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Friday, August 13, 2021

Planning Ahead For Podcasts!

                  I am already coming up some new ideas for the future of Entertainment Man Podcast but remember some of the episodes are on reserve in case I need em next year with interviews going on and off throughout the year and there is time between interviews but I got 2 new ideas and writing them down as they come to me so I can start writing ideas down and whatever I do not use I can use em possibly down the road in 2023 if worse comes to worse I have that as an option too later on as well. However 2022 is the primary focus now and I know while I am on my break from Power Rangers Collab before RPM is started up to prepare for the final show in 2021, I am more then likely working on Entertainment Man Podcast 2022 and getting amped up for another amazing long year of podcasts. I know I will be weaving in and out of stuff in the coming weeks to a month or two but I know what I am doing.

                  One last thing I'd like to add is I need to re do the intros of Power Rangers Collab which I will be going back and forth on till everything is completed and finished  Still a ton of work to do to get ready for future episodes and projects and I will doing on my own or also with Larry as well but I have a sticky note on my desktop to what needs to be done and by when so I know exactly when it is due to be finished. So I am planning ahead and I'm sure you guys have seen an updated post that I have completed Operation Overdrive and on the next season moving forward which is Jungle Fury before I am on a little break from the collaboration to the time I start working on RPM for December 9th, 2021 which is the finale for 2021 and going into a brand new year for podcasts. Anyways that is my update for planning ahead and little heads up Everything About Reality Podcast Archived page here on the site is going down for the day for some much needed maintenance.  Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!


Thursday, October 1, 2020

There Has Been Talks Recently!

             The Executive Producer & Senior Producer of Power Rangers Collaboration Chris & Larry have been talking and they realize this is going to to happen down the road that things are going to be slowing down for the podcast and they already been talking about this for many, many months now that they are planning on another show they grew up with over the course of their childhoods. They know that they will be slowing down in 2023 which is less then 3 years from now with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and they have come up with something else I'm sure while new seasons of Power Rangers to air so they can watch it but I am not sure how far they wanna go to be honest. They haven't been specific to how far they are planning to go to go but they have been talking about covering Ghost Writer which they grew up. 

              I am surprised Chris has not brought back The CBOTW Show for specifically TV Shows and him doing recaps for TV Shows like this but it is what he wants to do and have to respect that. They have a plan moving forward and that is really good news for them as they plan to continue collaborating with one another and I think and honestly think it is a great thing as they both enjoy doing it with each other and they have fun doing it. I know this year had it's rough patches with the podcast with the podcast off it's normal scheduled program and the tech issues with recording through Skype and them fighting on and off but it's all good now and they have a better understanding how to do this via the online as they have had to make some changes. I am happy they are still working together on podcasts and content and I gotta admit their quite a duo when it comes to those. 

Jim, Admin/CBOTW Community Manager

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Where Have I Been The Last 4 Days?

            I know the last 4 days I went sort of AWAL from this website and I have been busy behind the scenes. I will explain in today's post what has been going on with Chris B On The Web. So I was behind on podcasts for Everything About Reality TV and I had to catch up during the weekend so that was problem # 1 and I just didn't get a chance to post. I think over the last 4 day I forgot to just open blogger and write something. However a break was good for me and during the last 4 days I really had no ideas honestly. I need to come up with more ideas and this week I am promising you something interesting which involves my trip to Owen Sound, Ontario and yes that's right I'm heading north Thursday (tomorrow) for the entire day so that is why the podcast is scheduled for the next day. Also I had to record the Tuesday Podcast yesterday so I again had to put off a post even though I said I was going to post it up on here but I tried to get sleep instead after spending time with my mom so I didn't plan that out very well and usually I like to the get the posts done in the morning when I get up or in this case I wrote this in the middle of the night.

            So I have been busy with projects and getting ready to go with some new things and do not know when it will start as I am still waiting if CBS will renew Big Brother down in the U.S for a 21st Season or not and honestly Eric and Dave don't think it will happen so now I need to figure out Everything About Reality TV's schedule for the summer which I am going to update you guys on that next week as next week is another busy week for me as finales are here, Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is next week which the schedule for next week is back to it's regular schedule again. The following week is the Survivor Edge of Extinction finale so things are slowing down for this podcast. However, Power Rangers Podcast not so much and yes that is a subtle hint that I am close to it coming back and an announcement is coming in the next 2 - 3 weeks from now! Trust me it is very exciting news and both Larry and I been talking about it with the other Alumni for CBOTW and my Staff as well. So I have been busy with getting the episodes done and I am now 15 episodes away from finishing Power Rangers In Space and all everything I said above and I know you guys understand why I have been quiet here on the site but I haven't disappeared, been active on social media but also just been working hard on content for you guys and yes I know I have been active on this site much. Lots of stuff is coming and cannot wait to reveal it all!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

What's The Plan For This Week? (Chris B On The Web Updates)

            This week will be a crucial for me to finish up the off season podcasts and those done and finished finally. The next step will be to be redoing the intro for the collaboration and end up working the intro into the older episodes and re upload it and have it up on the website again. Not all 5 of em are up on the website currently just the 3 at this moment. Also this week Survivor: Edge of Extinction Recaps start this week, so I have to weave it in there as well. I am aiming by next weekend to start working on the next prep for the next collaboration podcast with Larry but I am not going to get myself that .far, not yet at the most but would like to start it as I am aiming towards a certain month to recording the podcasts but again, I cannot go into greater detail. Mind you I do not know when the next podcast will be, Larry doesn't even know, when I said to him and you guys I needed a break from the collaboration podcast and that is what I am doing. I really cannot tell you when I will be coming off this hiatus right now, it could be this summer, it could be this fall, it could be in the New Year all we know. I need to find time to get the prep together and with Big Brother Canada 7 looming close, I just do not know how much I will get between now and then. 

              Today, I am planning on working on fixing my Twitter account as I have had issues but also working on the off season podcasts as well. There is not much more left in the way of the off season podcasts and i will not take me long to finish it up at least a couple of hours at the most if I move at a good pace which I can do very nice. I am going to focus on the current things right now and as for the off season podcast, it is currently on hold till I have the time to work on it but we will see how things go in the next week and how things will look and if I can squeeze in some prep time, even better but I am playing everything by ear this week but I am planning to squeeze it in if possible but again I am playing everything by ear and if I got time, I got time. Main focus is finishing the off podcasts and fix the collab intros so I am planning to start with that first, then move onto the next thing. I shouldn't be thinking about 100 things at once, I need to take it one thing at a time. 


Sunday, October 28, 2018

The CBOTW Show & Power Ranger Talk Updates!

              Originally this post was suppose to be a notice that I wasn't planning on renewing the agreement with Larry but I just do not know what the future holds for those podcasts. Mind you they have been running great lately and you guys seem to be enjoying each and every episode Larry and I grind out. It is a ton of fun to collab with a good and old friend from college.  I am not going rule out that we are not going to renew the agreement to keep on doing, we haven't really sat down yet to discuss it and decide if it is worth to continue on or not. Larry's told me he's have having fun with it and so am I, despite it is a ton of work to prep for it but I enjoy re watching episodes and seasons I have yet to see but at this point I've seen all of the Zordon era, also Lost Galaxy & Dino Thunder but plan on watching more even if we do not continue on with the podcasts but you never really know what will happen as we both haven't had the time to talk it out what we wanna do or if we want to continue.

                We could and I have mentioned taking an hiatus as I wanna focus on Music City CMT and Last Man Standing and also the other podcast (Everything About Reality TV) as well. We still got plenty of time to talk and get things settled but I think we will renew our agreement. I think Larry will tell me Chris lets continue this is a ton of fun.  He is totally right it is! I have indeed enjoyed my time doing these podcasts as part of The CBOTW Show Podcast. I know It takes up more time but not much as I watch the show at night take notes and then podcast about it in the morning. This podcast and the other one is part of my routine now and I enjoy every moment of it and wouldn't look back at the true feelings I had when it first started. The views are incredible and in time I will be also gaining subscribers, even now I might of earned some as I do not look at the feed stats too often but I do from time to time when I get a chance. 

                  The CBOTW Show has a ton of potential and if I run out of Reality TV Show's The CBOTW Show can be the replacement podcast down the road in the long run. This is why I created this podcast just in case with the recent hiatus rumors from Big Brother Canada and now the controversy with Julie Chen's husband and no news of her contract with CBS expires as of in the Fall of 2019 so we can see that happening indefinitely and hopefully Big Brother 21 which is still up in the air as CBS hasn't renewed it for a 21st Season. Anyways I have derailed on this blog but anyways I am always planning for the future especially with The CBOTW Show Podcast in the picture now.