Thursday, July 27, 2023

USA Trip, Days 5 & 6

         Days 5 and 6 consisted me travelling to Pittsburgh and was in the nicest hotel and casino there and was close to the River and also the Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium where the football team plays which is my dad's team and as you all know I'm a Packers fan, there is a picture of me with thumbs down LOL. As the crime rate is bad in the city we ate in the hotel and was worth it, had a hot ham sandwich with honey mustard, we delicious! Also got to go play at the casino and gamble a little bit and won the first time I ever gambled at a casino so was worth it. I tried a second time and went bust but oh well I won the first time around.

    The next day we took a side trip to West Virginia which was like half hour from Washington, Pennsylvania which I will get to tomorrow. Anyways we went to Oglebay where there is flower beds after flower beds. Really beautiful state. Wish we had more time down there to explore. The folks there were super friendly and anywhere in the US they've been great minus the Wendy's experience which I will talk about tomorrow. Lady that stopped to chat with us was really surprised we came so far from Canada to visit West Virginia. Anyways I got some souvenirs from there including a West Virginia Mountaineers which is their University there so nice to have that. Anyways we travelled back to PA and I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the final 2 days of the trip.




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