Friday, January 25, 2019

The CBOTW Show is No More??

               To clarify the posts I made in the last 48 hours plus now, it is very much true, The CBOTW Show is no more. I have decided to pull it from Chris B On The Web, due to the lack of content and the views well were up and down, not as steady as Everything About Reality TV Podcast has and mind you that EAR TV has been around longer and I have been promoting the heck out of it so it makes a difference. I think the ideas were there, however as you remember The CBOTW Show was on a sporadic schedule and really that didn't help whatsoever. I think it would of helped to be on a regular schedule so it sure makes more sense. Now as you know both Power Rangers Podcasts and Music City CMT Recaps took a big part of The CBOTW Show. Well Power Rangers Podcasts I will touch on at a later date as their is work to be done. Music City CMT is now merged with Everything About Reality TV Podcast. What is the lineup for the podcast since the merger of Music City? It looks like this:

  • Survivor
  • Big Brother US
  • Celebrity Big Brother US
  • Big Brother Canada
  • Music City CMT
  • Amazing Race 
  • Amazing Race Canada

             There is the list and the list is just getting bigger but it is nothing I cannot handle. This is indeed a great lineup and I think Everything About Reality TV is going anywhere anytime soon. Just to make things clear currently the podcast is covering Celebrity Big Brother & Music City on CMT. This podcast is here to stay and like I have said as long as their is Reality TV Shows, I will be continuing this podcast and I am sure it will be around for many years to come I'm sure. 


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