Saturday, November 23, 2019

I Have Been Very Sneaky All Week!

             It is no secret that I have been holding back on stuff and I may as well say it in today's blog post that I have been hiding lately and been very sneaky and sneaking around with planning and what not I will say some things but other stuff I have to still remain quiet about it. Anyways this is what is in the works for CBOTW, Podcasts and so on! 

      - CBOTW Gamers Podcast: I can say this that this podcast isn't done yet as I have been given an offer and I have taken it and sometime in 2020, the podcast will rise once again from the cancellation shelf to being an active podcast once again. I can say it is an old friend of mine that will be taking it over officially.   

       - Punk Rock Cheeseburger: As I said in the social media posts there was a possibility for a double PRCB Podcast and it is happening and if you pay attention you will know when I am on the podcast as the Co-Host and yes the rumors are true I will be doing an "After Dark Gaming Session" With Rocky so that is very, very exciting as well!

       - Everything About Reality TV: As you know because of YOU GUYS the greatest fans in the world the podcast will see a 13th Season come February 2020 when we return from a very small break. Also starting January 2020 I will be doing auditions for the role of Host for the Big Brother Canada and Big Brother 22 Hosts and if worse comes to worse I will re-assume the role of host obviously but we will see how this goes.  Also I am exploring the option to do a Reality TV Recap of "Amazing Race Australia" if it returns for another series which is season for us then definitely will bring that onto the podcast. 

             Either way I am exploring new options for CBOTW and what I can do to keep things rolling but if Everything About Reality TV did end and I am not saying I'd threaten to cancel it as you guys would step in once again to say hey don't cancel it but I mean if it came down to very little in TV Shows I do have a back up plan in place but I just do not want to reveal everything. Now I do not want to reveal all my secrets but I want you guys to be surprised at times too but again I want to keep you guys in the loop on whats going on with CBOTW and even outside CBOTW as well. 


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