Saturday, January 26, 2019 Is Back Up and Running!

                   Finally after 5 months of waiting for the domain to be open to putting it on this domain, it is officially back up and running now and I am so happy as you all know it was quite stressful to deal with over the last 5 months hence the reason I have grey hair now... LOL. I am excited as it opens the doors to more opportunities for me and plus it sure does make it look like professional website.  I actually like the way the website looks like now compare to when it was with that other provider which I will not name. From here on out the links will be different then it was before just a fair warning, some posts on Twitter will not work for you guys so all you have to do is go to and look at the posts and if you click on a specific post, it should work perfect.

                     You are going to ask what about the branding of the podcast, specifically Everything About Reality TV for example? Well, you guys will be hearing the branding I had last year, it will be back to that intro as I do not have to go and re-record the intro now, it is all good and ready to go. Now the collaboration podcasts I do like with Larry for example I need to re-record that and the collab intros have to be re-worked in which I will not need Larry in order to re do it as the intro can be worked in without me having to re introduce him. I am pretty good at the audio editing these days! It will definitely work out in the end but haven't gotten to that yet and I am glad I waited till the website returned to the .com first before having to re do it again so it sure does make the job a lot easier, that is for sure!

                    Finally I told you guys I would be getting the .com website back up and running, it just took a bit of time with the domain to expire and I am now on the permanent website from here on out which is great. I am looking forward to what the future brings with this website and I am imagine it will continue on with greater growth down the road too. I appreciate your patience throughout the rough roads we have gone through but were back and that is the main thing as that is one less stressful thing off my list. Please give me a couple of days to update graphics all around the social media as I need to update it all. 


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