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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Mentally Preparing....

                  As you know I have been hinting two projects, CBOTW Gamers Podcast & Ghostwriter Collaboration Podcast and I will explain both projects and where I'm at for the stages of both projects:

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: I am nowhere even remotely close to launching this podcast but what I am doing is building a channel for this and it will be a slow process and yes, I am referring to CBOTW Studios channel that I have started up on YouTube and how well it's grown since. I know the past weekend I wasn't live whatsoever on it and that was cause of working on Power Rangers Collab which had the priority. However when the time comes and I am ready to go I have a co host lined up and ready to go but this may not be for years down the road right now.  At this moment I wanna continue to grow the channel so when the podcast starts we have listeners and I think I have done a fantastic job thus far growing that channel as it has a very bright future. 

Ghostwriter Collaboration Podcast: As you know Power Rangers is wrapping up with it's upcoming 30th season and it has probably made you guys wonder what is next for the collaboration podcasts and we still have one off podcasts to do, movies etc. However there will be a point for us where we have no more ideas so this is where Ghostwriter Collaboration Podcast comes into play for us and it has been talked about for the last year to year and a half now and it has come to full circle and there is a page on here that exists for this podcast so this is me telling you guys that I am very, very serious about the next phase of collaboration podcasts and we will let you guys know when we plan on starting this. 

                   Those are the two projects in the mentally preparing stages, like I said I'm getting mentally prepared, there is no changes at this moment as I said many times, Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is my # 1 priority right now and I am making that my # 1 priority right now. So that is today's post, I will speak to you all tomorrow for a special post I am going to make. 


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Already Started To Prepare For a Podcast's Return!

                  I have a ton of information regards to podcasts and this one is a project I am working on that use to be talked about and no it isn't Everything About Reality TV Podcast, I am done with that podcast same with The CBOTW Show. What I am talking about is CBOTW Gamers Podcast. The gaming podcast is planning to return and it will have a co-host which will be my nephew. We have been talking and we are planning right now and we start on Audio ONLY then move to video later on. Right now I am trying to get my channel on Trovo back up and running as it was banned. No guarantees it'll be back, I am talking to them about bringing it back. I really do not care if I get a subscriber button on there, I am there for love of the podcast. Also if I get the channel back, I will spend a few years building up the audience on the platform then it will be time to introduce the podcast to video once I have an audience.

                 So it is coming back and the preparations have already begun. It will probably be years before the podcast begins so we've got time to do a lot of the Behind The Scenes work and logistics before we start to do this podcast. I do not wanna jump into the podcast on video without an audience and it would be best if I did grow an audience first before it starts up so I think that is what is best for growing that podcast. The fact also that Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collab is still on going and I rather do 2 podcasts at a time not 3 as it was a pain to do 3 podcasts. Probably have Entertainment Man Podcast run several more years anyways at the most, it will be an ongoing project too at this moment but when time comes I will be happily switching to that podcast down the road I'm sure. That is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Is CBOTW Gamers Podcast Really Done?!

                I know, I haven't mentioned this podcast in many, many months. That is because the interest of this podcast hasn't really been there at this moment.  I know this has once again has surfaced again and the mention of this podcast brings back such bad memories with it as you guys know the history behind this podcast. However there has been talk about a future podcast and this is way down the road. Not right now but we're talking near 6 - 8 years from now. Yes I spoke to someone and we're going to look into this podcast down the road. Really there is no mention of a gaming podcast but you never know on a revival of this podcast is a possibility but it is hard to really tell if there is a future in this podcast. So I cannot really tell you guys if it is coming back or not. If I had it my way I rather bury this podcast and forget this train wreck that it has been and maybe, just maybe it is best to actually start fresh with something different but again I do not know at this point. The future isn't written that far ahead.  I cannot write 6 - 8 years from now.

              I can say this-- I sure as heck hope ChrisBOnTheWeb still exists in that far time frame and that I continue this crazy adventure with this website. 7 Years is coming up and I cannot believe I have survived this long. I can see CBOTW hitting it's 10 year mark easily now that I am on my own and collaborating with other people, friends, fans, other podcasters, etc. Either way I think for the most part I can shutdown this rumor of CBOTW Gamers Podcast coming back as I have tried time and time again to make this podcast work. You never know I could end up bringing it back under a different name and with me be as Exec Producer/Host and even a Co-Host in the running too but again that is for the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb, not right now.  I wanna focus on the 3 projects I am currently doing at this moment, Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab Podcast, and Big Brother Collab Podcast. Anything is possible for the future just right now I have to focus the present. 


Sunday, September 13, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [09-13-2020]

              As I said in yesterday's post, I hinted a ton of different things and the most exciting part is getting our Founder & Owner back this week after a very rough week. I know he's gone missing quite a lot lately but all cause of drama, drama, drama and to be honest it's enough to drive him insane and he lost it and really just couldn't deal with it hence he disappeared for a little while. Anyways onto the major updates that we have for you guys this week:

- Website: We have updated as you know we updated numerous things on the website as well as add in new pages. First of all we added onto our website a "Staff" page which has been indeed long requested as people want to know who is on our team and who is involved with ChrisBOnTheWeb. It has been since then updated staff removed, and myself and Larry have been added to that actual list.  Finally with this updates for the website portion of our weekly updates is this Live page. You all are probably wondering what the heck is going on with it and for now he has put that on the back shelf for now as we recently cancelled a podcast and the feature renders useless right now due to the fact only time it would be used at this moment is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as we do not know with the other podcast which I will get into soon so right now the Live page remains hidden and unused but it is ready to go one way or another when the time is right.

- Sports Podcast: Due to some things that happened behind the scenes and I will not get into the entire details. This podcast is no longer in production within CBOTW Network, it has been removed off our menu bar and off our network at this point.  Any graphics also have been removed off our social media. 

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: A new podcast is now in the works however our host for that Podcast, Jeff needs time to his computer back, setting up on our website video feed that we have here on so it goes back to that feed not being used at this moment but this podcast has a logo and still gotta work on the Podcast feed but plenty of time for Chris to work on this.

                 There is the updates for this week and we had a ton to talk about this week and I hope you guys enjoyed it and I am pretty sure I covered everything and I know that Chris will tell me if I indeed forget something but I am 99.999% sure that I haven't forgotten anything on the list. Anyways I will speak to you guys next week and hope you all have a great week and I will see you around the CBOTW Social Media accounts throughout the week.

Jim, Community Manager

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates (06-21-2020)

              It is time for another weekly update for Chris B On The Web. Another crazy week and we have made some changes to the website. I will explain in this update.  We were messing around with the website and have the ability to shut this blog off if we just get plain tired of blogging but it is your news source for updates around our community. 

1) Website-- We have added chats as you know but we have started to consider to remove it as it has yet to be active so we have done that and the chat menu drop down menu has been removed from the website for the time being. No plans to bring it back at this current time. 

2) Everything About Reality TV-- Chris worked on the podcast with some new podcast content and decided to 3 podcasts 2 more off season podcast and the preview podcast but you never know with him to be honest what he is thinking. He has been working on the notes all weekend long which is good. He hopes tomorrow to start recording all 3 and the editing process for them all. I cannot give you much information as I do not even know what he has planned.

3) The CBOTW Show-- He's been working on intros again and re doing every episode intro for the Power Rangers Podcast and is done at this point. The feed remains quiet for right now as he isn't planning anything till he is done with Wild Force and has the notes typed up and ready to go. 

4) CBOTW Gamers Podcast-- It is currently unknown if it will actually return right now and we're waiting on our potential host whether they are going to be doing it and this stems back to not announcing things till we are sure it will be happening. So we have made numerous changes to the website recently. 

                That is all I have for updates for this week. Not much to update except all the work we have put into the website and constantly bringing out content for you all. We continue on a daily basis to improve things on Chris B On The Web and any suggestions or ideas please do feel free to shoot us a private message on our social medias and we will take you suggestion for the very nearby future. 


Friday, May 8, 2020

Podcast Updates [05-08-2020]

                     Got some interesting news actually with podcasts old new and and rebooted podcasts. This week has been a busy one for me for the Executive side of things making decisions for the podcast and getting things rolling. I cannot wait to tell you guys most of the plans and some are in pre production, some going into production and the other currently in Production. So here is what is going on with all the podcasts on our Network:


- CBOTW Gamers Podcast: Waiting on our potential host to get a computer and we have already discussed the platforms and if it will be live or just Audio ONLY which I cannot indulge that information at this moment as not all the details have really been ironed out still but don't worry, we are working on all of that for you guys and when we are close to launch we will give you guys more information.

- Entertainment Man Production: That's right this podcast is coming back with a vengeance and will be taking up the space of Everything About Reality TV while it's on Hiatus which we hope not but this podcast will be out every week on Mondays @ 1 pm EST on Audio ONLY Platforms only, nothing else. I feel a lot more confident with this podcast and look forward to this podcast. There may be times where I have to stop the podcast due to a busy schedule but that is why I got other hosts to help me out with podcasts as Everything About Reality TV is not a one man operation really. 

In Production/May Be On Hiatus:

- Everything About Reality TV: Currently still in production but soon to be heading into a Hiatus as we had plans to cover Sequester but we currently do not have a host. We have ideas for podcasts for between the seasons but unsure if the plans will go through with this so that is up in the air at this moment but I am in constant communication with my team. Also  Billy is the new Host for the Survivor RECAPS and plan on starting for Survivor 41 which we hope this happens in the fall as scheduled. As for Chris (Reality Teas) we are waiting to see if there is a Big Brother this Summer and same with me covering Amazing Race Canada so no real new information is available about that. We do not know if we will be on hiatus for a long time or that will be a short hiatus before we get back into the swing of things again.

In Production:

- Power Rangers Podcast: Currently the only podcast at this present time of day that is really active right now and honestly isn't in Limbo of being put on Hiatus. However this is currently on the air 9 weeks of the year of a 3 recording sessions per year with 2 episodes per session. that's like 9 seasons a year which is a lot but we are up to the challenge. 

              There is the updates of the podcast and I'm excited to have these guys aboard with Billy, Reality Teas (Chris), Larry, Jeff and myself. Whoops did I say Jeff, yea hes back involved again with the team again and I have said this with all my staff, more the merrier really and that is the reason why I am bringing on a team and it is very exciting indeed. Again we will keep you up to date on things and how it is going and what not and all I can really say is stay tune for more information!


Thursday, April 23, 2020

CBOTW Gamers Podcast Is Not Gone....

           I know we spoke about this months ago but CBOTW Gamers Podcast isn't gone. We may not have a host currently but that's OK. If worse comes to worse I will take it over. You are going to ask how Chris? You are currently active with Everything About Reality TV Podcast right now. Yes I realize this and this will all come later... Not right now, later... Right now is not the time nor place as the podcast continues to go strong even with the recent hard times we all are going through but this podcast is on the shelf so to speak and yes I provided a shelf picture of my own so the podcast is up there somewhere I'm sure... 

             Either way it is coming down the road, if Everything About Reality TV slows down then the plan is to go to the Gaming Podcast which honestly I am excited but shouldn't be too excite as right now I need to remain focused on Everything About Reality TV and going to a new podcast would be a complete rebuild from the start and that will be a ton of work for us. Plus we do not know how often we wanna do the podcast, weekly, every 2nd week that is a tough decision. Nothing is really planned right now and it is in the future plans of the website but now is not the time and we are very much in production with the current two podcasts and that's enough. We have a bigger plan but yet again in time you guys will find out what it is exactly the plan is.


Friday, January 3, 2020

Plans & Changes For CBOTW...

            With 2020 here, I am making changes to CBOTW that will impact the future of the website. Not easy to say this but since I pre-written the content post but there has been more to it all and here is my thought process:

1) CBOTW Gamers Podcast: It was talked about and honestly with the way we are going through hosts so much recently, I think at this time it is best for myself and the CBOTW Staff to just move on and continue on with the 3 podcasts that we have going on Everything About Reality TV, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and The Sports Hour W/ Billy. Honestly we have been through the thick and thin and I think it is just time we put this podcast on the shelf once and for all as I just feel like it is not going to work and we have tried too many times to revive after the first host so I think this is just not going to work out honestly and it has been tried too many times and failed time and time again and it has been a turning endless wheel for this podcast and I can be honest, I have given up with trying on this podcast and honestly it is just time to give up on it and work with what is working for us which is the 3 I mentioned.

2) Everything About Reality TV: With the additional host, Jasmine added on we here in the Main Studio or CBOTW HQ have been working on a side projects where you will once again have the ability to listen to the podcast also on the website as well. This goes for any other podcasts that is currently on the rotation here on the website. This will take us some time to get done but it will be all done in due time and were excited to be bringing this feature back to the website after about a year of it not being physically on the website and only the links that you seen for the last almost year.

              There is what is on my mind right now and a ton of new stuff coming and I told you guys 2020 was going to be crazy with new stuff and features to the website even old features that have made it's return to and this is only the start for us and I cannot wait for you what is in-stored. Also as you can tell Steven has finally started with the blog and will be covering the Gordon Ramsey shows from Masterchef, Masterchef Junior to Gordon Ramsey 24 Hours To Hell and Back to Hell's Kitchen. It is very exciting news to be adding him to the blogging team.That is a few bits of what is coming but I will explain more as the year goes on and announcements as they see to fit. Cannot wait to keep telling you guys what is going as there is a couple of things still yet to be announced but in time you guys will know. You know a bit but not all the details but like I said you will know more very, very soon! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!


Saturday, November 23, 2019

I Have Been Very Sneaky All Week!

             It is no secret that I have been holding back on stuff and I may as well say it in today's blog post that I have been hiding lately and been very sneaky and sneaking around with planning and what not I will say some things but other stuff I have to still remain quiet about it. Anyways this is what is in the works for CBOTW, Podcasts and so on! 

      - CBOTW Gamers Podcast: I can say this that this podcast isn't done yet as I have been given an offer and I have taken it and sometime in 2020, the podcast will rise once again from the cancellation shelf to being an active podcast once again. I can say it is an old friend of mine that will be taking it over officially.   

       - Punk Rock Cheeseburger: As I said in the social media posts there was a possibility for a double PRCB Podcast and it is happening and if you pay attention you will know when I am on the podcast as the Co-Host and yes the rumors are true I will be doing an "After Dark Gaming Session" With Rocky so that is very, very exciting as well!

       - Everything About Reality TV: As you know because of YOU GUYS the greatest fans in the world the podcast will see a 13th Season come February 2020 when we return from a very small break. Also starting January 2020 I will be doing auditions for the role of Host for the Big Brother Canada and Big Brother 22 Hosts and if worse comes to worse I will re-assume the role of host obviously but we will see how this goes.  Also I am exploring the option to do a Reality TV Recap of "Amazing Race Australia" if it returns for another series which is season for us then definitely will bring that onto the podcast. 

             Either way I am exploring new options for CBOTW and what I can do to keep things rolling but if Everything About Reality TV did end and I am not saying I'd threaten to cancel it as you guys would step in once again to say hey don't cancel it but I mean if it came down to very little in TV Shows I do have a back up plan in place but I just do not want to reveal everything. Now I do not want to reveal all my secrets but I want you guys to be surprised at times too but again I want to keep you guys in the loop on whats going on with CBOTW and even outside CBOTW as well. 


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I Have Had a Bunch of Questions Lately!

            Throughout social media DM's (direct or private messages) about the future of Everything About Reality TV and yes I know exactly what is going to happen but addressing the future so here is a couple of the questions I will address:

1) Will Big Brother be back in 2020? Yes, I already mentioned it on a post on here and on social media that I will be bringing it back in 2020 and that plan to bring someone on to cover the show will be there. So yes it will be back.

2) What will happen when Everything About Reality TV Podcast slows down in episodes if a show that is cover ends? Well I am already thinking that has already happened as I do not think there will be a 3rd season of Music City CMT as I have not heard anything to what is going on which is sad as you guys know I have enjoyed doing those recaps for quite some time now. However do not forget I still got Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast that I can work on and also Punk Rock Cheeseburger.

3) What Will Happen when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends? Now I have thought about this in the last couple of days as I was really thinking about the future after this podcast ends but I do have a plan but will not yet announce anything as of yet. I wanna ensure that I want to do this after my own podcast is done.

4) When is The Sports Hour W/ Billy starting?  Like I said before Mid October/Early November is when he projects for it to start and will be remaining on Audio ONLY unless that changes down the road.

5) Is there an timeline for CBOTW Gamers Podcast with Lieberman starting? Not yet, he needs to get a few things before he starts so it is in the planning mode and if something did happen to where he couldn't do it or when it starts I will make the announcement to you guys no strings attached.

                 I know this is kind of a continuation of this podcast post yesterday but a bunch of them were added and I had to re-iterate the first question as I said Big Brother will be back for 2020 but also other questions involving the other two podcasts on the list including mine as well. I hope this clears things up and please keep this in mine when asking me questions as I will be pointing this to you guys to this post but ask any new questions and I may just do this post in the very nearby future again. I clearly did enjoy do a small Q & A  on here so ask away!


Friday, July 12, 2019

CBOTW Gamers Podcast Will Return One Day???

             I know this has been an on going problem trying to get this podcast up and running and my nephew has approached me about even just being on as a guest to talk video games, however I have tried so many times to get it back up and running from taking over from another host and my nephew and I been talking about it but right now is not the right time as I have told him that it will have to wait and the reason I want to wait is 1 I want him to focus on school and 2 that I am quite busy with Everything About Reality TV and now is definitely not the right time to bring it back as the schedule just simply does not fit right now as from season to season it really is hard to tell if I can make the time at this moment but I am working on the details behind the scenes so I am getting there but I do not know how close I am to being ready. I may wait a several years as I have stated in the past that right now things are really hectic these days especially now with me part of again which means I am streaming Everything About Reality TV. I rather play things by ear day by day rather then making a commitment now then it failing down the road it is not worth it. I wanna invest in my time to make the podcast a very huge success honestly. This could become a every second week if this was to eventually happen, however not sure if you guys would tune into it.

               However I have other ideas I wanna to bring to the table in the way of other podcasts that would be more on a weekly basis so I am tolling with so many different ideas as I am now not sure this podcast would actually be doable now and I have tried to make this podcast work but cause of one person screwing things up I just it is better to just to put it on the shelf for good as it is just not going to work as its been tried, time and time again and I know I promised my nephew to actually do something but at this point I will have to have a sit down and tell him I have no plans to bring it back at this point. I think I should just do something completely new and like I said I do have new plans for down the road and it will be a nice change of pace I'm sure it will be another success one way or another.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Where Have I Been The Last 4 Days?

            I know the last 4 days I went sort of AWAL from this website and I have been busy behind the scenes. I will explain in today's post what has been going on with Chris B On The Web. So I was behind on podcasts for Everything About Reality TV and I had to catch up during the weekend so that was problem # 1 and I just didn't get a chance to post. I think over the last 4 day I forgot to just open blogger and write something. However a break was good for me and during the last 4 days I really had no ideas honestly. I need to come up with more ideas and this week I am promising you something interesting which involves my trip to Owen Sound, Ontario and yes that's right I'm heading north Thursday (tomorrow) for the entire day so that is why the podcast is scheduled for the next day. Also I had to record the Tuesday Podcast yesterday so I again had to put off a post even though I said I was going to post it up on here but I tried to get sleep instead after spending time with my mom so I didn't plan that out very well and usually I like to the get the posts done in the morning when I get up or in this case I wrote this in the middle of the night.

            So I have been busy with projects and getting ready to go with some new things and do not know when it will start as I am still waiting if CBS will renew Big Brother down in the U.S for a 21st Season or not and honestly Eric and Dave don't think it will happen so now I need to figure out Everything About Reality TV's schedule for the summer which I am going to update you guys on that next week as next week is another busy week for me as finales are here, Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is next week which the schedule for next week is back to it's regular schedule again. The following week is the Survivor Edge of Extinction finale so things are slowing down for this podcast. However, Power Rangers Podcast not so much and yes that is a subtle hint that I am close to it coming back and an announcement is coming in the next 2 - 3 weeks from now! Trust me it is very exciting news and both Larry and I been talking about it with the other Alumni for CBOTW and my Staff as well. So I have been busy with getting the episodes done and I am now 15 episodes away from finishing Power Rangers In Space and all everything I said above and I know you guys understand why I have been quiet here on the site but I haven't disappeared, been active on social media but also just been working hard on content for you guys and yes I know I have been active on this site much. Lots of stuff is coming and cannot wait to reveal it all!


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

No Secret I Have Been Trying To Revive CBOTW Gamers Podcast

          I know two podcast posts in a row but a lot of podcasting news from the CBOTW Studios but keeps you guy up to date and everyday something seems to change or happen. Now to today's post, it is no secret in the past few weeks, I have been working on ideas to get CBOTW Gamers Podcast back up and running once again. I will give you a bit of a back story to the podcast. I had a co-host for the podcast but it did not work out and the podcast was shelved. they also hosted the podcast originally, then it was cancelled, followed by a revival then shelved for the last almost 3 years now. I just recently decided to start working on bringing it back with me as host but right now it is quite difficult to do with me running both Everything About Reality TV & Collaboration Podcasts but it will eventually come back and is on hold for the meantime. Least in the meantime, I can start working on much newer ideas for the podcast itself and if it isn't the gamers podcast that returns it could be something else but like I said to Eric, I sure have options and I think CBOTW Gamers can be something to look into even on a monthly basis which isn't as much as bad or every second week could work out too for the podcast but I haven't gotten that far in the production side of planning that. But eventually I will and yes I have been looking into streaming it live but again not gone that far with it as of yet. Plus once the website is fixed to the changes I am making to it with the site which I have briefly have mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram a bit so I will have room for an additional tabs to the site but I am definitely thinking of the future for CBOTW Gamers Podcast which can be a thing down the road especially. 

               This podcast has a ton of potential and I know that and I knew that when it was originally in it's original run with the original host who I will not bring up as we are not on good terms but it is what it is as sometimes friendships goes their own ways sometimes. Anyways I am totally taking over this project 150% of this project and I am planning on having guests on the podcasts down the road too and plan on setting it up so I can take calls through my mixer board. So still a bunch of work to do and money to save up but come June, I am working on that side of things. I am getting way out of hand on other topics on this post now aren't I? I plan on even having segments Happenings on YouTube, Twitch, maybe a Gamers spotlight of the month or week added in there too. New games coming out on various different platforms and much more on the list! The podcast is going to be an hour long per episode or per month or whatever the schedule permits but again the scheduling and format has yet to be put together but I plan  on making a template and all I have to do is write in the notes each and every episode. I am excited for this new opportunity down the road and soon as I am ready to go an official announcement will be coming down the road. It will not be on YouTube as I said before, I am very much retired from that platform and the way it's going I am better off elsewhere at this point. I gotta do what is best for me and the podcasts as well. 


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Gearing Up Chris B On The Web For Something Huge!

                   Things are truly getting interesting for not only me but my Staff and Alumni been planning a lot with the future of Chris B On The Web and yes CBOTW Gamers Podcast was among the list of things but I ended the planning and putting that project back on the dusty old shelf. As for the other things being planned, I cannot talk about it yet as it is still in the preliminary stages at the moment and not everything is set in stone yet and not all is set up as of yet right now. However it is excited for CBOTW expanding into a new broader horizon and more projects being added. I guess you can say we've become a bit of a network now as we are adding stuff to the website. Already tried doing an brand new menu bar and it is still work in progress right now and I will get it eventually. That I can say publicly that we are officially working on a brand new Version 2.0 of It is time to take this site to the very next level and eventually I will get this glitches that I am experiencing fixed. Always going to be bugs on the website especially with building new stuff within the site but this has been a learning curve learning about building menus from scratch and also learning CSS Code for the color but so easy to learn honestly once you get the hang of it. Love working on the website and learning new things to help build the community and that is my entire purpose behind it. I want to grow the community some more and I knew in time I did need to make some necessary changes to the website to fit this entire change.

                       When is this entire change being made? Like I said some things are not being mentioned as this current time, however, once the website is done, I do plan on announcing the plan with CBOTW Gamers Podcast by middle of June once I know what the plan is with Big Brother US and if it is going to return as that is when CBS plans on bringing it back but as of right now: Big Brother - On Hiatus, Renewal For Season 21 Likely.  Never know what I am planning or my team that sits behind me. Yes I got only a small crew of 3 of us, Dave, Billy and I. However, it may be a small group of us but a very dedicated group to making CBOTW on top of it's game again after a very rough 2.5 years BUT were surviving as a group and there is a lot of exciting stuff to happen and maybe just maybe, I will make one more return to the Autism Celebration for one last year as I will have a ton of things to promote and share with everyone which will be great. We are definitely gearing up for something big, that is for sure and we're excited to share it with you all as well!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Taking Risks!

                  As I am typing this, I realize now that both Justin & Jeff want nothing but the best for Chris B On The Web and I agree, this is why I have decided to let Jeff do The CBOTW Gamers Podcast and there has been talks about it for the last few months but I can definitely guaranteed it will happen in the near future. There is a few things that need to be done to ensure Jeff is ready:

1) Get himself a new Twitter account since i got 2 or 3 of his permanently suspended, he will have to re-establish himself on there.

2) Get a laptop

3) Schedule the day of the first week of the month.

4) Get the necessary training he needs how to do the introduction since it is all Pre-Recorded, nothing currently Live.

So with that I am willing to take this risk, to trust Jeff enough that he can do the podcast once a month and I've known Jeff since at least 2009 and I should be able to trust him around my site and doing content both on the Chris B On The Web Blog and on his podcast. Trust has been a very big issue for me over the last year, first Chance letting me down on a chat, which has put myself in question can I take this big risk especially this early in the rebuild game? I am always one for taking risks and trying things out if they do not work I change things up I decide to not do that set thing whatever it can be. I am always a big risk, I like to take the risks but it sometimes or break Chris B On The Web. However I shouldn't be afraid to make such risks especially if and when opportunity comes a knocking.

Have a great Wednesday!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rough Re-Launch But is BACK! And Got NEWS!

          Well it was a really rough and stressful re-launch tonight as it has been a very, very stressful night for me to get the site working properly, work out the bugs and just get the site at least operational once again.

           First issue I had was the front page images weren't set up again which was my entirely my fault in the process I totally wasn't thinking at all and that was my fault so I ended up delaying the re-launch by 30 minutes. Once I was ready to re-launch problems galore, had issues with the drop down menu on one of the Menu options at the top, that being the tab called "Podcasts" which is home to the podcasts that are currently running on Chris B On The Web&! Also the icon at the top of the page, some page showed the Chris B On The Web logo, some showed 000webhost which is my provider currently that my site is built on.  So with that I had to mad scramble to fix the issues on the website, first the navigational bar which took about 15 - 20 minutes to fix which I was finally satisfied with finally with the navigational bar which has all the pages on the website. Then there was an issue with the freaking footer which is located at the bottom of the page for those who didn't know where the footer was on a website or what it was. So talk about major issues with the website today, it was very insane evening on top of my Rogers Internet being a pain in the neck as well so it was full of frustrations on a Tuesday night but hey we got through em all! 

            Now that I explained all the issues with the website here is my news that I have that involves Chris B On The Web. Justin, Jeff and I been keeping this for quite some time now and I have been talking about it on Twitter here and there that a new podcast was in the works, aka CBOTW Gamers Podcast. The original plan was for me to Host and have a Co-Host but now I am proud to say Chris B On The Web & has brought on a Host to replace me and Adam for that podcast so I can primarily focus on "Everything About Reality TV" and this person I've known for many, many years since the days of So without further Ado I would like to welcome  and welcome back Jeff Lieberman to the team since days and I know you will do a great job on this monthly Podcast the first week of the Month. You will see him post up blog posts as he has free reign on this blog as well and will post up from time to time whether its sports talk or just random chit chat, he has the privileges as an author to this blog. Please note his podcast is in the early stages of planning, not day and time has been set when it get recorded or posted up on, he still needs to get a computer to record it with and possibly a headset with a mic so it is good quality sound but myself or Jeff will let you know when we have it set in schedule.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter! | Changes With Chris B On The Web

               First of all Happy Belated Easter to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, I sure as heck did! Between family, podcasts, blogs, cooking and fixing the bloody website, I pretty well wore myself out within that entire week and even after Easter I am still trying to catch up on stuff to this very day. But tomorrow will be a joyous day as will be reopening after a full week closed due to server issues and problems for about 40 hours late of last week. But at last that can be put behind me and everything is going to go back to normal and all podcasts this week should be out on the day of, no doubt about it now! 

              Update: Website is re-opening today at some point during the daytime. It was decided to take an extra day or so to work out any bugs that there was on the website everything should be ready to go this morning for the return of the website! 

Have a great Night!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chris B On The Web & Update!

           After an successful blog post Wednesday morning and talking to my team about things I would like to share our vision for rebuilding the "Chris B On The Web" brand so to speak.  I know last year was a very very rough year for us, both Justin and I trying to figure out a plan with the website and the plan for quite sometime from end of June last year to the start of this year. Anyways here is what is in stored for Chris B On The Web &


- Everything About Reality TV: The Podcast is doing well and at 20 episodes as of today since I spent time with the family yesterday and today will be #BBCAN5 RECAP Podcast. All is doing well with that podcast currently. 


- Now your question is what is your plan Chris to expand Chris B On The Web & Well below is a list of ideas I have that I will bring to the table to my team:

1) Interview With Jeff Livingstone about his sports, bowling, softball and of course his Durham Dragons Hockey.

2) I have an interview on the list, that I mentioned last year at the start of the year, yes the interview with #TheGreenTeam from The Amazing Race. Just waiting on an email when it will happen but I am very very excited to do it.

3) CBOTW Gamers Podcast- Talking About Video Games, Gaming News, Twitch,, YouTube Gaming and much more! Hopefully we are launching this early 2018 when Jeff gets himself a laptop and I need a program to record with such as Mixxcraft. 

                  Well that is the short list of Projects, Interviews or Podcasts so to speak. Trust me I am very very excited to be doing these and hopefully start doing these very very soon.

Have a Great Saturday!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tentative Schedule for Winter 2017- Everything About Reality T.V. & CBOTW Gamers Podcast

This is a different post from the recent posts of negative things I posted up on this blog recently,but that is why I got this blog to rant, thoughts and happenings around Chris B On The Web. As you guys may have heard and if you have been keeping up with my Twitter posts I have been recently talking about Amazing Race 29 and with the announcement of Season 29 of The Amazing Race I sort of got an idea of when the podcasts will come out so here is a tentative two different schedule ideas for Everything About Reality TV- Winter 2017:

Plan A:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 


Plan B:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 

It is still unknown when Big Brother Canada is coming out but Amazing Race 29 is confirmed and CBOTW Gamers Podcast as well. It is sounding like I will have some time off between the end of Hell's Kitchen and the start of Survivor and Big Brother Canada so looks like CBOTW Gamers Podcast will be the only thing on the schedule. I hope by January to know what the timetable is for sure by sometime in January and I will write an update when I have a chance.

Until the next post, have a great Thursday!