent it wasn't worth playing the old world and just move on and yes I could do something else and that is what I am thinking about but I could mod it but then there could be more crashes involved. I guess certain mods cause the game to crash from time to time.

             I think right now, I am going to play other games for now and just focus on finishing up these games. I think not starting anything new is probably the best thing. Either way I have been very active with Isaac and also Rocket League as I have been playing quite a lot and I think at this point these are the games I should really focus on these ones first then the next focus would be doing a modded Minecraft and I am not sure what gave me the idea to actually dig out Minecraft again to play it. Maybe it was for my niece technically but I guess now I have to explain to them that the game kept on crashing and have an idea what is going on but it is best if I just focus on other games and really with the schedule now becoming more busy with the podcast so I am going to have very limited time for a schedule with two podcasts a week, I will definitely be busy but when I get time, I will get to play video games but it depends how busy I am from a day to day basis. 


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