Thursday, October 25, 2018

My Ferry Ride To Pelee Island... (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This was years and years ago since I went on the ferry to Pelee Island, I am talking about when I was still a kid at the time in the late 90's at the most. But my dad and I took a trip down to Leamington, Ontario for a vacation even though it was only a couple of days but that was OK with me and it's sort of hard to remember that far back as I was younger then and it was a long time ago, we're talking like 20 odd years ago when this all happened. Anyways we got down there and got a campsite and got setup. I remember there was a Detroit Red Wings player that is from that town actually, Darren McCarty whom grew up in Leamington. So yes I know a bit of history of Detroit even though I'm technically more of a Leaf fan then anything else during the Hockey Season. 

               Anyways, we got our ferry tickets and we were actually on 2 different ferries going there and the first ferry we got was the Pelee Islander and it was an interesting trip say to the least as my dad has his coffee on the boat on the floor and a we hit a wave to a point his coffee spilled all over the floor. So the rest of the boat ride, all you can see is coffee going from one side to another which was sort of funny in a way. However coming home we were on the bigger ferry the Jiimaan Ferry on our way back to the main land. I was fairly young and unable to do any of the wine taste testing but would now as I am now older and able to drink, I would definitely indulge in testing out different wines. We walked around the island a bit too and I know there are snakes on the island, nothing poisonous but I believe  it is the Blue Racer Snake which has been known to be a bit of a nuscience on the island. 

             However it was a fun trip, my dad almost got pulled over for speeding but the police warned us with his lights so we got away with it that time. I would definitely go back and we are planning to go back next year in the summer for a visit and maybe bring home some wine from Pelee Island in the process. Also forgot to say We even saw and Eastern Fox Snake while staying at the Wheatley Provincial Park and I got the picture off  Mind you the snake was massive and slow as a tortoise but really neat to see what it looks like in person. We all watched the snake slowly make it;s way across the road and back into the woods where it belongs. Overall it was a fun trip all together.


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