Friday, July 28, 2023

USA Trip Day 7 and Trip Home

        So here we are the final day of activities before the trip home back to Ontario, Canada. Anyways my parents and I went to Pennsylvania Trolley Museum and was a fantastic experience. The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable with the history of Pennsylvania Trolleys.  We got to go on car 78 to their static display barn and have a 20 minute tour of their barn. We got the ride onto another loop in their museum plus a bonus trip back to their barn to see where car 66 was but was on a different loop and found out where they were, just about to depart so that was most definitely a BONUS trip! This is why I said this was the best experience ever. They went above and beyond and my dad got a picture of the Terrible Trolley that was painted with Steelers colours and is being restored to the original colours again as we got to go into the shop and see what they were working on. Again big thank you to the staff and volunteers there for giving us a fantastic experience.

            So now we travelled up to Syracuse and stayed in a hotel for one more night before heading home. The Wednesday the 19th, we travelled back up state through 1000 islands which is beautiful and would love to do a cruise through that one day through Kingston Ontario and home. We arrived home at 230 pm EDT and I just jumped on the computer as I needed a break before unpacking and still haven't put everything away even a week later. Anyways that is the post for the day I will talk to you all tomorrow for a review. 



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