Friday, October 26, 2018

Chris B On The Web Updates....

             I think it is time for updates on Chris B On The Web as a whole. Because there has been tons of changes and stuff coming up for Chris B On The Web and I will explain everything to you guys and what is or has been happening in the past few weeks since I got back from Minnesota. It has been a crazy last few weeks from prepping for the Autism Celebration to prepping and getting the Media Pass for The Royal Winter which as you guys know by now, I got the media pass and I am on my way to the Royal a Week tomorrow which is really exciting honestly, I can hardly hold in the excitement and to get there and explore what the fair has to offer this year.

              So first thing I want to talk about is which is about to to be back in about 2 months from now by the start of 2019, the .com will be back into the picture very, very soon.  Why did it go down originally? Well if you did not read my post, it got reported and it was subsequently shut down on me when I never broke a single rule or anything as I was doing what I normally doing, blogging and posting up podcasts like usual. But I know and its the truth, the provider I had which I will not name as I am still very mad at em for the way they threw me out the door and hated me since day 1 but that is in the past, I am moving forward. I was planning on going pro with them later on but that is now thrown out the window as I plan to have my .com hooked up to my blogger page as of January 1st, 2019. I already know the timeline how things will go and that is the goal to have the .com back up by January 1st. I think the blogger page is the way to go with the list of the sites the podcast is on, interviews on another page, schedule and so forth.

                The next thing on my list is I am planning on having a second host help me out with Everything About Reality TV within Big Brother Recaps. As you know I have a busy schedule when it comes to Big Brother U.S & Big Brother Canada and I want to cut my schedule back a bit. What do I mean? I am planning to do 2 recaps a week and plan on having an audition process for a second host to help out with  the earlier in the week episodes which I will be explaining once I get someone on board to volunteer their time with CBOTW to help out with this podcast. If I cannot find someone, then I will be once again doing it once a week like usual. Celebrity Big Brother might be a difficult task as it is on like 4 or 5 times a week like last season so it may render harder to it all on my own but always up to the challenge. However with Celeb Big Brother I am unconfirmed to if I will be covering it this time around if I do not get help then possibly no coverage of the show but will be watching it and tweeting about it regardless! 

                  The studio will be eventually going under some major renovations of the wall, also I will be building a brand new desk in the studio which will be bigger and better then it was before so I am definitely planning for the future. Also will be buying a second boom arm for the studio to put the guest mic on as we still got the guest mic which has to be brought out everytime we have a guest in the studio and it seems to be quite often and I love having Larry in the studio. There is always laughter in this studio. I can hear his laughter echoing the studio even after he leaves from visiting the studio.  

                  That is what I have on my list for now, well the major things going on with CBOTW and it is only the start of the changes that are going to be happening and I am sure down the road there will be more changes being made or adding stuff on. Oh I almost forgot The CBOTW Show has made it's return and it is taking Audio ONLY by storm! I haven't had the chance to post up new episodes but will starting to active as of this weekend and I am sooo thrilled!  On Castbox alone, I have had 18 plays already and the Castbox feed just got updated yesterday, so the promotion of that platform has helped greatly! All the platforms have done well and welcomed me back with open arms. They have been a great help in getting things back on track and ready to go. 


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