Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weight Loss Update....

         Well, my weight went up again as I was at 222.8 pounds and now I am at 224.4 pounds, I may of over my calories count but yet I should of not gained 2 pounds if I went just over but never know what happened but moving forward I am going to be watching my calorie count which is the main focus on my diet is to have 1800 calories or less each and everyday. I mean it could be water weight from yesterday but we do not really know what caused me to go up. I could of gained a pound and the other pound is just water weight. I really gotta start trying harder with the weight loss and getting below 220 pounds and I am going to start taking some action with this. Today is a new day so I am going to take action and work hard to getting the weight back down. The calories is the major factor with my weight loss journey. I think when I do watch my calorie count that is when I end up losing the weight so I am working my $#@! off. 

          I am updating my goal as I do not wanna over push myself too hard with losing weight so my first goal for 2019 is to get myself to 215 pounds which is like 9 pounds from now. I have said this before, I want to actually go with small goals at a time and I want to even go 10 pounds at a time which isn't overly a large number at all so I can work with that and it is easier and I am not pressuring myself to work so hard to a point of me not eating. I am eating but not as much, the portion size is not as much and I have noticed I do not eat as much at meals which is good. Also I have been watching the bread and have 2 pieces of bread a week then just 1 on other days of the week. Amount of sugar is now limited per day which is good too.

               Either way once I lose the weight I am sure my knees will be feeling much better as I am in pain with my knees and I am sure I have done some damage to the knees with my weight and I am unsure if it will get better or I will need to do even more physio or something else, I just do not sure what the status of my knees will be once I am eventually at 200 pounds or my entire weigh goal down the road which is still the same goal as before, around 175 - 180 pounds which I know is a lot but in time I will be there. I have no timeline to losing the weight, like I said I am taking my time. Finally I have decided to go on a weight loss every 2 weeks instead of weekly as I feel like it is just better to do an update every second week.


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