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Monday, May 22, 2023

I'm Back In The Saddle!

           Well I am back in the saddle after being away from doing fresh blogs for you guys. It has been a busy, emotional last few weeks and now I am in the healing stage and yes literally healing stage. For those who didn't know, I ended up having a freak accident by cutting my hand with glass where you could see my tendon in my hand which isn't very good whatsoever. So I was in the hospital a week ago to get stitches. Tomorrow I'm getting those stitches out of my hand hopefully it's healed enough for it but I think it is. 

           Also the last week where all blogs and podcasts have been done and finished, well I had a hard time taking notes for The CBOTW Show which I know I have to explain at the end of the week cause a lot has happened since getting back here. I will talk more about that at the end of the week. Trip was good got there safely, despite we had to take off and go for a second time around for final approach. Coming back we went south of Toronto Island and Billy Bishop Airport aka Toronto Island Airport. Took us a while to get home afterwards. Also got myself a Quebec key chain, Montreal Expos hat and a Quebec hoodie. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Thursday, March 3, 2022

Surprise Blog Post!

              Surprise! I decided to do a surprise post as I am just too excited to say I am back and things are on the rise for ChrisBOnTheWeb! I know I have been radio silent all week but making update posts when I can and I have to thank Savannah for keeping those who are in the ChrisBOnTheWeb Facebook Group Community as there has already been changes to the website here and I will talk about that on Saturday. I have a string of posts tomorrow and Saturday with Sunday being the only day off from posting as that is the normal Entertainment Man Podcast post. 

              As I said this morning the spam commenting has to STOP honestly. I am getting more and more frustrated with the spam comments here on the website like seriously?! I am at a point I need to start reporting these spam comments cause it has become now more frequent and friendly reminder this  website is completely english and it is hard to understand but either way I appreciate the comments but there is no need to spam the same thing over and over again. It does get annoying after a while and I see every comment and reply to every comment that you guys put on here on the blog.  This is the second week in a row that this has happened and honestly please do not spam. There is no need for the spam, like I said I read every comment and when my phone goes off and it's from the site I know that it is a comment. Just a friendly reminder there is no spam and it is on my site terms of use (TOU) and any spam will be removed and flagged and reported as spam. I have put Moderation to always moderate the comments and this is to stop these spammers and if worse comes to worst I will set comments where you have to login to comment.  That is my post for today, it is good to be back in the blogging seat again and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I'm Back! & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Schedule This Week!

                  So I am back with another blog and I know, it's been 4 days since my last post and I got some great news with the Collaboration Podcast but that will be little later on in today's post. Yea I was not happy and I took 2 days away from the blog but I am very thankful for having a management team, Billy, Tiala and Joe, without them I probably been a mess mentally right now. However I have been working on things and getting a move on the next collab podcast and of course my normal podcast which by the time you see this post I have recorded it and started the editing process with it and also watching the virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony with my dad.  Also working on Power Rangers Ninja Storm as well. Ever since being off from the blog, I have been sleeping early evening up to midnight and up during the night and sleeping a bit in the mornings which I have to honestly fix the sleep issue and I am trying. My sleep is so wacky right now it's not even funny. I was up majority of the night and will stay up till 9 as it is a single episode of Amazing Race tonight as the next two weeks is a double episode of Amazing Race so 4 legs of the race is 2 hours both weeks. Anyways I will be in bed by 9 pm EST and I should be asleep till 3 am EST at the most maybe 4 am but we'll see. 

                 Now to the announcement portion of this blog post: tomorrow evening, both Larry and I will be recording our next Collaboration Podcast for Power Rangers Wild Force Collab Podcast. I am excited we finally get to record the podcast and we get to release another episode of the podcast together. Now due to COVID-19, we will once again be recording VIA Skype as we are still practicing our social distancing from one another and it's been 8 months since I have seen Larry in person but we are committed to recording the podcast even if it is online. His mic here in the studio isn't going anywhere, it sits there waiting for his return. Now the announcement for the post up is coming and maybe by mid week next week it will be up and posted up. One last thing I can say we are aiming for Ninja Storm in December and Dino Thunder in January which then we will be on hiatus and of course gives me time to figure things out and get caught up with watching seasons on the side. That is all I have to say for today's blog post and I will see you on tomorrow's blog post. It is good to be back.


Monday, October 5, 2020

I'm Back and Changing My Routine A Bit!

            Well I'm back to running the day to day operations and me being the Owner once again. Now I know what you guys will say you need to take time off for myself and honestly things are going to change moving forward. On weekends, I am doing nothing regards to ChrisBOnTheWeb on weekends and why Jim our Community Manager will be keeping an eye on things answer social media questions and email inquires over the weekends so this way I can relax a bit more and take weekends off. Only time I'd work on a Sunday is if I recorded Power Rangers Podcast episodes and he is here in the studio but recently with CoVid-19 we're currently recording via Skype during the week at this time. However that is besides the point really. Also if it really comes down workload I will work the occasional weekends but I am not going to push the envelope as that is one of the reasons why I took 2 weeks away from the day to day operations of the website and group. Not only that but the trolls started to get to me and disrespect towards my staff and people being rude in general. 

            Either way I am very happy to be back to the day to day operations and being able to talk to you guys without not saying much minus a couple of posts on social media post and the one blog post that I did recently. That kind of helped me make that decision to return to ChrisBOnTheWeb and I am glad I did. I am really happy that I made that decision to come back sooner then I thought. I honestly thought it would of been a month before I returned to CBOTW and I really have been struggling to decide to come back but now is most definitely the time to make the return to ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now is the time for me to make the move to continue to grow this thing and I honestly it has even with me away from the day to day operations handed to Jim things progressed well under his leadership. However I am back and that is what matters. I am not going to push myself too much in the first. I do not wanna have a relapse of being stress and already started to stress myself out entirely but I am taking my time one thing at a time and my main focus this week is to get that darn Wild Force that is not even remotely near finished. I may have to work one or two weekends to get these notes as I plan on recording the following weekend after our Canadian Thanksgiving but we'll see how I do this week. 


Monday, September 14, 2020

I'm Back and I Got Concerns!

               I know it has been a while since i was around posting up regular daily posts recently and the reason was cause of the drama which I will not get into but my mental health has honestly been bad recently. That is why I've been on and off making posts recently and it is hard for my team to keep up with the posts on a regular day but I am trying to deal with all of this and get the work done within the studio especially podcasts for Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Podcast which I should have an update by end of the week if we will be going through an renewal as I am need of answers and so are you guys too! It has been long coming since all of this craziness whether we will be indeed renewing the collaboration podcast or not and I have a funny feeling that it will be happening I have that positive set and mind it will return for yet another section of the series here on our website. That has been one of my concerns with the amount of views we got and least we got views that is what matters, we're getting more views on the collaboration podcast then my own personal podcast but my podcast is newer and people have to discover it and are already discovering it. 

               The next thing I wanna address is our Facebook Page which has really gone down hill for the last month and I honestly have thought about closing it down and focusing on Twitter and Instagram like we use to but I have to remember we still have 56 loyal fans on the fan page and I just do not feel like I wanna turn my back on the fans on there or any fans. Yeah we have had some troll and disrespectful people recently but all we have to do is block or ban them from the page and I know and you guys know I do not like to ban people if I do not have to but I am just getting tired of the disrespect and b.s. that is coming with it and at this point if I have to ban, I will ban, no warning nothing. I've had to do that with 4 people already and I know we lose likes cause of it but we just want to keep the positive and no drama and for the most part we keep to ourselves and trying to not post negativity on our page.  That is my post and I am for the most part I am back and I will see you guys in tomorrow's blog post!


Monday, August 10, 2020

I Have Returned!

        Well hello there, long time no see! LOL. I know it's a long time since I have spoken to you guys and I think it was actually was when before we started having bugs with the blogging interface here on the website when I was here but I believe I have been gone almost 2 weeks without communication with you guys and there was a reason and I am going to tell you guys; It was the Power Rangers Podcast obviously as you probably figured once you heard the announcement that we were coming back. Anyways recently, I've been taking time off from things as I have been exhausted from doing all of this and well deserved after I have worked long, long hours actually. We are in the midst of editing between myself and my community manager, we're working extra hours on the podcast to get it done and we will. This was a really strange podcast say to least. So I decided to wait till a start of a new week to come back and start posting up on the blog again and I am glad to be back into posting on a everyday basis but could be a day I miss or get our community manager to cover again but most part, I am definitely back. 

          It is good to be back and to be honest, I missed talking to you and I found it hard not being able to give you guys information to what's going on. Yeah, I posted from time to time on Social Media to say hey but gave absolutely no information to you guys where I've been and not saying anything. However that is behind and I promise to give you guys more of a notice if I disappear again for this long. Only reason I went off the radar is because the deadline for Time Force was looming close for both Larry and I so I had to go off the grid for 10 - 14 days to get it done and I wish I could of told you why. I mean I should of told you why is what I meant. However I look forward to posts this week. Finally I really hope that I am going to be able the podcast up by Friday or Saturday this week as this is a huge podcast and it's taking us time to edit and put together this very complicated podcast due to the tech issues we had last week but stay tune for time and day on Social Media and I will speak to you guys tomorrow.


Thursday, June 11, 2020

I'm Back To Blogging!

           After several days of not blogging and taking some time off from the blogging and having my staff take it over on the blog here on the website, I have returned! As you know I was under so much stress in the past week and this week, I have dealt with some much drama I just was at a breaking point and I made that decision to walk away for a bit from social media and the website but still do the workload offline. However I was answering messages from friends and I was still active on my personal accounts I.E. Instagram as I was podcasting last weekend with a special guest which drops this weekend on Saturday. Anyways I have been editing the last couple of days and still going at it as this podcast that is dropping is 2 hrs and 28 mins long which probably be less on Audio ONLY but more on Video as any of that content on there will be unedited actually. Also been preparing this week's episode and a bonus episode on Monday hopefully by Sunday we will be announcing when Big Brother is coming on and if it will and also the plan for the YouTube channel. 

            There is a ton of work to be done either way and you probably noticed the last 1.5 days I became a bit more active and took the Twitter over in the last day and a half and that was a sign I was ready to start be active again and that is a good thing cause originally wasn't planning on coming back till Monday next week and taking a week off Social. Thank goodness I have a team to keep an eye on things while I was away. Now I do have to address something on Saturday about the whole YouTube thing as there was concerns with recent changes but I will address all of that Saturday's post and I am writing it this morning.  So I am back and I am raring to go with more content for you guys and excited to what we are going to be bringing to you guys! 


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Where Have I Been The Last 4 Days?

            I know the last 4 days I went sort of AWAL from this website and I have been busy behind the scenes. I will explain in today's post what has been going on with Chris B On The Web. So I was behind on podcasts for Everything About Reality TV and I had to catch up during the weekend so that was problem # 1 and I just didn't get a chance to post. I think over the last 4 day I forgot to just open blogger and write something. However a break was good for me and during the last 4 days I really had no ideas honestly. I need to come up with more ideas and this week I am promising you something interesting which involves my trip to Owen Sound, Ontario and yes that's right I'm heading north Thursday (tomorrow) for the entire day so that is why the podcast is scheduled for the next day. Also I had to record the Tuesday Podcast yesterday so I again had to put off a post even though I said I was going to post it up on here but I tried to get sleep instead after spending time with my mom so I didn't plan that out very well and usually I like to the get the posts done in the morning when I get up or in this case I wrote this in the middle of the night.

            So I have been busy with projects and getting ready to go with some new things and do not know when it will start as I am still waiting if CBS will renew Big Brother down in the U.S for a 21st Season or not and honestly Eric and Dave don't think it will happen so now I need to figure out Everything About Reality TV's schedule for the summer which I am going to update you guys on that next week as next week is another busy week for me as finales are here, Big Brother Canada 7 Finale is next week which the schedule for next week is back to it's regular schedule again. The following week is the Survivor Edge of Extinction finale so things are slowing down for this podcast. However, Power Rangers Podcast not so much and yes that is a subtle hint that I am close to it coming back and an announcement is coming in the next 2 - 3 weeks from now! Trust me it is very exciting news and both Larry and I been talking about it with the other Alumni for CBOTW and my Staff as well. So I have been busy with getting the episodes done and I am now 15 episodes away from finishing Power Rangers In Space and all everything I said above and I know you guys understand why I have been quiet here on the site but I haven't disappeared, been active on social media but also just been working hard on content for you guys and yes I know I have been active on this site much. Lots of stuff is coming and cannot wait to reveal it all!


Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Know I Went Silent On Here....

              I know it has been 2 days since a post up and lately I have been bad with posting up blog posts but I do have an explanation and by tomorrow's post, you guys will know the truth behind it. If you follow me on social media, you kind of know the truth what has transpired in the last 24 - 48 hours. All I can say I was busy with maintenance with the Everything About Reality TV Podcast feed and that is all I can really say. However I can say with me going radio silent on here it was in all good intentions as I am thinking big picture with my podcasts and Larry and my Alumni know the plan as him and I had quite the discussion last night about things and including the Power Rangers Podcast which right now is on a bit of a "Hiatus" from recording and it is going nowhere even with the current news I have made on social media and like I said tomorrow, I will be exposing the entire truth and what the future is going to look like. 

                I wish I had the time last night to do regular posts but I am sure with the craziness of my posts on social, mainly Twitter as I went AWAL on Instagram for several days so I am busy as heck. Today I got to catch up with you guys what is going on and I admit today I was feeling depressed a bit but it seemed to be lifted an hour after I got home from being out. It's nothing just me dealing with personal things, friendships right now up and down and it started to bother me a bit more today. However I am going to be fine.  There has been a lot happening behind the scenes and hence the reason I posted up the first Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 up this afternoon compare to it supposedly being up at 8 pm EST last night.  However I am in a transition period right now with the podcast and making the necessary changes with Chris B On The Web. There is always room for improvement and I have started to make those changes now. 

              The one thing I can say officially is I am close to getting the domain back up and running, it is in deletion mode which means it is getting very close to it being available for me to purchase. No it will not be with HostGator or 000webhost which I rather not mention. It will be with blogger obviously and I will let you know when the change has been made and what links you will have to go to from here on out but I am sure it will redirect you to the main page once the domain is set and it will be a .com website, I know it will be the same domain as I had before.  I am sorry I haven't been active lately but I am back to a normal schedule now and promise to post more often.