Sunday, October 28, 2018

The CBOTW Show & Power Ranger Talk Updates!

              Originally this post was suppose to be a notice that I wasn't planning on renewing the agreement with Larry but I just do not know what the future holds for those podcasts. Mind you they have been running great lately and you guys seem to be enjoying each and every episode Larry and I grind out. It is a ton of fun to collab with a good and old friend from college.  I am not going rule out that we are not going to renew the agreement to keep on doing, we haven't really sat down yet to discuss it and decide if it is worth to continue on or not. Larry's told me he's have having fun with it and so am I, despite it is a ton of work to prep for it but I enjoy re watching episodes and seasons I have yet to see but at this point I've seen all of the Zordon era, also Lost Galaxy & Dino Thunder but plan on watching more even if we do not continue on with the podcasts but you never really know what will happen as we both haven't had the time to talk it out what we wanna do or if we want to continue.

                We could and I have mentioned taking an hiatus as I wanna focus on Music City CMT and Last Man Standing and also the other podcast (Everything About Reality TV) as well. We still got plenty of time to talk and get things settled but I think we will renew our agreement. I think Larry will tell me Chris lets continue this is a ton of fun.  He is totally right it is! I have indeed enjoyed my time doing these podcasts as part of The CBOTW Show Podcast. I know It takes up more time but not much as I watch the show at night take notes and then podcast about it in the morning. This podcast and the other one is part of my routine now and I enjoy every moment of it and wouldn't look back at the true feelings I had when it first started. The views are incredible and in time I will be also gaining subscribers, even now I might of earned some as I do not look at the feed stats too often but I do from time to time when I get a chance. 

                  The CBOTW Show has a ton of potential and if I run out of Reality TV Show's The CBOTW Show can be the replacement podcast down the road in the long run. This is why I created this podcast just in case with the recent hiatus rumors from Big Brother Canada and now the controversy with Julie Chen's husband and no news of her contract with CBS expires as of in the Fall of 2019 so we can see that happening indefinitely and hopefully Big Brother 21 which is still up in the air as CBS hasn't renewed it for a 21st Season. Anyways I have derailed on this blog but anyways I am always planning for the future especially with The CBOTW Show Podcast in the picture now.


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