Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Know I Went Silent On Here....

              I know it has been 2 days since a post up and lately I have been bad with posting up blog posts but I do have an explanation and by tomorrow's post, you guys will know the truth behind it. If you follow me on social media, you kind of know the truth what has transpired in the last 24 - 48 hours. All I can say I was busy with maintenance with the Everything About Reality TV Podcast feed and that is all I can really say. However I can say with me going radio silent on here it was in all good intentions as I am thinking big picture with my podcasts and Larry and my Alumni know the plan as him and I had quite the discussion last night about things and including the Power Rangers Podcast which right now is on a bit of a "Hiatus" from recording and it is going nowhere even with the current news I have made on social media and like I said tomorrow, I will be exposing the entire truth and what the future is going to look like. 

                I wish I had the time last night to do regular posts but I am sure with the craziness of my posts on social, mainly Twitter as I went AWAL on Instagram for several days so I am busy as heck. Today I got to catch up with you guys what is going on and I admit today I was feeling depressed a bit but it seemed to be lifted an hour after I got home from being out. It's nothing just me dealing with personal things, friendships right now up and down and it started to bother me a bit more today. However I am going to be fine.  There has been a lot happening behind the scenes and hence the reason I posted up the first Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 up this afternoon compare to it supposedly being up at 8 pm EST last night.  However I am in a transition period right now with the podcast and making the necessary changes with Chris B On The Web. There is always room for improvement and I have started to make those changes now. 

              The one thing I can say officially is I am close to getting the domain back up and running, it is in deletion mode which means it is getting very close to it being available for me to purchase. No it will not be with HostGator or 000webhost which I rather not mention. It will be with blogger obviously and I will let you know when the change has been made and what links you will have to go to from here on out but I am sure it will redirect you to the main page once the domain is set and it will be a .com website, I know it will be the same domain as I had before.  I am sorry I haven't been active lately but I am back to a normal schedule now and promise to post more often. 


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