Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Games I Would Like To Play This Year!

            To be quite honest, I have been delaying and delaying this post as I had other ideas I wanted to get out there first and finally posting this up and I wish I posted this up the second day of January but I didn't. Anyways into this post I am going to talk about games I would like to play this year. I got one of the games, Farming Simulator 19 and every time I bought a piece of equipment, my guy lost so much money and I looked it up and really found nothing honestly or answers to the fix. The game was nothing like Farming Simulator 17 and I was not impressed whatsoever. Here is a list of the games I want to play or have started:

1.   The Messenger, I watched Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 10 which he won that season & Big Brother 14 which he was the runner up for the season. I first did not really understand it but I gave it another shot and instantly loved the game and currently playing it on my spare time when I have spare time.

2.  Call of Duty 2, I have played Call of Duty ages ago and played it over many, many times and recently completed playing it through once and I want to play the second game and yes there is another Call of Duty on my List as well. I do want to continue on with these especially now that I have mastered the first one. The second game I did start to play, however got so stuck I just gave up on it... Yeah... I raged quit... smh....

3.  Call of Duty Black Ops III, Heard so much about this game and it does have a campaign which I rather play a campaign then multiplayer but from time to time you guys see me in the online world but I am more about that campaign life honestly.

4. The 4th game on my list is Life is Strange the first one as you all know I have played Before The Storm live on Twitch which mind you the channel is now down and been planning on returning to the site to do gaming streams from time to time. 

5. Life is Strange 2, why not finish off the franchise and get caught up on this franchise and i have heard a lot about the game too.

6. Punch Club, a game that I got a few years ago, the game glitched and I would like to finish it actually as it glitched on me apparently. 

                  There is my list and its an amazing list and every year I plan on updating the list as there will always be new games to play and I plan on playing these games this year and hopefully I will get threw this list this year but right now my primary focus is on The Messenger. It is going good and by the end of The Messenger, I will definitely do a video game review for you guys and what I thought of it. Which game is next? Probably will be getting Life is Strange that is on the list both 1 and 2 I would like to get and play first before the other 2 and I actually would play it in between podcasts but there is tons of games but these are definitely on my list and I should really finish the games I have first before purchasing it but I am pretty good at gaming as it is and finish games quite quickly. 


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