Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chris B On The Web & Update!

           After an successful blog post Wednesday morning and talking to my team about things I would like to share our vision for rebuilding the "Chris B On The Web" brand so to speak.  I know last year was a very very rough year for us, both Justin and I trying to figure out a plan with the website and the plan for quite sometime from end of June last year to the start of this year. Anyways here is what is in stored for Chris B On The Web &


- Everything About Reality TV: The Podcast is doing well and at 20 episodes as of today since I spent time with the family yesterday and today will be #BBCAN5 RECAP Podcast. All is doing well with that podcast currently. 


- Now your question is what is your plan Chris to expand Chris B On The Web & Well below is a list of ideas I have that I will bring to the table to my team:

1) Interview With Jeff Livingstone about his sports, bowling, softball and of course his Durham Dragons Hockey.

2) I have an interview on the list, that I mentioned last year at the start of the year, yes the interview with #TheGreenTeam from The Amazing Race. Just waiting on an email when it will happen but I am very very excited to do it.

3) CBOTW Gamers Podcast- Talking About Video Games, Gaming News, Twitch,, YouTube Gaming and much more! Hopefully we are launching this early 2018 when Jeff gets himself a laptop and I need a program to record with such as Mixxcraft. 

                  Well that is the short list of Projects, Interviews or Podcasts so to speak. Trust me I am very very excited to be doing these and hopefully start doing these very very soon.

Have a Great Saturday!


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