Sunday, November 24, 2019

I'm Impressed With The Growth and More!

              I admit sitting back and looking at the growth of the website it is just amazing to watch the site grow and grow and every month it seems to get more then the previous months so it is going up hill in views not down so that is definitely a good thing. However it is exciting to watch on a daily basis to see the viewership on a day to day basis and it truly does help too. Before when I was on the other provider for the web builder which I will not mention who as they kept suspending my site I wasn't getting as much in the way of views but since I switched to Blogger the website views have gone up and I can say I am getting closer to 60K  on this site and its been almost a year since I switched over entirely and I am really happy with the result. Another thing I found and really like about the site I have a bit more freedom and I have learned so much about code when it comes to the website too. Also I may as well point this out is the amount of change I have made to the website has probably a big factor in the growth of the website and you guys really have enjoyed the changes. I was thinking about the menu bar since back in the early spring of this year and I started the research stages but ever since it was released it has become quite a popular website.

               The website will continue on growing for years to come and I am sure the more people promote the website and the more I post up on social the better. Same with the posts. Honestly with the addition of Jeff L and Steven aka Corvette this website is definitely going to grow a lot more and that post will come January 1st, 2020 which will be my official yearly what is to come in 2020 and what not. Right now my team and I are working on the future planning of CBOTW and the chat being the new addition to the website is only the start which again tomorrow I will be talking about chat and how you guys can get involved with chatting on there and the basics behind the chat as I did forget to mention how you are able to chat here on the website outside of any of the social media platforms that CBOTW is on at this current time. In the end I am very impressed with the website growth and the podcast growth since I made some changes to the podcast itself so it have definitely made a difference over the last several days and I have noticed the growth with the podcast as well. I will continue to grow things and come 2020 it is going to be amazing I can tell you that and I cannot wait to tell you guys what is in-stored for 2020! 


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