Sunday, July 7, 2019

Am I Going To Do Something For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Year On Air?

           So Am I Going To Do Something For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Year On Air? I really would like to do something but it is just 5 years on the air.  If something is going to happen and I think there will be no big podcast recording but I think I am going to have my Co-Founder of the podcast, Larry here to celebrate the success of the podcast and I will see if I can get a few alumni to come to celebrate the success but we will see what I can do. As of right now we have recorded 200 + episodes of the podcast which is many hours of content for you guys and the podcast deserve a special celebration which is an accomplishment. Now I do not know what the plan is beyond September 24th, 2020 as I have not yet confirmed it that far but I can say up to September 24th the podcast will be around till then at the most as I am planning in the new year that it will be back for Big Brother Canada, Survivor, Amazing Race 32 in the winter and spring and Big Brother US 22 in the summer so I do not know what is the plan beyond the 24th of September of next year but hopefully it'll be back but I am already planning things already but it is not a good idea to get too far ahead of myself. However don't think I have been thinking about it and I have been thinking what I would like to do but at the same time I really wanna wait till it make 10 years on the air if it goes that far but again cannot say as it depends what shows there is to cover.

            I take things from season to season basis and I have said this many times in the past as long there is Reality TV Shows to cover this podcast is here to stay. I just do not want to get way ahead of myself and something happens to this podcast but if it continues in Fall 2020, then I will definitely think about it but it is OK for me for think about the 5th Anniversary of the podcast being on air for that long but really I have one idea and one idea only to be thinking about it but planning should take place by Spring of next year to what I would like to do. I really do not think I will be doing a lot of planning this year and wait it out till next year towards the middle of the year to do the planning if I do plan on it because knowing me it could be out of sight out of mind and I could end up technically planning, I am just unsure. If I really want to, I could wait till the 10 year mark but again it depends on the shows and if it continues to run but again like I mentioned it is a season to season basis and I am always on my feet for what is to happen next! 


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