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Friday, September 17, 2021

Weight Loss Update [09-17-2021]

                   I know this hasn't been a thing for a while as my weight went way up by 14 pounds but that has changed since as I haven't been eating much lately and my weight has suddenly been going downwards. I weighed in as of earlier this week at 236 pounds and now sitting 3 pounds lesser then usual. I continue to lose the weight and cut back on things and I plan on continuing to lose the weight each and everyday. I think the not eating definitely had an affect in my weight which is technically good really and I just gotta keep up with it and I can look back at this post to do a count when I do the next update at the end of October time and hopefully by then I am in the 220's again within 2 weeks so I guess I am going for a 10 pound limit. 

                   However I think I wanna do an update end of every month as I do not wanna bore you with the updates every 2 weeks I think it will be more appropriate and that usually lands once a month depending so the next update would be more then likely Oct 29th on the Friday. I know I haven't said much about the weight loss but trying my hardest to lose the weight and wanna get down to 210 by my doctors appointment. My new goal is 200 pounds by end of the year but that may not be a thing or even possible as I have to lose 33 pounds in 3 months but if I continue to lose I can do it. Few things I should remember to do is cut out cookies everyday, any sweets, sugars and what not and I should be able to lose the weight a lot quicker if I cut out the fatty, sweet stuff I should be good. Anyways that is my little update on the situation and I will talk to you guys all tomorrow for the weekly update that is now on Saturdays so have a great rest of your day and HAPPY TGIF!


Saturday, December 5, 2020

Weight Loss Updates [12-05-2020]

           I was on a good role with losing the weight but ended up gaining half of it back and no matter what I do how much less I eat, I always seem to gain the weight back. So I am gonna have to start restricting myself a bit more then usual. Just gonna have to cut back a tad more then I expected and that's OK. I was gonna come on here this morning and hope to report me being down at 231 pounds so I have to go back to work on it yet again but since today is my birthday, I wouldn't really worry about it for today as it is my special day but if I really wanna continue losing then I could but more then likely I will not eat much and at the point of me writing this post I didn't eat anything but again this is 430 am we are talking about. I'd like to get down to 222 pounds by the end of the year if possible but that might prove to be tough to do between now, my birthday and December 31st, 2020 but anything is possible if I work hard at it.

           I am not giving up and I am fighting the good fight. I am tired of being fat and yes I am sort of fat shaming myself which I shouldn't and I don't think I really am I am just stating the obvious but I am just so self conscious with my body now and that's OK to really be feeling that way to be honest.  However this week I wanna really work on this weight get myself down to 230 pounds first then the next goal is 220 but that is next year for the goal of 220 right now I gotta get myself back into the 220's to start with so I am going to have to restart or rethink things through before I put something in my mouth I guess but I will lose weight and for right now, I want to keep to every 2nd week for Weight Loss Updates not every week till I start really losing the weight and get myself down. That is my updates for this week and I will be talking to you guys on Monday's blog post.


Saturday, August 29, 2020

What Is This? A Weight Loss Update?!

               Yes, your eyes are not seeing things! Here is an weight loss update after a little over a month I guess but who knows how long it has been since I have thrown in an update but for those who are wonder, I have been struggling with losing weight. I was down to 229 again at some point but gained up to 234 but now I have actually lost 3 pounds and I find cutting back on food and sugary drinks has actually helped a ton and I am going to continue this journey and I know it's not gonna get easy especially when I get down to 222 again that is what got me was I was not losing anymore but I am going to work on it. My ultimate goal is 200 pounds for right now and that is as far as I wanna go for right now. However, first of all I have to get down to where I was originally and 3 pounds for the week is pretty darn good. I can say this, I will be happy when I am back in the 220's again. But focus is to get in there first and I think I am doing a pretty good job and maybe next week's update you guys will see me lose another 3 pounds and I will be in the 220's again. I am aiming for at least 1 or 2 pounds a week. However 1 pound a week is my ultimate goal, I do not wanna set a high goal at this moment. 

                  There is my update for the week and I am starting to feel a ton better abotu this weight loss journey and I am not letting myself getting anymore heavier then I am. I am heading downwards not upwards and I am ready to take the next step. This could be water weight this could just be weight coming off.  Either way I want to make a correction it was 3 pounds I have lost all together as I was 234 as I did the math incorrectly 234 - 3 is 231 which is where I was. I know my math has gone off recently but hey that's OK I wrote this at 4 am EST this morning so I was just waking up from my sleep as I passed out early last night. I hopefully will have another update next week for you guys with another update but you will still hear from me on Monday as tomorrow is my usual day off and my staff take over the blog with a weekly update for you guys. 


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Weight Loss Update

                 I have been bad with actually keeping up with weighing myself every few days and I should be weighing myself every couple of days to be honest and I haven't been recently. Last time I weighed I was 228 pounds, a little too much to be honest for my like. I want to lose the weight this summer and this week I am going to be working on this. I need to try and lose 3 pounds or even 1 or two pounds a week take it very slow. I am not making any goals for right now however if you were to ask me what would I want for a first goal well the answer is 220 is the first goal for right now is my first over goal. However I do not wanna go over that point as time and time again I failed to get to that point. Right now I wanna slow down my goals for right now and I have a couple of ideas for my next goal honestly. However I do not wanna push myself too hard, too fast. 

                However I wanna do things right this time and I am cutting back on Sugar and what not this time and not having too much Sugar. I will have the one fat day once a week but I may skip out on the one fat days actually and just try and lose the weight then I can add that on later on but the most part I need to lose the weight first and get back down to where I was before. I just am sick and tired of being fat and honestly its against takin effect to my knees again. I need to keep track of my weight every 2nd day and keep tabs on the weight loss from here on out. I need to work on this and this week coming up I plan on really working hard on this and cutting back on things and I am sure it will happen and hopefully another update in 2 weeks. I think 2 weeks apart is the better plan for right now. 


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weight Loss Update-- I Failed To Keep Losing Weight....

                  I have been again struggling once again with losing weight and it is my own fault.  However I haven't really weighed in and haven't been eating much lately as I haven't been hungry or I have been in bed between 11 am and 1 pm EST everyday since I am up during the night majority of the last week or so. So it is hard to report on the progress of me losing weight right now and I need to first fix my sleep then I can work on the weight stuff. The one thing we have been bad with is the fattier foods and that hasn't really helped at all either. That is one other thing that needs to be fixed first. I'm sorry this isn't much of an weight loss update. I'm still fat as of right now and I'm not really afraid to say it either! LOL!!! Yes I know I am making fun of myself and I do that quite a lot and use to it.... ha-ha!

                 Moving forward if there isn't an update then I will not do any update and do a post on the Fan Page that there is going to be a different post. Honestly it is better then wasting your time reading a boring post, haha. Remember I have to remain positive with the weight loss as it won't be easy to lose it all and to be honest I haven't been walking much lately and it's my own fault but the problem is it is raining a bunch here in Ontario so walking is a bit of a problem and why the weight has recently fluctuated up and down so it really has shown especially in my belly sticking out and not many shirts fit so they remain on the bottom on the shirt pile. 


Saturday, May 9, 2020

Weight Loss Update [05-09-2020]

                           This will not be a long post as there is a lot of things that have to be done as we wanna continue on with the website stuff and I actually got this post and the podcast edited and posted up during the night as it should be up on the platforms by now. All I can say, I stayed up late working on it and getting it done and up. Anyways that is besides the point as technically and this is about my weight. Honestly I haven't been keeping an eye on it really, I haven't paid any attention to it to be honest and I know last time I weighed like Thursday morning I weighed at 227 pounds which I wanna get it down and I am going to. Just gotta really work on it. I wanna make myself more smoothies for breakfast and I just need to get my butt out for walks really and probably will do that today and take an hour of my time from coding the website which went on hold but I can take an hour of my time to walk and get fresh air. I admit to walking to the park and back but that's not really far to go and won't do anything for my weight seriously and my fitbit the wrist bands are broken and need to get them fixed so I do not know how to get the wrist bands off to begin with but I need my fitbit back up and running. At this point I cannot keep track of my steps which I was currently working 7000 steps or was it 8000 steps a day? I don't remember but it was long the line of that numbers.

                            Either way I have to get back into a healthy pattern and we have been having way too much fatty foods lately and it isn't healthy. I wanna first aim for 220 pounds first then I will be a lot happier. I have to lose 7 pounds to get there then onto my next goal but one thing at a time.  I almost didn't even wanna bother with a weight loss update and I could of had my team post up the post that went up almost at midnight last night. I know the timing isn't great but I try to get content out on time for you guys. I am almost tempted to do weight loss updates every 2nd week at this point but I will keep you up to date on things as I continue to try lose this weight. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post as I have a bit of an announcement to make. 

- Chris

Monday, January 27, 2020

Weight Loss Upate [01-27-2020]

         I know that I have not done an Weight Loss Update for a very long time now. The last one was 3 Months ago on October 12th of last year. Yeah, that is a long time and I promise you guys to try and update you all weekly on the regular old time slot on Saturdays starting next week here on the blog. You probably think why now Chris? The weight loss has become a loss cause well no not now. It is now 2020 and my New Years resolution is to really get back on the healthy track and that is what I'm going to do. I have started to have my smoothies and my goal is to get down below 222 pounds sometime in February and beyond that. I am still reiterating that I want to get below 220 and way below 200 pounds. I think I am now very much focused at the task at hand. I am also am allowing myself to have a fat day once a a week which is fine but I was at a fine line of 226 - 227 pounds again but I can officially say I am down to 224.2 pounds which is amazing! I want to continue to lose the weight and I will keep you guys in the loop on how things are going. 

         Either way I am back on the right track with things and excited for the next step and losing even more weight and I have definitely started cutting back on things which really does help. I plan on having more smoothies at least every second day at the most which are easy to make and very healthy if you ask me. However baby steps that is the actual plan right now and if I gain a pound no big deal, I will just have to work a little harder then I guess but I am sure I will lose it but I have to remember I cannot lose the weight very fast honestly and it is not healthy to lose the weight too fast and again it is honestly one step at time. So that is where I'm at with the weight loss and I am now under way with losing the weight and let's see if I can finally get back on the right track and start losing the weight as I want to lose it really bad and this is about me really wanting for this change.


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Weight Loss Update.... [10-12-19]

           I haven't gone any better with my weight loss and now sitting at 225 pounds probably gone up as of today but by tomorrow, I am going to start working on my weight again getting it down below 220 as I need to try and get to 210 by the time I see my family doctor as that is the first initial goal is to lose 15 more pounds before the doctor and then I can take the next step to lose another 15 - 20 more pounds at a time. I know and realize the time is now ticking to me losing the weight before my doctor visit in December and I just want to make sure I lose it and Sunday I am becoming very serious about the weight loss journey. I have let it get out of control again and I shouldn't be letting it get out of control honestly. Come tomorrow I am going to really put the focus in on it and I know I can get down to 217 as I was there last December. I think now it is much more difficult to lose the weight at this number then it is when I was at 239 but either way I am working towards it this week and it would be nice to get down to 222 - 221 in the weight this week. That is a first step then I want to lose the weight slowly not fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast honestly. 

            So tomorrow starts what will be a very long haul to finally get the weight down fully to my goal as I have been doing this for nearly 2 years and it is truly time to lose the weight and I just want this weight loss to be done and over with as it has been a very tough time to lose all of this. Again I think I am just over thinking things with it and I need to watch my calorie count is the upmost important thing to watch and I haven't been and I am going to and going to make an effort too today if I can as well. Anyways that is where I am at with it and the other point I want to make is I need to stop with the snacking and I try to have a treat for a snack every week for example this week I had some popcorn and was portion size which is another point I would like to make next but I try to have a snack at least once a week and I know with Thanksgiving it will be quite difficult but I plan on having a portion size of food this time around. Either way I am so willing now to lose the weight and get my weight down and to a healthy weight again as I am just tired of being fat and it hasn't helped my knees out as recently gotten bad so the sooner I lose the better it will be on my ailing knees so I am so motivated to lose it now.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Weight Loss Has De-railed On Me...

          At one point I was at 219 pounds but currently standing at 222.4 pounds as I gained some weight but despite that I have now slowly went down even by a few ounces but it is a start and I I was at one point at 224 but 2 pounds are now gone. I do not know where I really went wrong on this diet, maybe we have eaten out a little too much perhaps? I know every week we seem to be eating out somewhere but I have told them time and time again that I am trying to get my weight down. Now the plans to get down to 210 pounds by summer is not going to happen since Summer is just days away I do not think I can lose 12 pounds by then but the goal is to lose the weight by September then December down to 195 pounds by then. I should of stayed focus and now I am more focused on losing this weight more then ever. I plan on getting the weight down faster then you know it. I plan on walking a ton this week and I know this week will be a busy week so I will be out and about tomorrow right through to Friday with appointments and being with friends and also looking at some more bed sheets but we will see about that. The more I walk the better honestly for me and kind of why I have my fitbit on my wrist majority of the time ever step I make even at home does count for me.

           I have cut back on the sugar and portion size and I am losing ounces at a time but it is indeed a start for me honestly. I never been this serious about the weight loss and I am going to succeed and my ultimate goal is to be at 200 pounds or less by the end of this year, 2019. I know what you will be thinking that is a bit of too much of a goal but if I work hard I can get down there by end of the year. Again, my goal is to get to 175 pounds but that is way off the chart for right now as I need to focus on the 210 then the 200 pounds but one step at a time and I am so serious now that I need to lose the weight and drinking tons of water in a day which is so healthy and once and a while I add in that lemon to give it flavor to the water but I am all healthy most of the time now. I have to just stay positive and know I can do this.


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Weight Loss Update....

               I know I haven't updated you guys what is going on with my weight loss and no I haven't given up on it and actually I do have an update today not just about how the weight loss but also a plan between now and the start of the summer time, I have a plan honestly. So I will start on the weight side of things right now. Well at this point I am staying between 218 and 220 in weight at this current time but would like to lose more and get below this number. With Easter only less then 24 hours from now, I am off the diet honestly. I will enjoy the day and able to eat as I admit I have been eating healthier and I have been fasting during Lent but with Lent now done, I am going to start eating a lot more healthier starting on Monday and you are probably wondering what do I mean by this? I have been on this blasted diet since 2017 that is nearly 2 years trying to lose the weight but I gotta admit being sick back around Christmas and also with a cold did help me get down to this weight but I know being sick and losing a good amount isn't a good way but what I am trying to say is it has helped me to maintain this weight to this point.

                  Now to the second part of today's post, my goal is to get down to 210 pounds the summer. I know it is quite the goal to aim for. However, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I am pretty much taking it one week at a time and if I can lose 1 - 2 pounds  week, I can actually get down there. That is not much to ask per week actually and is a reasonable amount to lose honestly per week and it's not hard. I wanna take it slow as I already know that losing weight too fast isn't good nor healthy. Probably my next goal i to reach 200 pounds as of the fall then whatever from here on out. But I am feeling good about the weight being lower then it has been recently. It is a good feeling and I feel good about myself with losing the weight and more confident as a person. I think when I went through the transition from YouTube to Podcasting, I just stopped caring about my body and not talking care of myself like I am now but I am definitely back on the right track, just gotta keep it going.


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Keeping Up To 6000 Steps!

           Everyday I seem to be keeping up with the steps each and everyday which is a good thing and I have been maintaining at 219 but that's not good enough as I want to lose the weight more but more the steps the better. Yesterday I didn't make my 6000 as I was home majority of the day but got up to 4000 yesterday and still feels good to still get that number honestly. slowly but surely getting there with them. However I am very much happy with the amount of steps I have been getting each and every day which is 42000 steps a week practically. But I think I almost have that amount  everyday this week minus Thursday which I was home all day long but I try to the best of my ability to actually get the entire 6000 steps in when I can. However I am managing to get moving and a groovin so it is good. The more I keep up with the steps, it will even help me lose the weight I need. Honestly at this point I am currently maintaining at 219.6 pounds which I am happy with but honestly I would like to go a bit further down in weight but I have to remember to remain patient with this as it does time time but I just gotta keep on moving around.

              Now for me to get 10000 usually I am out in Toronto or up north for example when I manage to get the steps beyond 10000 or right on the dot. I think the highest I have ever had was around 14 to 15 thousand in steps which is amazing but it could be more then that honestly but I am not sure honestly. However having this fitbit has helped me remain active and maintaining the weight that I have been at but like I have mentioned I need to start losing it more then maintaining where I am at right now with my weight but I have to be patient and show a little patience and it will happen eventually just gotta take some baby steps that is all and I am going to but weight does not go down rapidly fast, it just takes time and the more steps the better in my journey. I hope in the next couple of weeks to finally do an update on my weight loss journey but right now I have been stuck at the same weight for a long time and it is hard to get it moved any further down but everyday I am sure as heck trying to get it down. I will not quit till I get and reach my weight goal which is 170 - 175 pounds. 


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Weight Loss Update

          This is the every 2nd week weight loss update and really no update as I am now still standing at 220.4 pounds right now. I have not moved as of right now. I guess you say, I have maintained the weight, however today, I will be eating out today while on my adventure so that will take a toll, however tomorrow (Sunday), I was planning Pizza  but I am having Pizza tonight for dinner so I am going to put the Pizza with him on hold. More then likely in April him and I will do it or the other option is Big Brother Canada 7 Finale which is too soon to talk about as the season is about to start soon. I just cannot go 3 days in  row eating out my weight change would go up and right now like I said before, I am at a good weight. Now if I weighed 175 pounds probably be OK but 3 days in a row is a bit much but it is my choice and Larry doesn't really know. I made that decision Larry and I do the Pizza but that was before the plan to be out all day came across. I will have to let my parents know of the change of plans for tomorrow. 

         I need to definitely watch my weight and start working on losing more and below the 220 mark but it is a lot of work to be done and I would like to get down to 200 pounds by the end of the year which is a really huge goal that I have but I am planning to do it and I know I can get there. I was down to 219 at one point. Monday I am getting serious about losing the weight. My journey starts on Monday for sure. I am excited to lose more as my knees are better, however I still have the occasional pain and aches still but the more weight I lose the better as it will indeed help the knee situation. I do not think I did a lot of damage as physio has done well and helped but still got a bit of pain but once I lose enough then I should be good. Starting this week, I am going back into my physio exercises I can do here at home 3 times a day to strengthen that core of my knee.  I got goals for this month and it would be nice to lose another 3 pounds this month. Remember I have 20.4 pounds to lose before 2019 is done so I have a bit of a way to go. If I lose more then 20 pounds that's even better for me.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weight Loss Update [02-16-2019]

            I am excited to say that I am now in between 219 and 220 pounds which is accomplishment to maintain at this weight which means I can lose the weight further. I am taking things a little more seriously. I now can say my knees are a lot more at ease and the pain levels are much better that I am thinner and my goal is getting a step closer to being off this diet. You know it has been such a struggle with trying to lose the weight but this gives me a lot of confidence in the world. I feel confident I can lose the weight now and I wanna lose about 10 more pounds by the spring if possible. I shouldn't say possibly as it is possible if I make it happen and I am going to make it happen it is just going to take some time for me to lose the weight. I wasn't feeling good about myself and kind of let my weight get out of control again. I am not going to let that happen again, going to keep focused as sooner I lose the weight, the better.

              I really haven't been at this weight since a while ago like about a year and a half I was at this weight. I was there once then I went up to 222 or higher which wasn't good so it is not the first time I have been at this weight. As long as I remain confident and able to keep losing or maintaining this weight, I will be happy. My goal to lose a ton more weight is by my next birthday which I will be 34 years of age. However my bigger goal is to be at 200 pounds even by then. I know it is an outrageous goal to have but this is part of the motivation of losing the weight. The final goal weight will be once I am at 200 pounds.      There is a reason behind losing a ton of weight this year. It is not only my New Years resolution this year to become more healthier but also it is my goal to get on Big Brother Canada for Season 8 as long as they renew the series and if it isn't an All-Stars season then I will be happily auditioning for the show again.  Also the fact I am now thinner then I have been, my knees was another problem I was struggling with and unable to audition knowing I may have a problem competing in the competitions which I have to be able to win at least some competitions not float my way to the end of the game. So are my goals as of right now and I am very serious and wanting to lose the weight and these are a great start to my new goals for 2019 and I know I can do em if I put my mind to it, I know I can set myself up for success.


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weight Loss Update....

         Well, my weight went up again as I was at 222.8 pounds and now I am at 224.4 pounds, I may of over my calories count but yet I should of not gained 2 pounds if I went just over but never know what happened but moving forward I am going to be watching my calorie count which is the main focus on my diet is to have 1800 calories or less each and everyday. I mean it could be water weight from yesterday but we do not really know what caused me to go up. I could of gained a pound and the other pound is just water weight. I really gotta start trying harder with the weight loss and getting below 220 pounds and I am going to start taking some action with this. Today is a new day so I am going to take action and work hard to getting the weight back down. The calories is the major factor with my weight loss journey. I think when I do watch my calorie count that is when I end up losing the weight so I am working my $#@! off. 

          I am updating my goal as I do not wanna over push myself too hard with losing weight so my first goal for 2019 is to get myself to 215 pounds which is like 9 pounds from now. I have said this before, I want to actually go with small goals at a time and I want to even go 10 pounds at a time which isn't overly a large number at all so I can work with that and it is easier and I am not pressuring myself to work so hard to a point of me not eating. I am eating but not as much, the portion size is not as much and I have noticed I do not eat as much at meals which is good. Also I have been watching the bread and have 2 pieces of bread a week then just 1 on other days of the week. Amount of sugar is now limited per day which is good too.

               Either way once I lose the weight I am sure my knees will be feeling much better as I am in pain with my knees and I am sure I have done some damage to the knees with my weight and I am unsure if it will get better or I will need to do even more physio or something else, I just do not sure what the status of my knees will be once I am eventually at 200 pounds or my entire weigh goal down the road which is still the same goal as before, around 175 - 180 pounds which I know is a lot but in time I will be there. I have no timeline to losing the weight, like I said I am taking my time. Finally I have decided to go on a weight loss every 2 weeks instead of weekly as I feel like it is just better to do an update every second week.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Weight Loss Update (Sat. Jan 12th, 2019)

            After being sick with the Flu around Christmas, I lost 4 pounds within the couple of days that I was sick so it wasn't the way I wanted to lose the weight but since there I have maintained around 223 to 222 pounds and this morning I weighed exactly 223 pounds at this point of time which is amazing I am able to maintain. Mind you just 2 days ago I weighed 223.8 pounds but have since lost those ounces in my weight so I am officially down 0.8 ounces at this point. Like I said before, I was up a bit from the amount of weight. Now day or so after I was feeling better I was down to 221 pounds which I haven't been down there for a very long time and I mean a long time I haven't been down there for the longest time in months and I kind of stopped at 221 pounds and ended up gaining a tad bit back which isn't a good thing. 

            Moving forward, I am planning to definitely on working had to losing more weight getting below 220 pounds. My first goal is to get myself down to 210 pounds as is my next weight goal then I move on to the next goal, then the next goal but one step at a time and I plan on not rushing losing the weight fast whatsoever. I need to take it one step at a time but I like the fact that my pants now fit me but some shirts do not fit me right now but soon enough I will be able to fit into shirts that never fit me before which will definitely be nice. 

              How the heck do I lose the weight? I lower the amount of sugar I have everyday, I also am eating much healthier and lowering down the calorie count to 1800 calories per day and not everyday I have bread I usually have bread every second day as of right now. I just don't even think about having even a slice of bread a day which I allow myself 2 slices once a week but I just do not think about it for some bizarre reason.  Either way I am going to work extremely hard to lose the weight and get at a healthy weight not being obese anymore and I mean every word of it, I will lose this weight. I am not going to give up whatsoever on this weight loss journey. 


Monday, November 5, 2018

Weight Loss Update....

                 I have gotten back on the right track and I know I can lose another 4.4 pounds to get back down to the weight I was before I put some of it back on again which was a dumb move honestly but I'm really trying my hardest to lose weight. I need to lose another 11.4 pounds before my goal weight for the doctor in December. The next goal after that is 200 pounds on the dot. Then of course the last 30 pounds then I will be in fit shape and maybe, just maybe my knee will not be a problem anymore and I will be fine. Think that is part of my knee problems is me being over weight and I am just tired of being FAT.... That has been changed now and I look really good but I mean I fit into pants that I never fit into before so it is really nice change to wear clothes that actually didn't fit but now fit me now. I still got a ton of weight to lose and I know I can do it. Today I started a very strict diet of less sugar, less fatty foods, eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables more. Also for a snack I eat sunflower seeds slightly salted, I am watching my salt intake as well but a tiny of salt will be fine. I plan on going out more during the day minus the days that I have to record a podcast but again I am also trying to fix up my sleep situation as well so this way I'm up early enough to get the podcasts done on time this way I can get out and about and get the exercise I need as I set a certain amount of steps per day which I have achieved but I may have to take a step back with the amount of steps I take. 

                  This will be a long process getting back on my diet and losing the weight but at the end of the day I know I will feel better about myself and I already know I am feeling better already and I got this. I am doing this to improve the way I feel about myself and also with my knees which I think that is one of the on going problem is my weight is putting a ton of pressure on my knee which probably more then likely the issue I have been dealing with lately. All I know is that I need to lose weight so I do not have any other healthy or physical problems but it is more the physical problems I am having with my knee especially but the weight loss will sure do me some good. That is my update what I am planning on doing from here on out and I am sticking to the plan and moving forward I will get down to 215 pounds by my annual physical. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

Weight Loss Update (My New Plan Moving Forward) [EDITED]

             I have sure derailed my diet and gained and lost weight on and off and i need to start losing weight and get myself down to 180 - 185 pounds again which is my goal weight at this point. I am going to be cutting down on things but not entirely but I have to have it in my diet but not in a big quantity. So what am I going to be cutting down on? Well here is my list of what I would like to give up for the duration of this diet as I wanna get this diet done soon as I have been on it for nearly 2 years. Anyways here is my list of what I would like to cut down on:

1) Sugar, the amount of sugar intake I have during the daytime.

2) Bread, I think that is part of the reason why I ended up going up in the weight as bread is one of the reason. However, I will not cut it out completely, I will have 2 pieces of bread once a week, then 1 piece of a bread during the week. 

3) Kielbassa as I do not think it helps the weight loss situation but even once a week is fine for a treat so I will not be cutting it out completely but down by quite a bit now.

4) Chocolate which is a weakness for me and I am not tempted by it and yes I have had chocolate once a week during this diet which is fine but I am not making it a habit of always having it everyday but weekly or once and a while is fine.

5) Cookies, Chips, any junk food in general. I am trying to stay away from all of this as it was another weakness of mine as well but I think I have been doing well.

               Now one thing I want to continue is exercising which I have been doing lately and it has helped and Saturday, alone I was over 13000 steps which is amazing and I did well so exercise is going to be one of my # 1 things to do is exercise, go out for a walk for 45 minutes to an hour. Also I plan on busing it to my appointments as the exercise will be good for me to get to my appointments there and back but if it rains then I can always get a ride or just dress up appropriately for the weather. However, this is my plan and I am going to stick to my diet this time around as well.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Back On My Diet....

                After a 4 day holiday away, I need to get back on my diet as my weight has gone up so I am currently working on fixing that right away as I need to get back on the right track with losing weight and my goal is get back to 222 pounds before this gets way out of control again and I plan on not letting it getting this out of control, I want to continue on with my weight loss journey as I plan to still get below 200 pounds again as I haven't been that for years now. I am only 3 pounds away from 230 again and trust me I don't want to be back at that point where I have to start my diet all over again from the start.

                We ate too good on the Grand Bend trip, I think the portion size was too much honestly, however I still got the food and I had smaller lunches. I guess vacations you eat like crazy but yet I swam a lot and I also hiked quite a lot too so that had a factor that I didn't go up by much in weight actually, I went up a pound but I am slowly going down. Now, I am not going to not eat, I have to eat but I need to portion size the amount I eat per meal and also eat the non fatty food and eating healthier is one of the bigger goals. My goal is to be above 1800 calories per day which has actually helped me lose the weight I need to lose. 

                 Finally I will continue on with my diet and I will work on continue on losing the weight and I want to get down below 200 and get a little smaller in my waist to fit some of my clothes that I cannot fit into now. This is a long winding journey but I am definitely on the way to losing the weight and I will not give up on it whatsoever. I will press forward with this but I should of not let it go this far up especially with eating out so often during the kitchen renovations but it is what it is and I will deal with it regardless!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Was On A Good Roll With Losing The Weight Again....

          I realized that I gained a bunch of the weight back with eating at the Mandarin Restaurant yesterday, yes I WENT out for Chinese food with the family which mind you it was nice to go out for dinner with family, I am all about being with family when I get the right chance and it wasn't like I gained a full pound because I didn't it was like 0.4 pounds I gained from this meal which isn't much, so it is not a big, big deal. I think this is just water retention from the food but it was delicious regardless. I am not stressing it, just going to start working on it again today and today I decided to do a fruit smoothie for breakfast starting tomorrow as this morning I wasn't too hungry at all. It was originally part of the diet before and I wanted to get back into making them again. As you know I have spoken on here about doing smoothies and the kinds I have made in the past. 

               However, I will correct this and plan on getting back down where I was before it gets way out of control and I am back up to 239 pounds which was my start weight on this diet. I cannot be this careless, especially now that I have gone pretty far on this diet to now quit on myself? No I am not quitting this diet and I will get down in my weight and continue on this journey as my goal is to get to 175 - 180 pounds. It is a long journey from now but I know I can do it. My first goal is to get myself to 200 pounds first to start with. I will make an exception for birthdays and special occasions still but other then that I am going to follow it. 

                 One last thing I am making sure to keep my calories and fats lower then usual. As for the calories, I am keeping it below 1800 calories and wanna make sure of that as that is a major asset to losing the weight too. I had help from my family obviously when it came to what the calorie count I wanna aim at each and everyday I continue to grind on this weight loss. Would be nice to be at my goal at the end of the year but I rather lose the weight slowly then super fast as it is not healthy to lose weight too fast! 


Monday, January 22, 2018

Weight Loss Update (01-22-2018)

                   Not much to report on with the weight loss, I am between 221 and 223 pounds, which mind you it is better then 239 pounds like I was before, but it is hard to surpass this number but I am trying my hardest and one goal I made is to have one fat day where I can eat whatever I want that is usually on Sundays as sometimes Larry pops over from time to time, depending on his schedule. 

                    I haven't really changed what is in my diet is with the amount of calories I intake everyday, trying to stay at 1800 as much as possible over the last little while but minus the one day a week I have for a fatty day but other then that I make sure I follow it to a tee and make sure I do not cheat on my diet whatsoever. My thoughts is, the faster I can get to my weight goal which is 170 pounds, the faster I do not have to worry about following my diet anymore. Trust me losing this weight has helped my right knee out quite drastically and I am not in as much pain as I use to be and sometimes I go weeks without problems which is a good thing honestly! Now I honestly try and avoid having bread as much as possible, but I do not cut it completely, I have my 2 piece of bread once a week, then usually down to the one piece, especially when or if it is toast I am having. One other thing I try and do is not eat after dinner unless its my lightly salted sunflower seeds or a fruit like a banana that I just finished up while typing today's blog post. 

                   One thing I could be better at is being out and being active and going for more walks and getting the exercise I need but I am always out and about almost everyday lately as things gotta get done, whether I need to run to Staples or go to an appointment or two depending on the day or what is on tap for the day. Yes I try to avoid eating out but if worse comes to worse, I at least grab half a sub from Subway but that is very rare of the time it happens. Sub isn't too bad anyways, as long its like a ham or turkey sub but other then that, that would be what I usually have but I am not a big Turkey fan so it would be a ham with mustard lettuce and cheese on it, sometimes red onions but again that is in the rare circumstances if I forget to eat and I am really starving. But other then that, the diet is doing well, slow but slow is better then losing the weight fast as it is not very healthy thing to do. Please note I am going to do these weight loss updates at the start of the month instead of weekly as things can fluctuate each and every week.