Thursday, October 1, 2020

There Has Been Talks Recently!

             The Executive Producer & Senior Producer of Power Rangers Collaboration Chris & Larry have been talking and they realize this is going to to happen down the road that things are going to be slowing down for the podcast and they already been talking about this for many, many months now that they are planning on another show they grew up with over the course of their childhoods. They know that they will be slowing down in 2023 which is less then 3 years from now with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and they have come up with something else I'm sure while new seasons of Power Rangers to air so they can watch it but I am not sure how far they wanna go to be honest. They haven't been specific to how far they are planning to go to go but they have been talking about covering Ghost Writer which they grew up. 

              I am surprised Chris has not brought back The CBOTW Show for specifically TV Shows and him doing recaps for TV Shows like this but it is what he wants to do and have to respect that. They have a plan moving forward and that is really good news for them as they plan to continue collaborating with one another and I think and honestly think it is a great thing as they both enjoy doing it with each other and they have fun doing it. I know this year had it's rough patches with the podcast with the podcast off it's normal scheduled program and the tech issues with recording through Skype and them fighting on and off but it's all good now and they have a better understanding how to do this via the online as they have had to make some changes. I am happy they are still working together on podcasts and content and I gotta admit their quite a duo when it comes to those. 

Jim, Admin/CBOTW Community Manager

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