Friday, August 13, 2021

Planning Ahead For Podcasts!

                  I am already coming up some new ideas for the future of Entertainment Man Podcast but remember some of the episodes are on reserve in case I need em next year with interviews going on and off throughout the year and there is time between interviews but I got 2 new ideas and writing them down as they come to me so I can start writing ideas down and whatever I do not use I can use em possibly down the road in 2023 if worse comes to worse I have that as an option too later on as well. However 2022 is the primary focus now and I know while I am on my break from Power Rangers Collab before RPM is started up to prepare for the final show in 2021, I am more then likely working on Entertainment Man Podcast 2022 and getting amped up for another amazing long year of podcasts. I know I will be weaving in and out of stuff in the coming weeks to a month or two but I know what I am doing.

                  One last thing I'd like to add is I need to re do the intros of Power Rangers Collab which I will be going back and forth on till everything is completed and finished  Still a ton of work to do to get ready for future episodes and projects and I will doing on my own or also with Larry as well but I have a sticky note on my desktop to what needs to be done and by when so I know exactly when it is due to be finished. So I am planning ahead and I'm sure you guys have seen an updated post that I have completed Operation Overdrive and on the next season moving forward which is Jungle Fury before I am on a little break from the collaboration to the time I start working on RPM for December 9th, 2021 which is the finale for 2021 and going into a brand new year for podcasts. Anyways that is my update for planning ahead and little heads up Everything About Reality Podcast Archived page here on the site is going down for the day for some much needed maintenance.  Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!


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