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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

New Computer Being Built!

             A lot of excitement around the ChrisBOnTheWeb Studios right now as I have OFFICIALLY ordered a new computer to be built for me through a store locally here. Now it will take me a few weeks to get it but that is OK, it gives me time to remove several things off this computer as afterwards this computer goes into storage for a while. It will be back eventually in use for paper work but not right now, not at this moment. So right now I am transferring a lot of stuff from this computer I am using to type up this blog post on my website to an external hard drive. We're talking Music, pictures, videos, stuff for the video side of the podcast, saving the podcast onto my other external hard drive. 

            Also I have removed a lot of the video games for right now but may need to reinstall a game for around Easter for my niece and nephew as right now all I have is Minecraft, Lunar Client, Luck Be The Land Lord on the computer which in time the games will be removed as I am planning to wipe this machine completely clean so I can have a fresh copy. I will definitely do a stream of me setting it all up maybe on the Facebook side of things and I am excited for the next chapter of my career with a brand new and faster and stronger computer. Don't get me wrong, Acer did the job for the last 9 years now and time to get something a little more speeder as I may start to stream on my spare time too, who knows. Anyways that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Studio Updates [08-18-2021]

                    Got a bit of an update to the studio. I have made a couple of changes made to the studio and the first one was the purchase of a brand new USB Mixer. Now I had a BUS Mixer originally the Samson MDR624. As you guys know the wire popped out of the end and the reason why there was a problem with it and I couldn't get the wire replaced so the Mixer was thrown out as it wasn't usable anymore so I ended up buying this mixer and to be quite honest with you guys, I love the mixers with the fader its so much easier to actually and the knobs are not a problem with my fat fingers hitting the knobs so it made it very difficult to actually turn on mics and what not but what matters now is I have the Behringer x1204 USB Mixer. I can also say I love this mixer. My favorite one that I have had over the years out of the 3 mixers I have owned.

Now the other thing that has changes is the microphone is repositioned into a up right position almost.  Also you probably seen on the microphone the mic flag with the CBOTW logo. I have had that for almost 2 months now and it looks so professional within the studio and I have really up'd the studio look and I continue to up the studio and things continue to look amazing and I can say this is definitely a professional setup now. I would like to add another screen to my setup eventually and will to add the additional screen to the studio and would spend the extra money to get it but we'll see how I feel and maybe I will and it depends if I wanna add in a 3rd and final screen. I'd have to find another mounts for the screens as this one has 2 at this moment. Anyways that is today's post, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Re-Branding Myself And Making Changes To The Studio!

              The last 2 days, I have been re-branding myself and the CBOTW Brand as you know I am on my own right now. This means the banners have been re-done. I made my motto "Creating Quality Content, Since 2005!" and you probably wondering where part of that motto came from, huh? That came from my original team, The Video Projects Team which I pretty much ripped off my old motto but I kind of wanted to go back to the sort of the old motto so you will see that across the website here and also to the social media's Facebook Page and Twitter. Part of this rebrand I was thinking about honestly was thinking along the line of cancelling the fan page and moving all the fans to a group but I started thinking the people who really care about my content and there is a ton of you who really enjoy the content even the video content on Facebook and Instagram and when things get back to normal and Larry get's his butt back to this studio I wanna do those taste tests him and I were gonna do as we have some on our list. Even food reviews in video style. as well. So Social Media has a big part in all of this.  The content is not changing with this change, still got "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast." This is on top of blogs too and also the video content I wanna give you guys as well on both Facebook and Instagram. 

                 The next part of today's post is the studio changed a bit the side of the desk is where Larry is sitting there and his mic is now in the corner and it is easy to see the guest and it would be easy to slap a camera to his chair actually but we are slowly coming along. I originally was planning to make some changes where the guest would be behind the desk but this means changing the setup and the layout and me fixing the walls of holes from the shelf which would have had to been removed and moved over and the side desk, not sure where it would of gone whatsoever. There are a lot of cons of changing things around and where the wires would of ended up going with the PC below the desk so a ton of questions to what would of happened. I know, I know, get on with it! I split the lights up two above my head in front of me and two on the left side way above at the top and it really lights up the space. My uncle is going to help me and look into LED lights for those lights and I am sure the lights will be a ton brighter then they are right now. Either way I am excited there is a way for LED lights in the very nearby future. Those are the changes with the rebrand which mind you I am done with Rebranding CBOTW and the studio I am happy with the setup now then I was before. Anyways I will see you guys in the update blog tomorrow!


Thursday, October 8, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Changes!

              I know it's not Sunday nor it's not my manager doing an update post. There is changes to the system we use to have. As you know by now with that announcement that I have gone solo on my own but still have Tiala and also Billy to help out as Moderator and Manager for me but most part no podcasts from other individuals, the projects is mainly me. So with what I have said here are the additional changes that I have made to the website since the changes with the social media:

Website Chat: Since it will hard to continually be active on the website chat on a regular basis and Jim no longer part of the team anymore the desire to have a chat on our website is a lot lower then I wanted it. 

Staff Page: Since there is hardly a team anymore, I've also done away with the staff page but if you wanna know Tiala is a Moderator for my Fan Page and Billy is a Manager for me. You will see him make posts from time to time if I need him too but like I said I am on my own but have help to make sure the trolls are at bay at all times.

Menu Bar and Pages: The menu bar has been tweaked again and pages have been removed from the website, community chat, staff have been removed, CBOTW Gamers Podcast has been removed as well as the RSS feed for that podcast. 

                   So those are the updates and there are a lot of updates to my website and also social and that one RSS feed is now no longer existing. I feel good to still have a Moderator and a Manager and I do not wanna make anymore changes and just go with the flow of things. I am sticking to my word with this and not going to turn back to the old method of having a team at one point. I am keeping it and nobody can change as it is my decision and my decision only and at least it is a ton less stress on my hands and happy in the end. I think it was long coming to these changes and it was definitely time. 


Monday, October 5, 2020

I'm Back and Changing My Routine A Bit!

            Well I'm back to running the day to day operations and me being the Owner once again. Now I know what you guys will say you need to take time off for myself and honestly things are going to change moving forward. On weekends, I am doing nothing regards to ChrisBOnTheWeb on weekends and why Jim our Community Manager will be keeping an eye on things answer social media questions and email inquires over the weekends so this way I can relax a bit more and take weekends off. Only time I'd work on a Sunday is if I recorded Power Rangers Podcast episodes and he is here in the studio but recently with CoVid-19 we're currently recording via Skype during the week at this time. However that is besides the point really. Also if it really comes down workload I will work the occasional weekends but I am not going to push the envelope as that is one of the reasons why I took 2 weeks away from the day to day operations of the website and group. Not only that but the trolls started to get to me and disrespect towards my staff and people being rude in general. 

            Either way I am very happy to be back to the day to day operations and being able to talk to you guys without not saying much minus a couple of posts on social media post and the one blog post that I did recently. That kind of helped me make that decision to return to ChrisBOnTheWeb and I am glad I did. I am really happy that I made that decision to come back sooner then I thought. I honestly thought it would of been a month before I returned to CBOTW and I really have been struggling to decide to come back but now is most definitely the time to make the return to ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now is the time for me to make the move to continue to grow this thing and I honestly it has even with me away from the day to day operations handed to Jim things progressed well under his leadership. However I am back and that is what matters. I am not going to push myself too much in the first. I do not wanna have a relapse of being stress and already started to stress myself out entirely but I am taking my time one thing at a time and my main focus this week is to get that darn Wild Force that is not even remotely near finished. I may have to work one or two weekends to get these notes as I plan on recording the following weekend after our Canadian Thanksgiving but we'll see how I do this week. 


Sunday, September 6, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [09-05-2020]

              Here we are with another week which has been busy for all of us here at ChrisBOnTheWeb. We have a few updates on projects and on our website that Chris has made to our website to improve things. Anyways here is the updates:

- Website: The website has been once again tweaked as Chris added to the CSS code so the banner you see on the top is now centered. Also you can notice the banner is a lot bigger then it was and honestly it looks good. 

- Chris: He is returning to blogs tomorrow, it has been long coming for him to spend 30 minutes to actually write a post on a regular basis. He shouldn't stop writing posts if he don't have to but he had to due to Power Rangers Podcast and it takes 30 - 40 mins to write a post tops. 

- Entertainment Man Podcast: Today is the big day and 2 hours or less from the time you are seeing this and he has been excited for you guys to see what he recorded which he was a little picky on the length but he is going to fix that for next week's podcast to the normal length that he wants but we hope you enjoy the episode. 

- Power Rangers Podcast: We are finally getting back into the podcast and typing up notes for the podcast and working countless hours to get it done and to actually have it sent to Larry hopefully before the end of this month.

                 There are the updates that I have for this week and I hope you all have wonderful week and I will be speaking to you guys next weekend with another weekly update on what is going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb.

- CBOTW Team

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb 6 Year Anniversary Plans?

             This media group is getting close to it's 6th Anniversary, to be exact, November 14th is our anniversary. Well, I have already worked on tweaking our current logo and banners for  this very website and social media platforms that we have. I am not going to make overall big deal but yeah 6 years is a long time for us but I just think it is a good idea to not make overall big deal however my staff gave me the idea to do a video about some of the different favorite moments that we have been through over the years and honestly since it was a split between YouTube and Podcasting but don't worry I have some ideas and it is on my list. As you know I am near finished with Wild Force and will be typing up the notes but soon as that is finished I am going to work on this Anniversary stuff as I plan to take a week off from Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast stuff and I think I wanna get this done. 

              Now when are the logo and banners going live on the website? I was set on October 1st, 2020 but I have decided to put the logos up everywhere on September 1st, 2020 and it will remain up till January 1st, 2021! Now video I did mention will be up on November 14th around 1 pm EST on Facebook Page and Instagram Pages and I cannot wait for you guys to see the video and I even do not know what is on it as it hasn't been recorded as of yet at this moment, however it will be soon recorded but I am planning to hopefully next week at the latest but we will see how far I get with the notes and I woke up during the night during a thunderstorm originally so decided to get some work done but it is on my long list of things to do before the Anniversary day arrives and we get to celebrating. Finally, I may do a premiere on Facebook for this video as well on top of a Live Stream with Staff in the evening if they want to but that is a discussion for us to have down the road but I would like us to do a FB Live and even if it was on my own that was fine too but again that is up to the staff and I but we will let you guys know the plan for that day soon on the line-up. I got a ton of ideas right now including airing an old classic episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show! Also a collaboration podcast with Larry but again I will let you guys know soon on a schedule throughout the day. 


Sunday, August 9, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [07-09-2020]

                Here are the weekly update for ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now there wasn't much going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb as it has been a very quiet but dramatic week. As you guys know Chris and Larry drama happened on our Facebook Page live which shouldn't have happened really. Chris could of muted the video version of the podcast aka FB or go to the main image screen and put up text however I have news one what happened:

- Chris and Larry mend fences after he debacle and they successfully finished up recording and we're now piecing this puzzle together and hopefully this week we will upload it and post it up here on the website for you guys to hear. It is a very long podcast but we will get it edited and posted up sometime and there will be an announcement on our Social Media accounts to when it is up!

- Chris has got a program where he is able to bring Skype calls to the Audacity Program which definitely makes things a lot easier and Chris actually has tested it out and figured out how to work. He has to tweak a couple of computer settings but it's easy to setup and he has an idea how to work with it and it will do until he can get the gear for the Mix-Minus setup on the mixer in the studio.

- The Boss Man has confirmed it that there is no plans to lift the social distancing rule so he has already put it in place that him and Larry will be recording Power Rangers Podcasts via Skype until further notice which is totally fine but this could change, this could change, it could not change it is a day to day basis as the studio remains in lock down and has been for nearly 5 months now. 

Will be chatting with you guys next week,

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates For 06-07-2020

            It is time for the weekly updates for Chris B On The Web for this week and it has been a stressful week for not just me but Chris. He's been under so much stress, there has been so much drama with some staff and  fans but he's fixed things with one of his fans and he wants nothing but the best for the team and the fans. 

1) He's made changes which I will not talk about publicly but it was a tough decision for him. He has to do what's right for the podcast and he's on the right track honestly and he's doing the right thing right now. 

2) The discord server erupted in drama and to the point we had to make the decision to shut down the server. We may make one down the road but we may not but it is a big thing to do. Him and I both deleted our accounts and I think it is the right direction for right now. 

3) Chris recorded a 2 hour and 28 minute podcast last night and currently being worked on. He was up most of the night editing Everything About Reality TV Podcast as he was really just wound up from the last night. 

4) This brings me back to the top topic of the recent drama and problems. Chris has taken some time off social media and left the team and myself to watch the Facebook and Twitter Pages. He hopefully will be back this week and myself, Larry and Chris (Reality Teas) will be keeping an eye on things while he is off Social. I will be taking over the blog for a few days till he's ready to return. 

5) We are still monitoring the Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada and to when it is going to happen so that is one of the other things that is stressing him out the most and he's under immense pressure especially with the YouTube Channel starting but we think it's in a good phase and this first episode that's going up is going to probably explode the channel right outside the gate. Then followed by the preview for Tough As Nails. So if Big Brother 22 isn't going to happen then he has Tough As Nails. We're trying to bring content and Chris (Reality Teas) may pop up here and there for a podcast but it hasn't been discussed fully but it is in the works! We're going to make it work. If Amazing Race 32, and there is no Survivor 41 due to the circumstances of the virus then he has a second plan in his mind and you guys will definitely like it. 

6) Finally he is working on Power Rangers Podcast but has struggled as he has been editing non stop the last couple of days but he is going to watch it this week and he plans to be on track for Mid July if not that early Fall. With everything going on he may be forced to put the production on hold but he's working hard to stay on track and wants to get it done by next week. There is my updates and I will chat with you all tomorrow.

- The CBOTW Team

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Update [05-24-2020]

              Well another week is here and it is time for another weekly update for Chris B On The Web. This week has been a bit of an unproductive as our boss man has had issues with sleep and unable to produce but did sleep last night for the first time in a week.  So today at some point he will be working on things. Anyways here is what is going on:

1. I want to address something that has bothered me for the last week or so. The amount of disrespect towards our Founder, Owner and Creator and to the Staff here @ Chris B On The Web. To maliciously call our content boring for no reason then to call us Trolls, is unacceptable. We work day in day out on content and to improve the quality of the website and we're getting there but show us respect, we're trying the hardest we can and without Chris part of CBOTW this weekend makes things a bit more difficult without him online this weekend and taking a personal weekend off from social media. 

2. We or I tried to tweak the website this morning so it had more of a sleek view for the website but that was a no go so the site went down briefly for an hour while I re-coded the menu and CSS which has actually been saved to a word doc like the pages as well. I apologize for the slight inconvenience but we're back up and running smoothly again. 

3. Everything About Reality TV- We are waiting an additional week. We have two OFF Season podcasts that are awaiting going up. Now there is a podcast coming out with both Chris and Larry and I think this week Chris needs to focus on Power Rangers Podcast as he has to get it done and get it done in a timely manner. It will be back and we wanna do a couple of Off Season podcasts and if we only do 2 or 3 Off Season Podcasts that's fine too. Also Chris is taking over the Survivor Recaps and will find a Big Brother Canada down the road when if and we know it will renewed.

4. Entertainment Man Podcast- It is still on Scheduled for the first week of June and he's keeping to it and is scheduling to record and edit it this week to get it done by the end of this week. He is going back to recording once a week and posting it up on Mondays @ 1 pm EST.

5. Power Rangers Podcast- As I said his sleep schedule has been not so good lately but with being up late or up all night but he could be working on Power Rangers Podcast. He hasn't been in the right frame of mind to work but today he's planning to watch episodes and really dig into it further this week. Hoping he's sleeping at night this week and we will see how that goes but his well-being comes first.

The CBOTW Team

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life After The Studio Renovations

                  Since my space has been recently renovated and I've been back, life is great at this point. Utilizing the space on a regular basis and been working non stop and been in my studio majority of the quarantine when I wasn't upstairs watching TV or playing games. Recently added a to part of and old desk piece to my side desk and trust me it's helped me a lot recently especially with storage. I need the extra storage but really I have a ton more room then I did before which is a great thing. Honestly I have recorded a bunch of podcasts even before the shelves went up but the point is, I love this space and been taking care of it on a regular basis. Even been wiping things down like the phone with the wipes to ensure no germs on it whatsoever. Dusting and vacuuming the rug that is under half of the furniture but with our super duper vacuum it made the floor really makes the cleaning job awesome!

                  Don't get me wrong, I love this studio and there will be a ton of recording done in here! Only thing is there will not be any guests in studio at this moment and I am excited to continue to record podcasts and the future and many memories we will make with this studio. I am sure we will have a lot of new memories. It is nice to have back the studio lights that use to light up the green screen which really renders useless at this point as there is no way to hang it up with the ceiling now so I kind of wish I had my chair against the wall and the green screen against the wall unit but would of been a bit difficult and quite a setup to do. However I have adjusted to the background that I have behind my chair and gotten adjusted to it honestly. This is probably the best setup I have ever had ever have and this is probably my favorite setup out of them all to be honest!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Moving Chris B On The Web Updates To Sundays!

                      So I have made the executive decision to move the weekly updates to Sundays instead of the usual Monday. Trying something different and I think it wasn't the right fit on Mondays but there is a bunch of reasons too but as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is on the horizon to return to the line-up here not just the website but on the other platforms and there has been proposed projects so this means I gotta make more time to post up them so definitely think the update on the first day of the week is the best move. Don't worry same kind of format, nothing is changing really to it and no plan to change the way I do the weekly updates. I really wish I did this sooner on the Sundays originally when this idea came to me for a weekly update on the happenings around the "CBOTW Community" however we are making this change now before any other major additions to the website. We're trying to gradually expand the website not expand so fast this is why we're taking our time on the pages. 

                    Either way, CBOTW is always evolving and always making the necessary changes that comes with the growth of this website as recently we have officially peaked over the 80K in the last year which is crazy for a small but now huge website. So again we're moving the updates to Sundays and one other thing to add on, it will not be me who does those, it will be one of my team members who does the updates. I have decided as the Founder/Owner to hand the reigns over to the Website Admin to make the necessary updates to the website each week so you will be hearing from me 6 days of the week. This is good too as I have been along with my team swamped with work and updates and just growing our brand even more. I know you guys understand and will enjoy the posts on Sundays as you guys enjoyed them on the Mondays and I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow. 

- Chris 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Chris B On The Web Update [04-27-2020]

           I know there is a ton of confusion, we were going to start going live but my staff expressed their opinions on things and honestly a lot has transpired with the team in the last week and things have become quite busy for us but that's OK, busy is good. The first thing that is on your mind is the podcasts. I will briefly explain Everything About Reality TV, I know I did post up the link and since then have removed it from social media and that is because we are not ready to promote it. We sprinted so fast out of the gate and honestly I was starting to become overwhelmed actually. However the YouTube channel is now staying quiet till we know further notice and when we announce the channel and we are still doing YouTube but we are just moving too fast and need to slow down. Problem we're having is we're just expanding way to fast and honestly I want to test the waters some more on things.  Now that is out of the way the other podcast that I have been withholding information not just you guys but the Staff that I just shared the news yesterday in the late day that we are, I mean Larry and I are planning to record another Power Rangers Podcast in July 2020. Now we do not know when and if we will be in studio together or through Skype or what the story behind this is so right as right now we are aiming for July. You don't wanna know the story behind it. I originally said the fall. I'm sure you're going to say, Chris what the heck are you doing?! We wait long enough for more episodes and you want to see the normal June but with this virus we are currently trying to gather our resources and this is taking a lot of time and planning as we have never recorded a Power Rangers Podcast that isn't in our Studio before. We have to figure out how Larry's going to print off the enormous amount of notes which he will get an actual copy of it when it's all said and done and he's able to come to studio again. I've got his email and will be sending it to him when the time comes. So please be patient and we will announce when it's time. We promise you, we are going to make it work one way or another.

              Either then that still working on the Audio ONLY and it is taking a lot of time to get finished and we will get it done eventually. We are waiting on announcements for Summer shows and we're just trucking along with the site stuff and redesigning it and fixing it up so you guys got an amazing website to go on. Daily blogs, podcasts twice a week right now just keeping up with the Jones so to speak. I know there is a ton of stuff going on right now and in time we will be figuring out stuff. I understand your frustration with us but from the production stand point of things, we need to announce things when it's more necessary. We did not discuss it further and should of been discussed before we implement the plan. I promise you we will be careful what we share moving forward and if we are sure on our decision we will mention it. Hope you guys have a great start to your week and I will see you guys in another post tomorrow. Oh one last thing if you guys would like to see posts from other members of Staff or more blogs besides myself, please let me know in the comments below. We value, your opinion and it helps us grow as a website.

- Chris

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

So Proud of My Team!

             Despite the changes with CBOTW involving COVID-19, I am proud of my team. We have made progress to fixing things from our own homes despite the studio being locked down to me only in the studio while this virus is happening. I know I haven't been the easiest person to get along with recently but my team has been nothing but amazing helping out as much as they can with things and it is nothing but a uphill battle from here. As you know I am watching Big Brother Canada and getting ready to start recording. I have most of the teams support minus one person which I have to try and convince him this is the best move for me.  I know my team is understanding and even my team stepped up with Everything About Reality TV.  Meaning Billy will eventually be taking over the Survivor Recaps hopefully in the fall and we hope to stay in the same scheduling but that is for a later date to be discussed as we haven't talked about that yet along with the collaboration podcast. Not just Staff but my Alumni have been a big help with things with some of the tough decisions that I have had to make recently with the changes that have been implemented.

              Either or, I consider even my alumni part of the team as they have even voiced their opinions especially at this really hard times that we are going through. Either way we are hanging in there and able to deal with some of the craziness and as long as we continue to communicate with one another we should definitely be OK over the next few weeks. Right now we are taking things one day at a time and when things get better which already are improving a tad as we haven't had as many cases of the virus today which is a improvement and let's hope it can stay this way moving forward. Right now the team and I are  discussing things for the remainder of April, May and June and how it will be affecting us in a big way as some production may end up halted. I'm fearing that Power Rangers Podcast will not happen now but least my team got my back and are there for me. My team and myself are in this together and going to try and keep things moving.


Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Studio Update [03-30-2020]

              So here is another update for you guys. The ceiling in my area is mainly done for the most part and towards the side wall still needs to be finished. Currently we have removed the book shelves that you see on the left hand side of the pic to the right of this first part of the post. This was to finish that wall entirely and we have to paint the covered up wall as that is one of the reasons and we put in trim around and honestly It looks not too nice but we haven't finished with it yet so in time it will look a ton better and not sure what the other wall by the door it's gonna look a bit odd but I guess in time I will be getting use to it and probably will not even noticed it as normally my back is turned to the door technically.

             As you guys can see that is how far we are and I believe today we are working on the ceiling and my dad will need my help as it will be a L Shape of a piece for the ceiling. and the other part you cannot see but going at the edge you will see no ceiling and at the very end there but that is the next few steps to get done and finished. So now it is pretty much it is the finishing touches to the ceiling and then paint that one wall and finish off edging at the corners. So what I am trying to say is it's the small stuff right now that we are finishing up at the moment. However a lot more progress has been made and by Monday's next actual update, I will have a bigger update for you guys with the next progress of this reno as we are now officially 4 months into this reno going into our 5th month next month.I honestly cannot wait till this is all done and we're back to normal here.


Monday, February 24, 2020

What's Next For The Studio?

          I know I haven't said much about the studio renovation. Honestly there is stuff to be done around the studio and this is the post what has to be done with the studio, at least my side of things at the most:

1) Ceiling: The ceiling still has the insulation hanging down at some areas and we need to get the drop ceiling put in. It is the last step honestly that needs to be done in the studio renovation. All we have to do is install the frame for the drop down then put in the ceiling titles which isn't overly too heavy, I don't think but we will see when it goes up.

2) Shelves: The Shelves for the most part have to go up and get things back so this way I can go unpack things in studio in the boxes that are at the far side of the studio. There is two sections as we know, there was two shelves technically.

3) Whiteboard: I need to put the whiteboard back in the studio on the right hand side of me where the second microphone is but it makes life so much easier to stay on track with things with the daily activities in the studio.

4) Cork Board: I am adding in the studio the newest thing to the space and that is a cork board which I can put up pictures my niece and nephew have made for me and some other things like reminders and what not.

5) Unpacking: The final step is to unpack everything and put them back on the shelf and I have to find somewhere to put the blue bin as I don't think even on the shelves it will hold it up and not going to take a risk whatsoever with it.

           I do not know what the plan is with the green screen. I do not think I will be honestly using the Green Screen again in the very nearby future as it will be tough to setup with a drop down ceiling without it pulling it down on top of me honestly. I think from here on here it will be sitting on the side and not used from here on out. Also the lights I do have a plan with it and it will be used just have to get the shelves set up. Finally when I get some of the steps done I will continue to update you guys with what is going around with the studio that is a promise I am giving you guys. 


Friday, February 21, 2020

The History of Chris B On The Web

           Chris B On The Web as you guys know to this day, was founded by me in 2014 not to replace but more on a independent YouTuber. Yes The Entertainment Man Talk Show continued on and I will get into the history of the project on Sunday's post. It remained on the air between 2014 and 2015 so it was pretty much short lived on the air as we recorded our very last episode at the start of June 2015. The project was immediately put on a hiatus between June 2015 and June 2016. However we vlogged on a daily basis and you guys really enjoyed it but after 700 + days of Vlogging on a regular basis, sick or not sick that was ended in 2015 at the end of the year when we stopped Daily vlogging to keep going on the projects.  In 2014 till March 2015, I had my first podcast "The Chris B Podcast" with Charlie. In 2016, we started to lose Staff left and right leaving Justin and I to fend for ourselves. We actually were so close to a renewal for a 7th Season of the Series but due to no staff to help film and record, the series was finally cancelled in June 2016. Also as you guys know Everything About Reality TV started with Larry in 2015 and he was involved with it up to January 2016 when he left Chris B On The Web. However the podcast continued on without him and if I remember he made an appearance on the podcast that spring for the Big Brother Canada Season 4 Finale Recap after him and I made amends with him and he agreed to come on. 

           He was also given that Title of Co-Founder due to him helping me out in the early years. He also appeared at the Big Brother Canada 5, 6 and 7 Finale Recaps on the podcast as well.  In June 2016, we saw the end of my YouTube career after nearly 10 years on the platform. Justin remained with me till May 2017 when I went entirely on my own. Also September the podcast went on Audio ONLY for Everything About Reality TV and again there will be a history post about it tomorrow.  In 2018 Larry and I joined forces and formed our Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the rest of that is pretty much history. Also in 2019, we saw the addition of Billy and in 2020 we also saw the addition of Jasmine to Everything About Reality TV. Pretty much I am happy with the team we have currently and I think I am just going to leave things as they are for now and it is better for us to stay put for now but like I have said this is only the beginning. I will see you in the next post tomorrow!


Thursday, January 23, 2020

What A Typical Day In The Studio Is Like

             A Typical day has at least 3 different scenarios depending on the day and my sleep patterns which honestly stink right now but there is 3 different typical days for me and here they are:

Scenario 1: Up around 3 - 4 am EST, and start with a blog post unless they are pre-written. Then usually working on other things such as planning out podcasts and recording, editing. Also a typical Podcast day where it has to go up that is a high pressure day to getting it recorded and edited. 

Scenario 2: Up half the night like the other night, in bed at 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 am EST working on things around the studio as I said in the first one but I would be up sometimes at 11 am to even 2 pm which gives me a late start of the day which honestly are my least favorite of the shifts but somehow I seem to manage.

Scenario 3: The final scenario is in bed at 6 pm all the way to 12 am, sometimes 1 or 2 am EST. Only reason I have been doing that to get work done and night time seems to be the most productive time for me in my honesty opinion.

               However I want to get back to going back to bed at 845 - 930 pm EST as this is getting ridiculous going to bed and being up early in the day so honestly I am going to make the change where I am going to be following Scenario 1 more then anything as that has worked in the past and it was a steady sleep schedule. Honestly tho my sleep has been a ton better but I think my sleep is the upmost importance actually. This is my 3 different scenarios but they vary from a  day to day basis depending how I feel as well so that is why our Facebook Page the private messaging to the Fan Page is set to away between Midnight and 9 am EST is because Staff here are most likely in bed and we will get back to you so that is what a typical that looks like.


Monday, December 30, 2019

CBOTW Upcoming Schedule Late December 2019/Early 2020

              I know I have been hyping it up on social media recently and it is time to remind you guys on some changes made recently in the last 12 hours or longer to CBOTW. As you know I have been struggling with getting back into the swing of things but I have tweaked my schedule and yesterday I am guilty of not following my damn schedule (LOL). Oh well, I'm da boss I can take time off when I want but like I said there is no time for rest as we're close to the re-launch of one of the Podcasts soon and you will know as you read further into this post. Here are the changes:


As you know we are in the holiday season and the studio here which is currently very quiet here right now but it is about to become 10x busier soon. Below this is the schedule between now and the new Year which has been posted also to social media a few days ago as well:

Mon, Dec 30th, 2019- All Day
Tues, Dec 31st, 2019- Half a Day
Wed. Jan 1st, 2020- Studio Closed
Thurs. Jan 2nd, 2020- Regular Schedule


January 14th, 2020: Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast will be posted up. Not sure if it will be me or my other host that is not confirmed yet but once I have an idea if their going to post anything up, you will definitely be first to know!

February 2020: No OFFICIAL Date yet for Power Rangers Podcast but yes it is on the timetable in the New Year to be recorded and if I have to I will do it at this tiny desk we will but it will be done and posted up for you guys. This is the OFFICIAL word it is coming back and it is in the plans and it has been a long wait but it is returning and both Larry and I apologize for any delays.

February 4th, 2020: Will be the official Start for our 13th Season of Everything About Reality TV with Survivor: Winners At War Preview Podcast a week and 2 days before we air the first recap of the season.

               There is the list of when projects/podcasts are returning to it's normal regular schedule programming in 2020. Right now we're on a bit of a hiatus but blog posts will continue to be a regular thing around the website and we appreciate your understanding during this holiday season and hope you all are having a wonderful holiday as I sure am and enjoying the time with my family as well. I will see you all tomorrow for the final post of 2019 as we ring in the New Year, 2020!


Sunday, November 24, 2019

I'm Impressed With The Growth and More!

              I admit sitting back and looking at the growth of the website it is just amazing to watch the site grow and grow and every month it seems to get more then the previous months so it is going up hill in views not down so that is definitely a good thing. However it is exciting to watch on a daily basis to see the viewership on a day to day basis and it truly does help too. Before when I was on the other provider for the web builder which I will not mention who as they kept suspending my site I wasn't getting as much in the way of views but since I switched to Blogger the website views have gone up and I can say I am getting closer to 60K  on this site and its been almost a year since I switched over entirely and I am really happy with the result. Another thing I found and really like about the site I have a bit more freedom and I have learned so much about code when it comes to the website too. Also I may as well point this out is the amount of change I have made to the website has probably a big factor in the growth of the website and you guys really have enjoyed the changes. I was thinking about the menu bar since back in the early spring of this year and I started the research stages but ever since it was released it has become quite a popular website.

               The website will continue on growing for years to come and I am sure the more people promote the website and the more I post up on social the better. Same with the posts. Honestly with the addition of Jeff L and Steven aka Corvette this website is definitely going to grow a lot more and that post will come January 1st, 2020 which will be my official yearly what is to come in 2020 and what not. Right now my team and I are working on the future planning of CBOTW and the chat being the new addition to the website is only the start which again tomorrow I will be talking about chat and how you guys can get involved with chatting on there and the basics behind the chat as I did forget to mention how you are able to chat here on the website outside of any of the social media platforms that CBOTW is on at this current time. In the end I am very impressed with the website growth and the podcast growth since I made some changes to the podcast itself so it have definitely made a difference over the last several days and I have noticed the growth with the podcast as well. I will continue to grow things and come 2020 it is going to be amazing I can tell you that and I cannot wait to tell you guys what is in-stored for 2020!