Monday, January 21, 2019

Broke A Bunch of Records With My Fit Bit Last Week!

             A Week ago today when I was in Toronto as you know by now as I have spoken in the last couple of days things that has gone on in the last week now. I broke a ton of records. I finally hit my 9 times of 250 steps which I rarely get all of em on a daily basis. I also broken over 12000 steps which is from time to time I can get to that number but last week I walked and I walked! Which I normally don't do. Average is normally between 4000 and 6000, sometimes more depending on my day if I am in the studio or out and about or gone to an appointment that is when the steps are really active but I try each and everyday to actually get steps in each and every day regardless if I am out or not. I even got my 250 steps per hour which is 9 times in a day so technically 9 hours of the day and I have reached that strive many times in the last while. I also burned a ton of calories but still made no different I ended up gaining a pound or two so that didn't really help at all. However it was a good feeling to be very active, especially adventuring in Toronto with my dad as we were all over the place throughout the day and honestly it was different from any other trip that was have been on in Toronto. Being in T.O gives me great opportunity to exercise and be out and about which is really good.

               Regardless a week ago, I am proud of myself with the achievements and when I say achievements, I mean I unlocked a bunch of achievements and I noticed my phone going off when back on WIFI I was getting emails, I believe about 2 or 3 emails to be exact that I actually got so I got a few of them to notify me of my achievements and trust me it feels good, it is a good feeling to have, knowing I have accomplished a lot in one day on my last day off before going back to Chris B On The Web. Do I think I will ever beat 18k in steps down the road? I really doubt it as it is a tough number now to beat to this day as it is a very big number but anything is possible and I would once again have to do a good long non stop walking in order to break 18,000 steps at this point. I really do not think I will break that anytime soon like I said the number is way to big for me to surpass. No I am not being negative just feel like it will be a tough goal to do right now but I do have some trips to T.O coming up with Dave in March and in April so I am sure I will be breaking 10k easily again!


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